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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XII

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XII


Things are getting wild in the Senator’s house. In this new episode, everyone is frantic about the people arriving. The house is busy and buzzing, and your favorite girl has a part to play

“Ah ah Gracie, you just dey always glow o, wetin be the secret na” Chinyere, one of the house staff asked her, Grace almost wanted to say it’s all the good dick in the house is why she is glowing so much, but that wouldn’t be a good idea

“Na God o” Grace gave the Nigerian’s reply for anything going on well in their life, like the rest of the people worship Satan.

Grace walked to the gateman room where she was directed to and saw two men sitting playing Whot, she cleared her throat getting their attention

“Ermm who be Peter,” she asked as they both look up at her

One of them gestured to the other guy with a nod of his head, the other guy just stared at her

“Urm madam Janet say make you change over from gen to inverter,” Grace said

“Okay,” he said and continued playing the cards

Grace wanted to tell him to go and do it immediately but she didn’t exactly have authority over him, she has done her part and could go report back to Miss Janet. 

Turning around with a small huff, she walked the little distance back to the main building, she didn’t notice it before but the house was buzzing with activity which was a bit unusual. They were people watering the flowers while others cut and shaped them, somewhere sweeping the big compound and packing the flower leaves. 

Even the numerous cars were being washed making Grace wondered if it was a general sanitation day in the house. Walking into the kitchen through the back door the kitchen seems to be just as busy; Madam Ayo was back from the market and everyone seemed to be doing something. 

Miss Janet sighted her and called her over with a wave 

“I don tell am, ma,” Grace said as she met up with Miss Janet

“Umm good, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it to you but Chief’s wives and daughters are coming back to the country this evening” She started, surprising Grace

“So you’ll be making several dishes, Egusi soup, and Sfang soup, also okra soup with Semo and Fufu, Eba too” she continued

“But you won’t be making it alone, Madam Ayo will make the Okra soup and also Ewedu, she’ll also make the Semo” she added

“Afeez will assist  you so feel free to send him anything, it’s going to be the first time they try to make a great first impression,” she said

Grace was overwhelmed by all the new information, so she just nodded her head, for a minute she was frozen in a spot not sure where to start from.

“Grace! Graceeee….” she heard her name and looked up to see Madam Ayo calling her

She walked over to the counter where all kinds of cooking ingredients laid out, Madam Ayo gave her everything she’ll need to make the soup; whichever item that wasn’t there Grace already knew where to go check for them. 

After wearing a hairnet and an apron, Grace was ready to start cooking, she put large chunks of meat on the fire and seasoned them very well before setting out to wash the vegetables grateful that they were already shredded at the market. 

A couple of hours later, Grace was almost done with all the soup, she had just finished pounding fufu when she heard different types of shrieking and excited laughter. 

Grace didn’t have to step to the front porch to know that the wives and daughters were back, moving faster she finished pounding Fufu and packed it into small perfect balls inside transparent nylon. 

All that was left was to make Eba, she got hot water from the tap she put it on fire to bring it to boil

“Well done o” She heard Madam Ayo say to her

“Thank you ma” Grace responded smiling

“See as you don sweat finish, go wash your face outside I go make the Eba” she said making Grace smile even wider

Grace thanked her and fetched some water in a bowl and went out the back door, she washed off her sweaty face enjoying the refreshing cool air outside; the kitchen was hot as a furnace. 

She sat outside for a little while till she heard Miss Janet’s voice telling everyone to hurry up, she quickly went inside and arranged everything she made in the glass bowls careful not to spill anything on the side of the bowls. 

They started to carry different bowls of food to the dining table and arranged them beautifully making it look like those types of buffets you see in American movies. 

There was fried rice and other types of rice Grace didn’t know with different types of salad that looked like something out of the food magazines she’s seen Mr. Gabriel flipping through; he must be so proud of his handiwork. 

After they were done setting the table miss Janet asked her to go change the apron and come stand a little distance from the dining table when Grace came back she met Mr. Gabriel standing there alongside Miss Janet. 

Soon she heard footsteps coming from the staircase and she stood at attention, her head down but she could still see from the corner of her eyes. 

The first person down the stairs was a young girl wearing a flowery purple gown that ran to the table looking at the assortment of dishes in awe then followed by a far short dark-skinned woman that reminded her of her former madam, her skin looked so smooth with a small beautiful face, Grace could already guess she was Buchi’s mother. 

The next person was the opposite of the first woman she was tall and fair, she was obviously Vincent’s mother because he had her face. 

The next lady was one of the most beautiful ladies Grace had ever seen with a straight perfect nose and a cheekbone so sharp you could cut Fufu with it, she had her eyes fixed on her phone as another lady spoke to her.

She was almost as tall as the pretty lady with creamy chocolate skin, her hair was short and curly. They both giggled at something the lady said as they walked to the table

“Oh my! This looks heavenly, I have so missed Nigerian cuisines” the chocolate lady said breathing in deeply.

They all sat down immediately they heard the chief descend down the staircase. 

It’s been so long since Grace saw the chief, and so happy Miss Janet picked her to serve at the dining table

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