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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XVIII (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XVIII (18+)

“Nina Sabi kiss o,” Grace thought as Nina kissed her deeply, she sucked on Grace lower lips gently before rolling her tongue around it. 

Grace could already feel her pant getting wet and it felt so good. Nina pulled her tongue back and pressed their lips together hard before pulling away. She wanted to complain about the lack of contact but didn’t, her eyes fluttered open and settled on Nina that was staring at her curiously

“Soo, how was it, did it feel different from a guy’s,” Nina asked

Grace almost forgot she lied about never kissing a girl, she smiled shyly

“E different but is good” Grace answered trying not to smile widely

“That’s good to hear, so did you like it?” Nina asked smirking

Grace covered her face because she was sure her smile would betray her, she nodded her head

“Yes” she answered her voice muffled behind her hands

Nina giggled before reaching for Grace’s fingers, she let her fingers fall from her face and Nina placed her soft hands on her face pulling her to face her.

“It’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with that” Nina said softly

“We’re friends and friends can help each other feel good” she added to which Grace nodded her head

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure your first time is good, you’re in good hands,” Nina said smirking

Grace felt a little guilty lying about it being her first time with a girl but she was curious to see how really good Nina would be at making her feel good and make her forget her dilemma

“Okay,” Grace said and smiled

Nina wasted no time pulling her face to meet her lips, followed Nina’s lead as she moved smoothly from sucking on her bottom lips to her upper lip. 

They moved like that with Grace feeling breathless, it was like she forgot to breathe. 

She instinctively parted her lips trying to breathe but Nina slipped her warm wet tongue into her mouth stealing her breath. Grace’s eyes fluttered close as Nina invaded her mouth rolling their tongues together, Nina pulled her tongue away and Grace followed it with her. 

Nina sucked on her tongue making Grace moan into her mouth. Nina’s hand that gently stroked Grace’s face moved down to her neck making Grace moan and melt into her touch, then slowly traced a line around Grace’s boobs going round till she was gently squeezing around Grace nipples making Grace moan into her mouth even more. 

Nina let her slide down till she was holding the hem of Grace’s Polo t-shirt and started to pull up, Grace lifted her hands as Nina pulled the shirt over her head and threw it in the bed

“Wow, your boobs are huge” Nina said staring at her breast

“I knew they were big but wow” she added

Nina traced a line around her cleavage and moved it around before pressing her boobs together

“Stand up and take off your clothes,” Nina said pulling her hands away

Grace stood up feeling Nina’s eyes follow her every move as she moved to stand in front of her. Grace unbuttoned her trouser then unzipped it before pulling it down her hips. After taking off her trouser she was feeling insecure about mixed match underwear

“Bra and pant too,” Nina said

Grace reached around and unhooked her bra then pulled it off her boobs bouncing as she did. 

Breathing in, she held the band of her pant and pulled it down, after stepping out of the pant, she looked down and covered her pussy that was no longer smooth-shaven as she’s been too sad and distracted to shave it

“It’s okay, I don’t mind a little hair plus it’s not long and it looks clean. Come let’s have a look” Nina said

She reached and pulled Grace hands away from her pussy and pulled her closer, she pulled her down and made her sit on the bed before attacking her breasts. 

Nina squeezed one boob as she sucked on the other rolling her tongue round and round the nipple making Grace moan out loud, she pushed against Grace till her back was on the bed. 

Her hand on the right boob moved down till she was gently molding Grace’s pussy, she moved her fingers around barely touching Grace sopping pussy. 

Nina played with her clit gently before she slipped a finger into Grace’s wet slit, her finger slid in making moan louder. She moved the finger in and out her other fingers massaging her pussy lips as she moved. 

She pulled out her finger and went back in with two fingers her lips still sucking hard on Grace’s nipples. Grace moaned as the two fingers went deeper, her pussy was dripping as Nina moved her fingers in and out of it. 

Nina curved her fingers inside Grace pussy and started to move it till she felt a familiar bud that made Grace’s body jerk a little, smiling against her boobs Nina stroke the sensitive bud, and Grace moan out loudly. 

Grace started to buck against Nina’s fingers loving how she used her thumb to rub her clit as she moved her fingers. Her entire body tingled with sweet sensations as she moved faster against Nina’s fingers, Grace grabbed and squeezed her neglected boob as she started to build. 

Her entire body felt electrified as she bucked faster and faster as she edged closer to her release, as she squeezed her nipples tight her orgasm hit her making her scream loudly and squeezed her legs around Nina’s fingers. 

Grace’s body shook as she came hard moaning out gibberish, her wet pussy making squelching sounds as Nina moved her fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy.

“How was it?” Nina asked after pulling her mouth from Grace’s nipple

“Buss brain,” Grace said breathlessly

Nina giggle then stood up and went to her wardrobe

“Your mind hasn’t been blown yet,” Nina said as she rummaged through her closet

“Now my little friend here is really going to blow your mind,” she said coming out holding a white plastic thing

The thing looked familiar but her brain was still tingling and she couldn’t remember where she saw it, it looked like a very small pestle with only one pestle head

“Are you ready to meet the rainmaker?” Nina asked smirking wickedly.

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