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April 21, 2021

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VIII (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VIII (18+)

“You can just come in… you know,” he said smirking at her.

Grace was frozen on a spot, not sure what to do as two pairs of eyes bore into her, the guy turned  to Vincent with a frown and raised eyebrows

“It’ll be fine,” He said to the guy with a reassuring smile

The guy didn’t smile but turned to Grace sized her up quickly before turning to Vincent his frown turning into a pout, then looked down at Vincent dick that wasn’t as hard as it was before 

“but Vee you were so close and now I’ll have to start over,” the guy said

Grace relaxed a little at how low but clear his voice was; so smooth. Vincent stroked his face making him smile a little

“You know you like it and you now have some help,” Vincent said with a smirk

The guy looked at Vincent then bit his lips before turning to Grace

“Hmm-hm” he said gesturing with his head for her to come in

She took slow gentle steps inside before closing the door behind her, she took a deep breath and walked towards them then stopped a step away from them.

“Come’ on,” the guy said patting the floor beside him

“I don’t bite,” he said raising an eyebrow 

“Mostly” he added

Grace squatted beside him her eyes not leaving him till he reached and wrapped his hands around Vincent’s dick 

“So do you know how to suck dick,” he asked her

Grace folded her lips into her mouth biting the lower lip 

“it’s okay if you don’t know how I can show you,” he said

“yes, I know,” she said letting her lips out but still bit down the lower lip 

“umm she speaks, that’s good now show me what you got, girl!” he said his lips taut in a thin line

Grace looked from him to Vincent down to the long beautiful dick the guy wrapped his hands around, she took a deep breath and licked her lip. She was nervous for some reason she wanted to impress the guy that sucked Vincent off so good it turned her on. She leaned down and covered the bulbous head with her lips then flickered her tongue over his sensitive pee hole making him jerk

“Ohhh” he moaned, becoming impressed instantly with Grace’s prowess with a dick

“Nice” she heard the guy say

It made her feel good and a bit validated so she sucked on the hard, ran her tongue around one more time before she hollowed her cheeks and sucked more of his dick in her mouth as much as she could with guys hard still firmly around the shaft. 

He started to move his hands up and down at the base of the shaft, she bopped her head up and down sucking in rhythm. The guy removed his hand, she swallowed more of Vincent long dick, she took him into her throat ignoring the gag reflex and focusing instead on how Vincent was grunting and moaning, when she came up for air leaving a string of thick saliva on Vincent’s dick

“Hmmm niceee, now together,” the guy said in a sexy hoarse voice, getting turned on by one of the wettest sloppy head he has ever seen, and look at how submissive Grace had gotten

Grace watched as he locked with his tongue pushed out and laying flat from the base to the head and she instantly did the same thing meeting him at the head, they both licked and placed kisses on the head that kept oozing precum. They both licked and sucked his dick together like they both rehearsed it with Grace mirroring his actions. 

Vincent was been worshipped by two people at the same time.

“Fuckk this is torture” Vincent groaned his mouth parted in pleasure

“Damnn, I need to be inside you now,” Vince said holding the guy’s chin

The guy smiled and turned to her, his smile getting wider

“Ever seen a guy get utterly fucked?” he asked with a sly grin

Grace didn’t need to know the word utterly before she understood what he was saying 

“No” she whispered moving her head from side to side

“Watch and enjoy,” he said 

They both moved fast from there, Vincent scoot to the end of the bed quickly opened the bedside drawer and brought out a tube. Grace would have thought it was toothpaste if it didn’t look too fancy to be. The guy was already positioning himself sideways pushing his ass out to Vincent that slapped it playfully

“Ready for me” Vincent purred sexily 

“Always baby” the guy responded 

Grace watched as Vincent uncapped the tube and poured a generous amount on his hand before taking his glistening fingers and pushed it into the guy’s puckered asshole, he poured more of the clear gel and worked his hand deeper into the guy’s ass.

Grace watched as the guy made a mewling sound as Vincent worked his fingers in his ass. Soon Vincent added another finger that made the guy moan, even more, he pushed his fingers further in but he must have touched something because the guy moaned very louder while his body jerked slightly 

“Fuckkk um yeahhh… um… ready babe, fuck me!” the guy cried 

Immediately Vincent tore open a condom with his teeth using his teeth and quickly rolled it down on his dick. 

He removed his fingers from the guy’s asshole, making him mewl, she watched as his asshole winked in anticipation; it was so fascinating. 

Vincent positioned his dick at the guy’s eager hole and pushed the head of his dick, Grace watched as the guy held unto the blankets like he was in pain but Vincent was gently taking it slowly till the head popped in and he pushed all the way till he was completely buried in the guy. 

Watching them connected that like that turned Grace on so much so she climbed the bed and laid down facing them. 

She unzipped her trouser and pushed her hand into her soaked panties. Grace started to rub her clit as she watched Vincent push in and out of the guy’s hole, she watched as the guy writhed on the bed holding tightly to the sheets as he moaned so loudly. 

“Ohhh ahhh daddy-y your dick mmff so good” he cried out as Vincent moved in and out of hin

Grace’s hands moved faster and faster her orgasm threatening to explode, Vincent leaned in and grabbed the guys neck making him arch his back. As Vincent slammed in the guy shrieked his body, jerking so hard

“Ohh dadyyy yess fuck I’m gonna I’m gonna” he cried

Before he finished the sentence his body tensed and shook so much as he shot strings of cum unto the bedsheets, grave followed almost instantly as she came hard squeezing in her hand with her legs. 

Vincent was grunting too as he pushed deeper into the guy moaning out loud as he came too. Grace couldn’t believe what she just witnessed as her body buzzed with excitement and pleasure as she watched the two guys naked, sweaty and spent all trying to catch her breath and hoped the night was just getting started. 

Like he could read her thoughts Vincent winked at her. 

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