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Housegirl Grace: E don Happen! [Legend Series]

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Housegirl Grace: E don Happen! [Legend Series]

It must’ve been the fear but her body was heating up and the smell of the food she was cooking was making her feel like throwing, she tried her best to keep it down for the fear what would happen if her madam should see her throw up

“Aunty Ijeoma” the kids shouted excitedly running towards the door

They circled her greeting and looking curiously at her bags, Grace covered the pot on the stove and went to welcome her aunty
“Aunty welcome, how was the journey?” she asked collecting her bags
“Nne the road is very bad, but we thank God,” She said sighing heavily
“Grace you have grown big o, is like you are enjoying eh” She joked poking grace

Grace’s madam came out to welcome her friend and soon they were seated and engaged in a full-blown conversation, laughing and talking in fast and high pitches, they lowered their voices occasionally when they conversation was about a gossip.

Grace stomach was tied I knot and her head filled with terrifying images, she quickly finished making the Ogbono soup and boiled water to turn Eba with, she dished the food and carried the food inside to serve to everyone, she placed the plate of food for Aunty Ijeoma on a stool.

“I am very happy how you just take care of my Gracie,” Se said making her friend smile
“It’s nothing o, she na good girl her,” Her madam said making Grace’s heart skip a beat

She served everyone their food with the children’s together in a big bowl, she sat on the floor close to the children and ate in silence, halfway through her food she ran outside to the bathroom and threw up. It felt like the world froze and her head felt heavy.

She just wished the ground would open up and swallow her, the pictures of the chaos that would follow if she pointed at all the men in the compound she had fucked, she tried to move but her legs won’t move.

After what seemed like an eternity with her standing outside she pushed herself to go in, her aunty and madam were the only one in the living room when she walked in. The atmosphere felt charged and her heart was racing so fast it felt like it could jump out her mouth at anytime

“Grace… Grace… Grace” Her madam started
“How many times I call you?” she yelled
“Three times ma” She answered in a low tone
“Wetin dey do you,” She asked staring intently
“I no know o, na belle just dey turn me” She barely whispered
“When be the last time you see your blood” Aunty Ijeoma asked

“Errmm erm” She stuttered scratching her head, she couldn’t remember when last she got her period
“Errm wetin” Her madam started to yell

“You allow pesin touch you ehn, this girl don finish me o” She threw her hands on her head.
“Na who do am eh” She asked shaking Grace

“Ahh No o nobody touch me, madam” Grace lied.

“Shut up,” Her aunty said slapping her
Grace started to cry as her aunty continued to hit her demanding who the man was, she fell on her knees sobbing and denying their allegations, her madam and aunty kept yelling and hitting her, with her aunty mostly apologizing and comforting her madam.

She cried more as she realizes what it meant for her, she will be like one of those girls that came back from the city pregnant and become the ridicule of everyone, she cried denying and swearing her innocence as her madam’s allegations became more persistent.

At some point they stop insulting and hitting her, and promised not to hit her if she only told them who the man responsible was, she thought about it but who will she point at, she denied letting anyone touch her and her aunty slapped her over and over again.

“You will not disgrace me o, I will kill you first her” madam yelled at her
“Shebi you will not tell us, first thing for morning we dey go clinic her” Her madam finally said

She was glad the beating finally stopped but sad at the new discovery, it’s easy to just deny it but when they go to the clinic she would have to provide a man.

She cried as she thought about all the men she had fucked without protection, she thought about running away and sobbed as she realized she had nowhere to go, that was it her life would be over in the morning.

Her temperature was hot and that scared her, by morning the people at the clinic would find out the truth and she won’t be able to deny anymore; her life would be over, she watched the old wall clock praying the morning never comes but it went on ignoring her pleas.

It was morning soon enough and even when her body felt like coals, she got up to start her daily chores, she did the dishes slowly and when she was done she went to fetch water, as she carried the water back it felt like they were breaking palm kernel in her head, she went one more time and decided to sweep instead.

She was sweeping when her madam told her to go get ready when she was done sweeping, her heart was beating so hard and so fast, she was scared her madam could hear it, she slowly finished sweeping and washed her face and changed into a proper dress.

Her madam and aunty also got ready and soon they were walking down to the main road with Grace walking behind them her head down, they got to the road and flagged down a taxi, they all got in and started to move, 10minutes later they dropped at a junction and walked down to the clinic.

They sat in the waiting room with a thousand scenarios running through Grace’s mind, no one spoke which made her even more nervous.

Soon it was her turn and she followed the nurse who gave her a container to pee in, she went to the toilet she was directed to that reeked of urine and medicine, she peed in the container and took it to the nurse who gave her a ‘judge-y’ look she went back out and waited with her madam.

She thought about confessing to her madam but stopped herself as she opened her mouth, they waited a long time before her madam got called in, Grace’s heartbeat even faster and she started to cry.
She wiped her tears and braced herself for the worse and soon her madam came out and handed her aunty an envelope, she opened it and read through it and eyed Grace; this as it

“You no get belle” She said her gaze softening

Grace let out a breath she did not know she had been holding, she wanted to stand up and start dancing but she did not, her body was still hot and her head pounded, her madam left and soon came back with small white nylon, she handed it to grace who saw they were drugs inside

“They say you get malaria,” She said to Grace.

They went to the bus stop to go home, Grace thought about all the time she had been careless and the men she fucked did not use a condom when she rode Chidi meaty dick and how good it felt when he shot hot cum deep inside her.

She remembered how good it felt when it dripped down her thigh and she felt that familiar hotness between her legs, she frowned at herself for thinking about that after what she just went through.

The Corper was right for calling her a slut and she thought about how he pushed the length of his dick down her throat forcing her to gag and how she had to touch herself to the image of him fucking her senseless when he moved out, she shifted uncomfortably in her seat and looked at her aunt as if she could read her dirty thought.

Soon they got to their junction and trekked all the way home, she saw Oga Danny as they walked into the compound and smiled at him, he looked away and walked away really quickly and with the way, the women sitting outside stared at her.

She realized the whole compound has heard the story and now the men would be staying away from her, which made her sad rather than embarrassed, after all, she was not pregnant just sick.

“Just go rest I go cook” Her aunty said to her gently
She realized they must feel bad for accusing her and she was happy she had not confessed to all her sexcapades, she laid down and covered herself with a wrapper as she felt cold all over.

She ate and took the drugs and laid down to sleep as her eyes closed, she thought about what would happen now that the men were avoiding her like she was a disease how else could she get her brains fucked out.

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