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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIV (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIV (18+)

Grace watched as they moved against each other like snakes as she stood there trying to remember how to breathe. 

They kissed each other like they both needed to steal the others air from their lungs, they rubbed against each other as they kissed deeply. She watched as Nina’s hand slid down to cup ify’s breasts and squeezed her nipples, Ify threw her head back a little her eyes closed as she moaned in pleasure. Watching as Ify twisted and writhe in pleasure was making Grace’s pussy to tingle

She closed her eyes as she tried to wrap the whole thing around her head

“No no n-no alu” she said shaking her head

She realized too late she said that out loud as Adamma’s voice pierced through the room making her eyes snap open to see her glaring at Ifeoma

“Why the hell didn’t you close the door” she yelled at Ifeoma

Ifeoma looked stuck between confused and embarrassed

“I thought I did besides no one ever barges into your room” she whispered to Nina who just glared harder at her and got out of the bed. 

She walked swiftly towards Grace who just stood there watching her. Nina bolted the door before coming to stand beside Grace, she gave her one look over then snatched the plates of cucumbers

“What did you see,” she asked Grace sternly

Grace had so much to say, so many questions to ask but her brain felt like it had turned to garri

“Y-you you be sisters, it is alu” Grace answered avoiding Nina’s eyes

“No” Nina answered sharply

Grace nodded from side to side as she opened her mouth to say something Nina cut her off

“Bia nodu nelu akwa kita” Nina said in igbo

Grace couldn’t believe how nice her Igbo sounded like it just rolled off her tongue, she found herself doing what she said and followed her to the bed.

“She is not my sister, not my blood sister” Nina started

Grace was confused she opened her mouth to ask something but Nina cut her off

“We are cousins, Nwanne. Not even close cousins, Nwa Nwanne nne” she added

It still felt wrong to Grace, it wasn’t her first time seeing girls pleasure themselves; she’s also had her fair share of orgasms from girls. But close cousins or not they were still family and family shouldn’t be doing such to each other, Grace thought

“Get out” Nina commanded making Grace stiffened

She looked up to see Nina looking at Ify who now wore an angry look as she tried to get out of the bed, Ify threw Grace an angry glare before she stormed out of the door banging the door shut as she went out.

“There’s nothing bad with what you saw,” Nina said drawing Grace attention to her

“But you know what’s bad,” she asked Grace who nodded no

“Making Chief angry with insane stories about his precious daughters” she added calmly

Grace sat on the bed frozen as she stared at the door

“Do you know what happens to people that make Chief angry?” she asked

Grace felt tears sting the back of her eyes, she didn’t want to find out, she really loved living in the big mansion. Her eyes glistened with the tears that had gathered.

“It’s okay, you won’t have to find out especially if you didn’t see anything,” Nina said softly

Grace nodded yes afraid if she opened her mouth the tears would betray her.

“That’s good, I like you, Grace, you’re a good girl” Nina continued

“It would be better if you were my friend right,” she said

“Y-yes ” Grace managed

“I no see anything” she added softly

“That’s good, you are a good girl,” Nina said sweetly

She stood up smiling at Grace before standing up and going to her big closet, she opened it and rolled out a big bag. Nina dragged the bag to the bottom of the bed and unzipped it. Opening a small compartment inside she rummages through it before pulling out a phone.

“Here! This is for you” she said handing the phone to Grace

Grace was too shocked for words, it was a portable looking android phone that looked perfectly fine. Grace wanted to scream for joy; she has always wanted a touchscreen phone, but it was too much she already decided to keep Nina’s secret

“No ma, its too much” Grace finally said

“Oh it’s nothing, it was my small phone before I got a new model when we were on vacation,” she said before handing Grace the phone.

Grace just held it not sure how to go about using it, she turned it over loving how small and beautiful it looked. The pouch was beautiful too with a ring at the back for better grip

“Thank you ma,” Grace said to her smiling shyly

“It’s okay! I told you it’s nice to be friends with me” she replied

“Do you have a phone?” Nina asked

Grace dug out her small Torchlight phone and showed it to her, Nina collected it and opened the back. She took out the battery then sim card looking at the phone with a disgusted look on her face. A couple of minutes later she had put the sim and powered up the phone, she kept swiping through it for a long time

“You’re all set up, I’ve subscribed to the sim I left in there and wiped the phone so it’s just like new. 

I’ve also downloaded WhatsApp and Facebook for you” she said smiling and looking pleased with herself. 

Grace couldn’t believe her eyes as Nina said all that and handed her the phone. As Grace grabbed hold of it she didn’t let go but look her dead in the eyes

“Remember it’s better to be my friend” she repeated

“Yes ma, thank you very much ma” Grace answered.

“It’s okay, you can go enjoy your new phone,” Nina said dismissing her with a wave

It didn’t feel real as Grace descended the stairs clutching the phone, she went to the kitchen to make sure everything is all set when she saw Ms. Janet about leaving through the back door. 

She quickly followed her and told her she was done for the day, they were some other staffs sitting outside the kitchen as they talked

“That looks like Nina’s phone” Ms. Janet pointed out when she finally saw the phone

“Yes ma, she just dash me say she was impressed with the food today” she lied smoothly

“That’s so sweet, you are a lucky girl o, that’s why everyone loves you. Keep it up eh” she said patting her shoulder

Grace just smiled, as Ms. Janet left and Grace turned to head back in she had a scoff before one of the guys started singing

“Olosho come be your hubby hubby hubby” he sang as the rest burst into laughter

Grace wanted to confront him but decided she had better things to do; she had a new phone to go play with. 

So she hissed and went inside.

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