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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & S [S05E03] (18+)


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Housegirl Grace: Assassination, COVID & S [S05E03] (18+)

Grace watched mesmerized as the hot nurse stroked his dick slowly, she was torn between watching the sexy display and jumping him.

With every stroke, she got more turned on, she slowly started to remove her clothes but her eyes never left his glorious dick. Grace’s mouth watered as she watched the precum gather as he worked his shaft, she pulled out her bra before taking off her shirt.

He stopped stroking as he stared at her breasts with an open mouth, his dick jumped on its own as he stared at her making her pussy tingle. Grace smiled feeling confident as she walked to him, he was hyper-focused on her big tits and that reaction always turns her on. How men fixated her naked big perky boobs.

She smushed her breasts together as she was in front of him, his dick jumped up and she bite her lips. Staring into his eyes intensely Grace squatted down till she was at eye level with him, with her hands still pressing her tits together she leaned down and licked the tip of his dick.

When it jumped up, she smiled and took him inside her mouth without using her hands

“Ohhhh” he moaned as she deep throat his dick

She held him in for a second before pulling up for air, she looked up at him and smirked before grabbing his sleeked up dick.

She stroked his dick from base to tip and repeated the motion watching his reaction, she covered the tip with her mouth and slid her hand from the base up. She continued sucking and occasionally running her tongue over his pee hole, he was moaning and grunting while holding the edge of the bed tightly.

Grace wanted to take it further so she grabbed her tits and smushed his dick in between her boobs before looking down and taking the head in her mouth

” Ohh fuckk ah yes” he moaned his grip on the bed getting tighter

He started to move, moaning even more as his dick slid in-between her massive tits, grace kept her mouth open sucking on the head every time he pumps up.

She could tell he was really enjoying it as he put one hand on her head and began to pump harder.

Grace continued to suck the tip harder, he was making some funny noises and grace would have laughed. He started to tap her shoulder and she knew he was about to cum, Grace continued sucking and soon warm cum was hitting the back of her throat.

She held her breath and waited for him to finish offloading inside her mouth before she pulled back and swallowed while staring at him

“Fuck!!!! that was hot” he said breathing hard

Grace smiled and looked down at his dick, it had gotten a bit soft but it wasn’t flaccid completely.

“Give me a minute to catch my breath, junior will be back in action,” he said

She wanted to laugh at the fact that he referred to his dick as junior, she smiled and took his dick in her hand while the other hand squeezed and played with her nipple.

It didn’t take long for him to be hard as a rock again which impressed her, she stood up feeling the strain on her legs for squatting for so long. She quickly took off her skirt and panties before she tried climbing him but he held her waist and pulled her up. She was thoroughly wet, the head and squeezing her boobs made her hornier than she thought.

She could feel her pussy throbbing, she was about to sit up and sit down on him when he told her to wait. He sat up while carrying her and dug out a condom, he tore it open with his teeth and expertly rolled it down his dick.

Lifting herself up Grace sat down slowly on his dick, she loved the feeling of a hard cock stretching and filling her up. She moaned sweetly as his dick disappeared into her, she put her hands around his neck and started to move slowly grinding back and forth.

The sensation felt so good she wanted it to last, she ground back and forth moaning every time her clit rubbed against him. She would occasionally sit up slowly and before his dick was out completely she would slam down and grind back to forth.

The sensation was overwhelming making her skin feel charged up, she couldn’t believe how good it felt and how close she was to exploding. She rotated her hips on him and moaned out louder, she threw her head back as she continued to grind back and forth hitting her clit every time.

He grabbed her neck from behind and held her in place before he started to pump into her, he wasn’t moving too fast and grace continued to rock back and forth moaning louder and louder.

She dug her nails into him as her orgasm exploded the sensation running through her whole body starting from her clit, her pussy clenched around him hard, then relaxed before clenching and releasing, again and again, sucking his dick in as hard as her mouth did earlier.

From the look on his face it was obvious he was about to come again, he squeezed her pressing her massive tits into him. He moaned with each thrust, growling into her ears as he pumped into her. He held her tighter as his dick twitched and warm cum spurted into the rubber, he pushed deeper like trying to fill her with every drop of cum before he collapsed into her breast breathing hard.

They stayed in that position for a few seconds
“Shittt… what time is it? ” he exclaimed when it finally hit him that he was supposed to be working instead of fucking on an empty hospital bed.

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