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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIII (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XIII (18+)


To an exceptionally planned dinner, Homemaid Grace has impressed all of the household with her delicious cooking, but she will be stunned when she serves evening cucumber snack to the Senator’s daughters.

The atmosphere was light and joyous as the wives and daughters recounted their vacation to the delight of everyone at the table. 

The boys had joined the table late apologizing profusely for taking too long to get down for dinner but Chief wasn’t angry, he was happy enough to have his wives and daughters back home; he even made a joke about his son acting like daughters that took too long to get ready. 

Grace found everything mind-blowing especially the stories they told of all the places they visited and all the ways they spent chief’s money. She marveled at older daughters and how smoothly English rolled off their tongues like the people in movies, she quietly wished she could spend a lot of time with them and hopefully learn how to speak so fluently and effortlessly. 

Grace imagined what being friends with them would be like; they would gossip and laugh at insides jokes, go shopping in all the exotic shops they mentioned and flaunt their iPhones and money everywhere they went. 

Her attention was pulled out of her little fantasy when she heard her name being mentioned.

“Umm I agree with Ify, it’s quite delicious” the fair daughter said

“But she doesn’t look familiar though” she added

“Yes, she’s a new addition to the kitchen staff,” Ms. Janet said promptly

“Ohh I wasn’t aware of this, when did you hire her” the dark-skinned wife that Grace assumed was Buchi’s mother asked

“I didn’t ma, Chief did” Ms. Janet answered

Grace felt eyes on her making her feel uneasy before they turned to Chief

“Daddy I didn’t know you concerned yourself with hiring staff,” she asked

“I don’t, but after I tasted her cooking when I visited my brother, David, I just couldn’t help but hire her,” Chief said

“Well, that makes sense she’s quite talented” the fair wife chipped in

“Thank you ma,” Grace said bending down slightly

The eyes that bore into her made her uneasy, if the ground opened at that moment she’ll jump in through the cracks. The wives and daughters looked her over, she felt like she was naked like their eyes could see through her

“Welcome to the family” Vincent’s mum added making Grace relax a little

“Thank you, ma” Grace answered bending down slightly

“I’m sure Ms. Janet has gone through the rules and everything you’ll need” she added

“Yes ma,” Grace answered

And with that they continued eating and chatting between themselves, Grace still felt eyes on her but when she looked up slightly they were no one looking in her direction. She figured one of the boys was staring and tried not to let a wide smile stretch out on her face. 

The rest of the dinner went on just as lively with Grace feeling so happy to be there, she was glad she made a great first impression on the wives and daughters and told herself she has to keep it up because she never wants to be sent away from the Chief’s house.

She liked it there too much, it was a dream come true. After dinner was over they cleared the table taking back some dishes that were barely touched, Grace felt proud that most of her dishes were almost finished. 

She was loading the dishwasher alongside Afeez when the kitchen door open and the beautiful fair daughter walked in

“Grace right,” she asked pointing towards Grace

“Yes ma” Grace answered quickly

“Slice me some cucumbers and bring it up to my room, I need to relax my face,” she said

“Yes ma” Grace answered

She wanted to ask which one was her room but decided she will just ask Afeez instead. Immediately the kitchen door closed she went over to the fridge and checked the remaining fruits, she was so happy that there was still one cucumber left; she didn’t want to disappoint her.

Grace sliced the cucumber into dainty circles and arranged them on a plate in spiraling circles with Mr. Gabriel’s favorite quote playing in her head; whatever is worth doing is worth doing well he would say. 

When she was done she asked Afeez for the room and also asked for their names, he told her the dark one was Ifeoma and the fair one was Adamma But she mostly goes by Nina. 

Carefully Grace carried the plate upstairs and headed to the room Afeez had described, soft music was coming from behind the door as she stood and took a deep breath. 

Grace knocked softly and waited but got no reply, she knocked again and got no reply. She wanted to go back but she thought to herself that she probably couldn’t hear her knocking because of the music so she decided to go in after all she did tell her to bring it up to her room. 

Grace turned the handle gently and opened the door entering as she started offering an apology but the words got stuck in her throat. 

Her hands trembled as she watched what her brain screamed as an abomination to her, on the bed oblivious to her presence was Nina and Ifeoma locked in a tight embrace their lips and limbs tangled in each other.

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