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April 21, 2021

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VII (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VII (18+)

Smiling around has become something grace does all the time now. 

it’s been like walking on sunshine since Mr. Gabriel and she enjoyed themselves with her first lesson, he has visibly become less rigid; always smiling slightly at her while putting her through whatever she didn’t understand. 

She has become more friendly with everyone especially the boys who joke with and tease her every chance they get. Today was very relaxed because the chief traveled so all the staffs were a lot more relaxed. 

She was the only one in the kitchen finishing up the small chops the boys requested for a small party they were having in the chief’s absence the way she’s seen Mr. Gabriel do a couple of times .

“Perfection” he would have yelled when he was done

The thought made Grace smile and blush. When she was sure everything was in place she adjusted her tucked in polo and rubbed her sweaty palms on her tight jeans, she was so happy the day Miss Janet took her to the market to get clothes that were proper for a staff. 

Grace made sure all the jeans and skirts she picked were well fitted to show off her beautiful curves. She was about to carry the tray lined with peppered meat and samosa when the kitchen door opened and Vincent and Buchi poured in,

“Yess, it’s ready,” Buchi said excitedly before heading to open the big fridge

“Uhmm it looks so nice, you’re amazing Gracie,” Vincent said

He pecked her on the cheek before carrying the tray, Grace smiled sheepishly at the gesture not sure what to reply with. She was glad they were satisfied with the small chops even if she was curious and wanted to take the chops to their party herself. 

When they left she suddenly felt so alone in the big kitchen, she wasn’t sure what to do next. She thought about tracking down Mr. Gabriel but decided not to, seeing how all the staff were living in close quarters so she went to her room instead.

Grace turned and tossed on her bed feeling cranky that she wasn’t falling asleep and she was bored as hell, standing up she decided to just go to their party and see if they needed anything else. 

Walking up the stairs she could still hear the music but it wasn’t thumping like it was before, when she got to their floor she looked around the sparsely furnished living room and it was practically empty with empty bottles and cups laying around. 

They were still like two or three people passed out on the couch and the floor; guess the party is over. 

Disappointed she walked a little into the living area to survey the mess and the sleeping party goers, as she turned to leave she noticed one of the boys’ room was open. 

Her legs moved on her own and carried her towards the room, she didn’t know whether or not she was going to knock. As she got closer she heard muffled noises from inside so she sidestepped beside the door and peeped inside. 

She instantly covered her mouth to cover her yelp of surprise and leaned against the wall as she tried to catch her breath after what she just saw. 

Never in her life did she think she’ll ever witness something like that, she’s heard stories but always find it weird. When she was sure her breathing was normal she peeped into the room. 

On the bed was Vincent with his eyes closed and face scrunched up in pleasure, between his legs was a guy with his dick in his mouth. The guys head bopped up and down as he gobbled up Vincent’s long dick, his hands moved in perfect sync with his mouth. 

Vincent moaned and grunted every time he took him down his throat while he stroked him. Grace was so transfixed watching them, all the time she imagined two guys together Grace had weird and gross but as she stood there focused on them she didn’t feel disgusted in fact she was getting wet and couldn’t comprehend why. 

For some reason she wanted to watch them closely, she was intrigued by how well the guy seemed to be handling Vincent’s dick and how much he seemed to be enjoying it. Grace watched fascinated as Vincent pushed the guys head down till his entire dick disappeared into the guy’s mouth, 

“fuckkk yess ahhh fuck” He moaned 

He held his head down and fucked his mouth till the guy gagged when he came up he spat on the dick and stroked and sucked on the head making a loud slurping sound that turned grace on so much she didn’t realize her hands were on her crotch. 

Grace wanted to tell the guy to deep throat him again as he focused on licking and sucking the bulbous head while maintaining a strong grip on the shaft he was stroking. 

Grace was so transfixed on them she didn’t realize she had opened the door enough for them to see her so she jumped and yelled when Vincent called out to her

“You can just come in you know,” he said smirking at her. 

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