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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIX (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIX (18+)

“Are you ready to met the rainmaker?” Nina asked smirking wickedly.

Grace didn’t know what that meant but if it felt as good as what Nina just did with her fingers she was down for whatever Nina had in mind

“You know I’ve always wanted this particular wand, it’s actually the most expensive thing I bought on our trip,” Nina said with excitement.

“But it was totally worth it,” Nina said almost squealing.

She was about climbing the bed when she stopped and straighten up then went straight to the door and bolted it before coming back to the end of the bed. 

Grace was feeling excited, still tingling from her orgasm and feeling a bit shy laying naked on Nina’s bed, Nina crawled and joined her on the bed. Nina stretched her hand and rummaged under the pillow till she pulled out a remote control and pressed a button filling the room with loud music. Grace didn’t realize she was staring at her till she turned and smiled at her

“Mehn your body is mad,” Nina said tracing a line down her body to her hips

Grace smiled sheepishly, she wanted to compliment Nina too; tell her how smooth and nice her skin looked

“You want to see mine too?” Nina said as she watched Grace

Grace merely nodded and looked away

“It’s alright, you can see,” Nina said

Grace turned her head so fast it would have snapped if she was a cartoon, eyes fixed on her Nina, she sat up and slowly unwrapped her towel then let it fall on the bed. She looked spotless and flawless Grace thought, her boobs were round and full with her nipples hard and perky sitting on top of her full breasts. 

Grace wanted to touch them, know what they felt like in her palms

“Go on,” Nina said reading her mind

She didn’t know why she hesitated but Nina took her hand and brought it up to her chest, Grace let her palm open and stretch as she felt Nina’s skin, it was smooth and softer than it looked. 

She moved down and rubbed on Nina’s breasts; they felt so soft. Everything felt so surreal like a dream; a sex dream. Grace sat up and cupped both Nina’s breasts with both hands loving how they filled out her hand, her thumbs grazed Nina’s nipples making a small moan escape her mouth. 

Grace did it again before squeezed her breasts moaning at how good and soft they felt

“I like your breast,” Grace said surprising herself

Nina giggled sweetly

“Thanks, I wish they are bigger,” she said

She reached with one hand and grabbed Grace boob

“Your big breasts are so nice and bouncy,” she said and bounced Grace’s boobs

Grace fondled the full perky boobs she thought they were perfect but didn’t say anything as she played with the occasionally rubbing on her hard nipple which always made Nina react. Nina’s hands slid down and she surprised Grace slightly as she felt up her pussy gently

“Umm so so wet,” she said

“You’re ready to meet the rainmaker,” she said her voice taking a sexy time

Nina pressed a button on the white plastic thing Grace forgot she was holding and it purred to life, she brought it down and touch Grace’s wet thigh with it making her jerk at the surprise vibration that emitted from the plastic, it felt surprisingly soft against her skin.

“Relax, you’ll like this” Nina whispered against her ear before she kissed behind her ear making Grace moan and melt onto her slightly

She moved the wand closer and closer, Grace could feel the anticipation building in her pussy as Nina moved closer to her pulsing pussy. Nina placed the vibrating wand on her pussy sending sensations rumbling down Grace pussy up to her abdomen

“Ohhhh” Grace moaned her mouth hanging open

Nina moved the wand up and down her pussy making Grace lean back towards the bed as she moaned louder, her fingers clutching the sheet.

“Ah ah yess ahh” Grace moaned as the wand rested on her erect clit

It felt like every part of her body was tingling in pleasure, her toes curl as the vibration burst throes of pleasure inside her as Nina moved the wand. 

Nina pressed a button and the vibration increased making Grace moan and jerk, Grace held unto Nina as it felt like her soul was going to explode out of her. 

Her eyes were half-closed as she moaned louder and louder. Grace breath out heavily as she exploded in a thunderous orgasm, she screamed as wave after wave of her orgasm made her tremble violently. 

It seemed to last forever as cum splashed out of her as she experienced strong convulsions, she looked down to realize cum was actually splashing and sprouting out of her pussy like a guy shoots out cum. 

Grace watched in amazement as her juices splashed out of her to the bed. As her orgasm subsided slightly she looked to see Nina staring at her with a huge grin on her face. 

“I told you you’ll like it,” Nina said smiling widely

Was she kidding Grace thought? She absolutely loved it, She couldn’t get herself to form any words and she felt suddenly exhausted. 

Grace let herself crash into the bed breathing heavily, she had many questions but at the moment all she wanted to do was sleep she thought as her eyes fluttered close. 

She could hear Nina giggling as she slipped into an orgasm induced nap.

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