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May 9, 2021

DS Series : Smallie Parole
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DS Series : Smallie Parole

Hello peeps, its been a while I have written  in this part of the blog, I’m sincerely sorry about that. Here is me making up for that now.

I don’t know why i seem to always have impromptu paroles, perhaps its my not-being-in-a-relationship situation. It has more good days than bad days sha,that one am sure of.

This one was also impromptu, she was  a private university chic. We met on Facebook, she sent me a message and things began to evolve. We chatted a lot and all, so some months down the line, [I guess you’re wondering months?!?!, Well, I can like to dull on somethings] she called me that she wanted to leave school, she complained that all of her friends are over in their boyfriend’s place leaving only her in school.

As the sympathetic and sensitive guy that i am 😀 I said she could stay at mine for the weekend. There was no way in hell I would say no especially since I dint have anything planned for the weekend.

She arrived in this tight-fitting skirt, looking dashing, if there was one thing that amazed me about this chic, it was how shapy her ass was, it wasn’t the biggest at all, but the curve just gave me an instant boner. It was as if her ass was drawn with a compass at perfect semi circle.

She’s not so tall so I usually call her smallie, good shape and kinda short. Even with her heels, am still way taller than her.

She came with a cab, paid almost 8k for a cab and I was  wondering wasn’t that too much? I am not stingy but you just gotta think about some of these things sometimes especially during ‘OWU’ period.

Public transport would have been ideal and it would cost less than 40% of that.

*Call me whatever you like…lool*

Anyway, moving on……

As she entered my house, I slapped her ass and she looked pissed and I asked why? She replied that it wasn’t gentlemanly for me to do that…As she turned to continue walking ahead of me, i ‘kukuma’ grabbed the whole thing as she walked…… she just shaked her head and walked on.

In my mind, I said to myself, this is English you’re speaking o!

She cleaned herself up, cooked dinner, we ate and had some wine, gisting about her friends and how they were hitting the club tonight, I continued to complain about how I wasn’t in the mood for clubbing. I told her at some point that I might sleep off at the club. Finally, she dropped the club thing


We got to the bedroom, we fooled around, I just majorly played with her wonder ass and fingered her. She sucked on my dick like it was an Olympic event, she spat on it, jerked it times without number. I enjoyed it anyway, infact I almost dumped my spunk into her mouth but she was timely and kind of experienced. She removed the dick from her mouth as I sprayed her boobs with my spunk. I felt like a fireman putting out a fire, trying to spread the spunk on the boobs.

I wanted to shag but she would be here for the whole weekend, so well we slept off.

I was enjoying the soft body against mine, it was lovely.

I wasn’t exactly sure what was waking me up, I was still sleeping but my member seemed to be awake. This didn’t usually happen. But I couldn’t seem to continue my sleep.

I couldn’t take the torture anymore, I woke up and found her fondling my dick, it was the middle of the night. What she was doing had already turned into a full blown erection. At this point, I was going into auto-pilot mode. My erection was having an erection, it was as if all the blood in my body relocated to my member.

She was already naked, taunting me to wake up by dealing with my member, she laid by my side, massaging my dick, cupping my balls. I had always wanted a girl who would initiate shag, wake me up and ask us to shag, this smallie has done it, I told myself.

My erection was getting more intense by the second, her body was so soft and smooth, I could see her boobs, she was a little busty, almost escaped from an A cup. Her boob sack was looking fresh and her nipples were almost pink. My dick was throbbing inside my boxers; I pulled her up, made her kneel infront of my face, holding the burglary pole. I yanked off the boxers, leaving my pole standing erect at 90 Degrees.

Her height made it easier for me to tease her temple while she held on  to the burglary pole almost sitting on my face. I had to start with the head, you know what they say about one good turn deserves another. I moved my face into her temple. Her pussy lips were already swollen, I began kissing it, slowly, erotically, licking the whole orifice, her body began to quake. She brought her body a little bit lower into my face. I dipped my tongue a little into her pussy, ran my tongue from up and down nice and slow, I did a few more rounds as I deepened my tongue more and more into her. Occasionally, I would bump into her clitoris, she would arch up her back anytime I did that.

Knowingly or unknowingly, she was completely sitting on my face. Her temple was on my mouth. It was getting wetter down there. I moved in for the kill with the clitoris, the flickering of my tongue against her clitoris made her push her temple down my mouth almost suffocating me in the process, I gently pushed her up a bit so I can breathe. I started using my tongue to spell over her clitoris, the pleasure in using my tongue to draw alphabets was getting to her, so she started jerking her clitoris against my tongue. Her pussy was getting all the attention from my tongue. She started riding my tongue, I tried as much as possible to put all of my tongue outside but it wasn’t so convenient for me as more of her juice began to flow.

She got off me and lay almost lifeless, with her legs ajar. I stood up from where I was and knelt on the bed, my boner was still looking very healthy. I pulled her up into me. I sat on my folded knee and drew her pussy up to my dick; her thighs were on my thighs, with her legs behind me. I began to thrust into her wetness slowly. She left her body just go as she began to cup her own boobs herself, pulling and twisting on her nipples.  I was more interested in the tight honey-well down here. I closed my eyes and tried to enjoy it to the fullest. She began to increase the tempo, meeting my thrust midway.

I was holding her waist, pulling it in and out of my waist, her eyes were closed and her mouth was ajar. The thrust became faster but the friction between our laps wouldn’t help so we switched style, more like re-styled the style. I maintained my kneeling down position, but moved closer to the burglary, which she straddled me, held the burglary and started pounding my dick as hard as she could. I was loving the sex but I was also concerned about my thigh bones, I wouldn’t want to break them because she was jacking so hard like she wanted to prove a point. The room was cold but we were both sweaty, the ride was out of this world. I asked her to stand up for a bit while I sit down instead of kneelling atleast to secure my ability to walk properly after this encounter.

I sat down, and she jumped on the dick immediately like there was some sort of magnetic  force around the both of them. I held her ass in my hands as I controlled the rhythm of the sex. I would raise her ass up so my dick comes out and then take it back in totally. She laid her head on my shoulder and I could hear her moaning softly. She tried to work my ear lobes but almost in and out movement of my dick was driving her gaga.

She seemed exhausted as she had climaxed a couple of times but the problem with drinking local herbs for sex is the long duration of the erection.

Ogidiga works wonders.

I laid her on her belly, spread her legs out, arched her waist up and started my own pounding from the back. It was more rewarding like this. #teamdoggystyle I drove my dick into her totally, she arched her waist up a bit whenever I did a full thrust. My waist began its own irregular movement as I removed my member and blasted my juice on her ass.

My erection was still there, so I put in my member, she moved up the bed a little, did a few strokes but my member himself was tired so, we moved out, she went into the bathroom to shower and I followed but we just went about our shower, we came back and slept naked again, this time she crawled up against me.

Later in the morning at about 5am Sunday morning, she rolled over and I got a bright idea, I grabbed a bottle of honey, the Forever Living product one and poured some from her belly button down to her temple, also to her nipples.

Let the licking begin.

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