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Zoe’s Scribbles : The Intern (18+)

I just started work at this great Oil and Gas company as the P.A to the CEO. I love my job. Awesome pay, great working environment and a responsible boss (he hasn’t made passes at me yet) who lets me be at my best without looking over my shoulder. I intend to give my very best and then some more into this job but for today, I’m cranky as fuck! I guess I must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed.

To worsen it, I’m hungry, horny and my boss is pissing me off. Complaining about a report I’ve worked on 3 times. Ugh! Like what the actual fuck?

‘Excuse me ma’am. Here are the files you asked me to get for you”. This extremely hot new intern, Chris, who’s also pretty smart, walked into my office and said.

At that point, I wasn’t even thinking of this sex on legs. All I thought about was why this son of a bitch came to disturb me. I take a look at the files & explode.

‘What is wrong with you? Are these the files I asked you to get me? I told you to get me the IGD Company file, study them & write me a report on what you think. You got the wrong file with no report. Are you out of your mind?” I had to restrain myself from cursing.

I didn’t want to be queried. Dude looked me in the eye and replied indignantly but quietly, “You could easily have said that without screaming at me. I’m not responsible for your not getting laid” and he walked out.

My mouth hung in a huge O. Dude did not just talk to me like that. Never mind that he’s hot as fuck and there’s this sexual tension between us, so electrified, you can touch it with your hands. Doesn’t he know I’m his superior?

Zoe, that’s what you get for choosing the hottest intern ever to work under you. Well, hot or not, I’m gonna teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.

Its 5 o’clock and I’m to meet the Alex and the rest of the girls for our regular Wednesday meet at the bar. I always look forward to it because we get to drink and check out sexy dudes.

Thank God I dressed just for it with my black office dress that doubles as an informal wear once I take off its jacket. Before I leave tho, I have to finish the report & speaking of which, where’s this rude boy?

I call the intern to find out why the file I told him to work isn’t on my desk at close of work and he tells me he’s on his way to my office. He brings the file for me to study and stands in front of my desk like a statue.

My days! He looks like a god.

I can feel myself getting wet already. “Your report is sloppy. I can hardly make out your thoughts and recommendations”, I say.

“Maybe you should get laid tonight. That way, you’ll quit being a bitch”, Sex on legs replies. Before I can reply, dude crosses my desk, pulls me up and plants a deep kiss. I’m too shocked to resist, besides, I can’t let him think I’m a chicken.

It quickly becomes a war of tongues as we’re both trying to outdo each other. Chris pinches my nipples through my clothes and my pulse picks up. Now I need to get fucked. He plays with them for a while before slowly taking his hands down. He moves my silk knickers aside and slides his fingers in. By this time I’m shaking uncontrollably and my pussy juice is trickling down my thighs. He finger fucks me so good that I’m screaming from sheer ecstasy. As I’m about to climax, Chris stops, kisses me deeply and leaves my office.

Like WTF? Why would he leave me hanging? I’m not even thinking of the fact that I almost had sex with an intern in the office and I had totally forgotten I have to meet the girls at the bar.

Fuck it mehn.

Clooney The Dildo is gonna bear the brunt of it all. I pack my things and leave the office. It’s 7pm and I know I’m already late. I step into the elevator and who do I see? Sexy as fuck Chris. We’re alone and whether by stroke of luck, the elevator stops working. He gives me a knowing smile and pulls me to himself…

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