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Housegirl Grace: Efe & Her Boyfriend (18+) [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: Efe & Her Boyfriend (18+) [Legend Series]

“As I finish to dey comot my cloth eh, him prick just tanda” Efe said

She has been filling in Grace with stories of her sexcapade, Efe was Grace’s new friend from the compound opposite theirs. She came to spend some time with her family there, and they hit it off immediately they met

“Make I go cook for those yeye children” Grace said standing up

“I go come later” She added

The children will be back from school any moment so she quickly sliced yam for porridge, as she waited for the stories Efe told her started playing in her head, the girl was wild and proud of it. She had told Grace all about her crazy experience including a story about having sex with three different people back to back.

Closing her eyes she pictured the first guy; he was built like Linus the mechanic whose dick she missed so much, she pictured him holding her leaned over an open bonnet and ramming her pussy from behind

“Ah Grace, you dey sleep?” A voice dragged her out of her fantasies

She played it as though she had fallen asleep before she greeted the woman.

The yam was boiling steadily so she cut pepper and added other ingredients into the pot. When she was satisfied she closed the pot and waited, the children came back and she directed them to go change out of their uniforms.

After about thirty minutes the food was ready, she cleaned and served the children.

The thoughts of resuming her fantasizing and touching herself crossed her mind but she remembered cutting peppers and thought against it. She would just send the kids playing while she goes to see her new friend, Efe

Grace got greeted by loud moaning as she got to Efe’s door, she listened and she could hear the slapping sounds their skin made which was in sync with Efe’s moaning. Her legs dragged her to the window and she peeped in through a small space the curtain didn’t cover, the sight that greeted her sent juices flooding her pants; Efe was bouncing up and down the man’s thick cock, she couldn’t tell who the guy was but couldn’t take her eyes off his dick as it disappeared in and out of Efe’s flowing pussy.

Efe was light-skinned with boobs that bounced beautifully making Grace’s pussy tingle

A small laugh had her edging away from the window almost tripping over herself, she looked to the direction of the laugh and saw a guy trying to open his door smiling at her, she was so distracted she didn’t hear when he walked in or walk past

“Na so you dey looku looku people wey dey pansh? He asked her smiling

Her throat felt dry immediately

“Ehh no o! I just dey wait for my friend” She answered avoiding his gaze

“You fit come wait for her inside, dey no go finish soon,” He said before entering his room and closing the door

She looked towards the window and felt drawn to it but turned and walked towards the guy’s door.

Once inside she looked around, he had two cushions, a long one and a single one. He was in his room so she continued to look around, his television was big and he had both a DVD and speakers. Hearing him walk in, she instantly turned around to see him wearing only his boxers. He looked different, bigger without his clothes.

His chest was big and hairy and she followed the hair down to his boxers, her eyes got fixed on his growing crotch. When his dick formed a tent in his trouser her mouth watered, watching Efe go at it already got her so heated up and his arousal set her on fire; she needed that dick to fuck her senseless.

Grace untied her wrapper as he watched her, she stepped out of her pant and turned around.

She leaned on the arm of the cushion and pushed her wet glistening pussy to him. Strong arms gripped her waist while a hard thick cock pushed into her pussy, she pushed back taking all of his dick.

“Ohhhh” he moaned when he was fully lodged inside of her

His grip tightens, digging his fingers into her hips, she flinched from the pain. He pulled out almost completely before slamming hard into her making her gasp loudly, he did it again before he started to move with fast hard strokes;

It was exactly what Grace needed a fast hard fuck, her juices dripping he fucked her fast.

“Yes harder, harder ohh yes” she moaned loudly

He pressed her further into the cushion before plunging in deeper and faster, he reached around and rubbed her clit as he pounded faster, Grace let out a loud cry as she came all over him, her juices gushed all over his dick. His movement got faster and erratic

“Yesssss” he moaned

He quickly pulled out and shot loads of cum all over her ass. Efe was getting it, and so also was she, thanks to this good Samaritan.

The day went well after all.


Grace stared at her phone expecting it to beep at any time. She just recovered from having a fever and was ready to get pounded but no one was replying to her messages or her advances.

She got tired of going through the limited apps and games on her torchlight phone.

She stood up and headed out to Efe’s house; if she can’t get someone to fuck her brains out she can at least go and gist with Efe.

It doesn’t take a genius to know what was happening in Efe’s room; she was getting her brain fucked out.

Efe’s loud moaning made her feel a pang of jealousy and wetness in her pants. She walked to the window and the curtains were open; Efe really doesn’t have any shame. Efe’s legs were up in the air while the guy pounded away between her legs, Grace has seen the guy around a couple of times but they never spoke.

She watched as he pounded away sweating rolling down his face and chest.

Grace was so horny she thought about touching herself, the compound was empty but the chances of someone walking in stopped her from letting her hand slid a couple of inches lower. The guy looked up and they locked eyes, he smiled at her still slamming hard into Efe

“Wetin dey make you smile,” Efe asked

He gestured with his head to the window and Efe craned her neck to see. A smile spread across her face as she saw grace.

“Come open door” Grace mouthed when they kept on fucking

Efe smiled but didn’t stop the guy from slamming in and out of her, when Grace leaned her head against the window not watching them the door finally opened.

She walked into a giggling naked Efe; Grace always marveled at her body. She had perky boobs that jiggled as she sat down on her bed.

Efe’s pussy was clean-shaven and glistened with her juices.

“Wetin carry you come my house” Efe asked stretching her legs on the bed.

Grace hissed

“Na konji been dey worry me, na him I talk say make I come find you gist” She said

Efe looked at the guy then at Grace like saying “Oya now”

Grace looked at her like seeking permission and she smiled. Grace took it and immediately stood up, she took off her t-shirt and threw it on the floor and walked towards the guy that was sitting on Efe’s plastic armless chair.

She bent down to take off her pant and he grabbed her breast, he made a moaning sound as he squeezed her big breast which made her wetter; she needed him in her immediately. Grace parted his legs and squatted in between his legs.

She grabbed his dick and stroked gently, when he was hard enough she opened her mouth and licked off the precum seeping out the head of his dick.

She took the head of his dick into her mouth and twirled her tongue around it making him moan, Grace wanted to suck him off but she needed his hard dick deep inside her pussy so she spat on his dick and stroked it before standing up and straddling him.

She positioned his dick and sat down slowly till all of him was buried deep inside her pussy.

Everything else didn’t matter except how his dick felt inside her. Her feet on the ground she wrapped her arms around his neck and started moving up and down

“Ohhh yes” He breathed against her

He pulled her into him pressing her breasts against his chest. Grace rotated her waist before bouncing faster on his dick

“Oh yeah,” he moaned out louder.

She could feel Efe’s eyes on her and since she didn’t hear her touching herself she guessed she didn’t approve but she did not care all she wanted was to feel his dick deeper inside her. She bounced faster and faster her movement getting erratic, she could feel it building her body tensing up in anticipation.

He held her ass and started pounding into her, she started moaning incoherently, he moved faster and faster and the chair broke dropping them on the ground. The impact of their fall and how deeper he was pushed into her pushed her to the edge.

She came gushing warm juices around him. Efe’s throaty laughter as they fell down got all of them laughing.

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