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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XVI (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XVI (18+)

Beads of sweat gathered around Grace’s forehead as she took deep breaths, she didn’t understand why she was feeling so nervous. 

The video could be anything, she used to see people watching funny videos on their phones that were sent to them by their friends she thought to herself, suddenly feeling silly for letting herself get so worked up for nothing. 

The video finally downloaded and Grace took a deep breath before clicking on it. It was quiet with only the tiles of a floor showing, it gradually started moving and the moment she saw the door her heart skipped a beat. 

The door opened a little and the room came into view, Grace recognized the room instantly but what she recognized more was the naked body that laid splayed on the big bed. Grace watched mortified as her alone time on her first night got replayed, she watched her hands trembling as her fingers went in and out of her dripping wet pussy. 

The video continued till she came hard and moaning quite loudly, Grace couldn’t breathe as she stared at the phone. She suddenly felt cold all over her body and her head felt very heavy, it felt like she was going to die. 

Her life is over she thought to herself, whoever sent her the video was right; her days were numbered, they would send her packing back to her village. How will she hide her shame if the video got put on the internet, everyone she knew would see it

“Hay! I don finish, my mama go kill me” she mumbled as hot tears rolled down her cheeks

She stared at the screen her vision blurred with tears not sure what to do, should she beg this person. What does the person even want from her, what was their plan with the video? 

Her head was beginning to hurt from all the possible scenarios she was playing out in her head that all ended badly for her. Grace wanted to tell her friends about it and ask for their help but she didn’t want anyone else to have and watch the video, she couldn’t even get herself to open and reply her other messages. 

Grace felt sick as she sat in the toilet crying quietly, she heard knocks on her door and wondered how long she’s been inside. She quickly washed her face in the sink and pat her face dry with her shirt before rushing out the bathroom to go and open the door

“What took so long I have been knocking since just because you have a phone doesn’t mean” Ms. Janet started as soon as she opened the door

“Sorry ma, I been dey toilet” Grace answered looking down

“Oh yeah that’s true Maria mentioned something like that, are you okay?” Ms. Janet asked looking concerned

Grace wanted to say yes but she truly didn’t feel so good so she nodded her head no. Ms. Janet placed the back of her palm on Grace forehead and the side of her neck

“Sorry dear, I’ll send someone over with Flagyl for you but try and rest and drink plenty water,” Ms. Janet said 

“Yes ma, thank you ma,” Grace said bending at the knees a little

“I’ll check on you later okay,” Ms. Janet said before leaving

Grace closed the door behind her before going to crash on the bed, even though she wasn’t purging, she felt sick to her stomach. She picked her phone and decided to message the person

“How you get this video” she typed and sent her hands shaking

The person replied back with a series of emoji that showed rolling eyes, she didn’t really understand what it meant but it looked like the angry face. The fact that the video was taken inside the house meant it had to be someone in the house, but what did they want

 “What you want” she typed and sent

She waited for the reply but got no reply, it was driving her insane every time her phone beeped and it wasn’t the person. Grace couldn’t take the wait anymore so she decided to call the number but she got no answer so she tried again and again till the call started getting ended. 

She was about to dial again when her phone beeped with a message. She checked it and almost burst out crying

“Call me again and I will send the video to Miss Janet,” the message said

Her heartbeat started beating erratically from fear, she didn’t know what to do. She has never felt fear like this in her entire life, Grace felt so helpless all she could do was cry.

A knock on her door startled her making her wipe at her face vigorously before dragging herself to go open the door. Afeez stood holding bottled water and a tablet of Yellow drugs, Grace knew to be the awful tasting Flagyl she didn’t even need. She collected the drugs and water and thanked him before closing the door. 

When she checked her phone there was another message from her blackmailer

“I hate girls like you some of us have been working very hard only for you to come with your ashewo work, you never even spend that long and you have your own room in the main house even with phone you no deserve. The only thing you sabi is na to  open leg up and down, I am going to teach you a lesson” the message said

A chill racked through Grace’s body as she stared at the phone screen not really seeing it. Her life was over, she would get thrown out of the house she has come to love so much and she will be the laughing stock of everyone she thought to herself as her chest started to hurt fresh tears pouring steadily down her face.

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