August 9, 2022

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XI (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XI (18+)

“Wanna work out?” he asked sounding sexy as fuck. 

Grace didn’t care like she was nodding her head very fast, her brain not able to form the simple words, the horny part of her brain completely taking over everything else. 

He smiled and swiftly lifted her off the ground like she weighed nothing, her legs snaked around him immediately surprising even her. She wrapped her hands around him smashing her lips against his at the same time, he let out a surprised moan and kissed her back hard. 

Grace pressed her big boobs into him loving how hard he felt against her. Her hands moved on their own behind his head and neck she wanted to feel his body against hers so badly their clothes suddenly annoyed her. 

She lifted her hands from him and moved to lift her dress when she felt him dropping her. He set her down on a bench that was covered in black leather with foam inside and she wasted no time pulling off her shirt. 

She liked that her eagerness was making him smile but liked the look on his face when she released her big breasts from their prison even better. Her legs were still wrapped around him as he reached and grabbed the back of her neck with one hand and grabbed one breast with the other hand.

“Ah”  she gasped softly before moaning as he covered her mouth with his…

Grace liked how he kissed her forcefully and hard like he was trying to steal the air from her mouth. 

She held unto him as he kissed and pressed her breast, her panties were soaking as she ground on him hating trousers more than ever; she needed to feel his hard dick against her. 

Sensing her urgency and his painfully hard dick her made her lay down on the bench before shifting a step back. 

She untangled her legs and quickly undid the button on her jeans. Grace unzipped his trousers and watched as he held the waist of the trousers before peeling it off her effortlessly, he pulled out his dick pushing his trouser down slightly. 

He moved closer and gestured for her to sit up, she half sat her legs around him as he positioned his veiny dick at her sopping wet pussy. He pushed in parting her folds, grabbing her waist he slammed her down on him

“Ahh Yesss” Grace cried out

He pulled her up slightly then slammed into her again, she felt so full and stretched and she wanted more. She put her hands around him and started moving with him her pussy feeling full and tingling, he grabbed her hair making her gasp

“I’m gonna fuck you so hard you won’t be able to walk right for a week” he growled against her ear

His dirty words sent goosebumps all over her body, he pushed her up and down his dick so roughly making her moan and whimper, the sweet pain intensified as he slammed deep inside her making her dig her fingers into his muscled back. 

He pulled her up and slammed her down on him grazing her G-spot as he thrust hard into her. Grace squealed as pleasure shot through her.

“Yess, that’s right” he growled

“Louder” he commanded as he pushed her back and forth grazing her G-spot even more.

He pushed her up and down his length pounding into her with so much strength, Grace whimpered as he fucked her harder than she thought he would but she never felt better

“I-i oh I… I” she stuttered not being able to form the words as she tightened around him

He groaned and thrust into her harder, Grace screamed as her climax hit her. 

Her nails dug into him more as she tried to hold until something, she felt like she was floating as her body shook on its own. 

Grace was almost sobbing from how good her orgasm felt as he laid her down on the bench still lodged deep inside her leaking pussy, he unwrapped her legs from his waist and held it up placing it on his shoulders before grabbing her thighs and slamming hard and fast into her.

“Ohh babyy” Grace cried out not sure where the nickname was coming from

She moaned, feeling him reach deeper than she thought possible, she knew she won’t be able to look at him again without wanting to feel him deep inside her again and again. 

His dick pounded into her and she struggled to hold unto something as slammed hard into her. Her body felt tired but she felt so alive and good

“You like that” she heard him asking as he slammed down on her

“Y-yes yes so big”. She cried

“Harder yes harder” she added

He pushed her legs up towards her ears and slammed hard into her making her whimper

“Cum c-cum inside” she begged as her body tensed, something she said but didn’t know escaped her lips.

Those were like some magic words before he went loose on her grunting and slamming hard and fast into her, she felt his strong hands squeeze her thighs hard as he stilled in her before his dick throbbed and he shot loads and loads of warm cum deep inside her.

She cried out as the feeling pushed her over the edge, her legs shook so much on their own as she came hard.

They stayed joined both breathing hard their bodies glistening with sweat.

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