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May 9, 2021

DS Series: The Long Game (18+)
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DS Series: The Long Game (18+)

There was a tweet I read sometime ago on @MyHoeStory angle where the girl said the best sex of her life was given to her by best male friend. I remember retweeting that tweet and saying, the victory was more for the guy because he played the long game or in scam, the long con.


A typical example of a long con is something that has been carefully planned and takes perhaps a much broader scheme to achieve desired result. A short con on the other hand is rather straightforward. Say for instance, I dress up as LASTMA guy and arrest your car for one flimsy charge and milk out of about N10,000 after about 10-20 minutes, that is a short con while a long con might be me trying to sell you flat at Eko Atlantic for N70 Million which might span for weeks into months.


Anyway, if you wanna know more about cons and scams, read more about it online or watch shows about it, just like I have. My own long game probably took about 3 years in the making, it was never on the front burner because I felt the babe was too hostile for my liking but I still wanted her.

One thing about the chic was that she had mad perky boobs and loved to showcase it, she isn’t gonna try to show as little of it as possible, it was always vice versa, as much of it as possible, and the babe was very light in complexion, good-looking too.

I didn’t break the break the first limit of touch until about 1 year and half after we started talking but I will spare you that detail. She was in mad distress, then I came through when she least expected. From then now, making out came to the table, my mood was as happy as when a credit alert beeped on my phone.

Finally, these big boobs were unleashed, and like a baby, I sucked it deliciously, when I tried to take my hands down there, it was a No, I just stuck with the program like that and maintained, knowing that one day, my big break will come.

Few months down the line, I got a whatsapp message asking me where I was which was a blady stupid question but I ignored and answered like a less sarcastic person. She said she feels like getting a head, she’s in need of a someone to suck that pussy, and she might be in the mood to give back ahead. Earlier in our discussion, she had stated it was part of her hobbies to give head, that she liked to give heads. Luck has shined down on me. I drove from mainland to 4th roundabout in no time. She was home alone, her friends were out of the house. She had a towel on, and that was it. Brothers and Sisters, na so we start.

I gave it my shiny best, she moaned and pressed my face into her pussy, I sucked it like crazy because I felt it was an audition and I was right. I sucked her till she said no more. It was my turn for the head that she had described was her forte, I laid calmly on the bed as she sat beside me, and started this blowjob, feeling the dick top to bottom, teasing the balls. I was just there watching the spectacle, she was right. She knew how to work a dick, I enjoyed but when I went again for the jackpot, like we’re both in the zones, lets just shag, the babe said No.


That day went by, still no shining of her Kongo, so I resumed back my usual spot, the queue of whatever she was doing. So, one way or the other we got into this gist about threesome and stuff. She was like she wanted to see me fuck someone and then maybe she would allow me shag her. At this point, the promise land looked closer than previously. So, I told her that I could arrange it. Its 2 ways, either I fuck her friends or bring someone. She opted for the later, I chilled a bit till I had the financial muscle to pull it off then the day came and everything was set.

I arrived first at the hotel, checked in, brought in some alcohol, didn’t bring weed or skunk because I didn’t smoke either of it. I got into the bathroom, beat one off quickly and have a quick shower before my party of 2 arrive. I started with some Vodka and my long-game chic was first to arrive. I tried to play with booby, at-least get a feel of the bad boys before the real act begins, she said no, which was very frustrating at this point but I kept faith, today might be my miracle day, no use losing patience over this trivia issue. She went to have a bath as well, while we waited for the last person in the party, after the shower, she joined in the Vodka, we gisted till the third lady arrived with her own entertainment, Rohypnol

The more the merrier, she got in. We did a quick intro between everyone. I was the mutual friend between both. She continued sipping her thing and went for her shower, by the time she got back her bottle was almost empty. Alcohol/Highness helps people become someone else, someone more fun.

After we all freshened up, we continued with the Vodka but instead of us starting to fuck, I wanted the girl to blow my target, which will be called A going on, and the other lady, B. Lol

I foresaw a conflict with that because I know A likes to be in control all the time, I expected a fight but for the first time, she didn’t fright, and went along with it. That completely threw me off guard, almost losing my rising hard-on. She agreed, B slowly pulled her legs apart, kissing her clean knees up to her waist then over her pussy, she kept the kisses trailing all over her lower waist. I sat close to them watching and touching my dick lightly, as B started tormenting her with her mouth over pussy, sucking and licking her, I grabbed and squeezed one boob while the other stroked my dick gently. I loved the sight of what was happening, one girl eating the each other out and I was just observing, and thoroughly enjoying it.

As B intensified her pussy eating, A stretched her hand to my direction towards my dick, she began playing with the tip of the dick, rubbing it back and forth, with her eyes half opened, pushing her waist further and further into B’s mouth. She began to jerk me off harder and harder.

She abandoned my dick mid-jerk and grabbed B’s head pushing it further down her pussy. She then dragged my dick, I followed her lead. She made me straddle her chest, and took my dick into her mouth, the only way I can describe the way she sucked me then was that she tried to replicate how she was feeling from the terrific head to how she wanted me to feel, she sucked and deep throated me, I was just in front of her mouth.

B rubbing A’s belly and pinching her boobs, while A almost all the dick down her throat, she removed her mouth from the dick as the dick laid on her face, her tongue began to do some wonders under my dick, then my balls were next, getting attention, she sucked me so bad, slapped my ass, painful but the pleasure from the attention my balls were getting was enough to subdue the pain from her painful smack.

She removed my dick and put it beside her mouth, and pointed to B, insinuating that I go fuck B.

So, I disembarked A, while B retreated from A’s pussy, rubbing her own pussy, I lay on my back as B grabs a condom for me, I strap on the CD, as B rigorously rubs her pussy her own pussy, while taking one of A’s nipples in her mouth. As I finished, B straddled me and eased the pussy slowly down into my dick, holding the bottom of her ass as she does this.

The bouncing activity then begins as she presses down her hands on my chest as her ass begins to bounce up and down on my dick, A grabs a decent piece of B’s ass cheek and spanks at it for a while, then settles beside me, legs open, playing with her own pussy, rubbing the clitoris with one hand, and holding her boobs up, pulling it by the nipples, with the boob sack inside her palms.

B seemed to be in another planet other than ours, the warmth of her pussy and the constant motion off my dick was just what ecstasy was made of. A brought a nipple to my mouth while she handled the other nipple with her hand and continued touching herself with the other hand.

B got off and turned back, with her back to me, changing from cowgirl to reverse cowgirl, S-W-E-E-T! This position gave her more control as she kept up with the tempo, A stopped for a while and straddled my head, slightly lowering her pussy unto my face.

I kissed the top of the pussy, licking the top of her orifice before I began to rub the top part of my tongue over the pussy lips, putting pressure on random places to find out where it excites her most. The most sensitive point for her was the surrounding of the clitoris, the soft skin sent excitement waves all over her, as her moans become higher.

My energy became fixated on this point, as I sucked and licked the spot, the flat part of the tongue brushed slowly and sometimes harshly against her sweet spot, she held the top of the best post and she rode my face. My dick kept going in and out of B’s pussy as she rode me like no man’s business.

This isn’t the first time that I will find myself in this scenario, sucking one and fucking another, I was enjoying it all until B got off, and said “Let’s do doggy”

A got off my face, while B assumed the position, ass up, face down. I got behind while she assumed this position on the body. Dick in without further delay, I immediately, started with a fast stroke, she stayed moaning while A stood up on the bed and fed me a nipple, I sucked with one hand and grabbed with the other hand, B was hitting back in the doggy position.

At that point was the moment of magic, A removed her nipple from my mouth and assumed the same position as B, just beside A. At this point, Fireball by Pitbull was playing in my subconscious, I watched her touch her clit from underneath as she stayed in the doggy position ass up. I removed my dick from B and moved to the promise-land, B’s pussy, the end of the long wait, I grabbed her waist, rubbed the top of my dick all over her pussy, from bottom to top and teased going in. I slowly went in and the pussy was wet, warm and very conducive for my dick. The slow motion was more enjoyable than I thought it would be.

I held the dick and plunged it in and removed it and teased for a while until she spanked herself, I stopped playing then proceeded to fuck her, I grabbed the waist and began to stroke her pussy, slow and then fast. I felt like screaming for joy but I had to comport myself.

Her moans became louder when the thrusts became fast, B moved to the front of A and placed her pussy in front of her, A put her hand on the pussy, and began to rub her pussy in circular motion. Behind the both of them, I held the waist and watched my dick go in and out of her pussy. I began to spank her, and fuck her. Her pussy was just as I imagined, sweet. I switched her position, so she laid on her side, with her knees folded, I wanted to fuck her as well as squeeze her boobs and that gave me the feeling I wanted.

I held my dick and pushed it into the space between her thighs, the fat pussy lips parted ways as my turgid dick went in. With one hand on her waist and the other grabbing her boobs and squeezing lightly. Soon enough, the pressure of fucking the pussy I had waited for got to me, and I could feel my cum. I removed my dick, took out my condom, and splashed my cum over just below her belly button, sweat was all over my body.

I entered the bathroom as a victor, the long game had come to a end, a sweet end at that. It seemed like I just scored a goal and rushed to the fans at the stadium to celebrate, doing the finger pointing celebration.


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