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March 8, 2021

Zoe’s Scribbles : Sugar baby VII
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Zoe’s Scribbles : Sugar baby VII

The weekend unfortunately had to end and by Sunday evening, Tunde and I were on our way back to Lagos. I was so exhausted that when he asked me to join him for dinner, I declined. I just wanted to go home and sleep on my bed alone. He dropped me off at my place, checked around my apartment to be sure there were no imaginary kidnappers waiting for me and left. I barely dragged myself to the bathroom to take a shower and slept off.

I got to the office the next morning, looking like one who had obviously gotten some good sex. A few of my co-worker pointed out the same thing and I just giggled. I had barely settled in when my phone started to ring. It was Alex.

Alex: “Where the hell have you been? You’re line was off all weekend. I went to your house and it was empty. I knew you didn’t travel because nothing was packed. What’s going on? Are you okay?”

Me: “hahaha. Relax. I was in Ghana.”

Alex: “Ghana? How? You didn’t pack anything”.

Me: “I didn’t need to. Clothes were provided for me”.

Alex: “Start talking.”

Me: “remember the guy I met at the last TPL? We’re in some sort of relationship. He invited me to Ghana for the weekend.”

Alex: “The billionaire? Girl, if I didn’t know better, I’d think you were into that sort of thing. What sort of relationship can you have with a married man.”

At this point, I didn’t like where this talk was going. Plus, she knew who he was and didn’t even tell me. What if I hadn’t met him the second time?

Me: “Look, I’m not aiming to be his wife or anything. Besides, his marriage is in trouble. Not like it matters to me. It’s just like every other relationship I’ve had. Only with a man with billions. You know me. I don’t do love. It’s just sex but with style”

Alex: I guess. I even read on Linda Ikeji that the only reason they aren’t divorced yet is because they didn’t sign a pre-nup & she’s a mean bitch so they do their thing separately. Just be careful. I don’t want you to get hurt.

Me: You know me hun. I’ll be fine. Now I need to get back to work. Love you.

When we hung up, it got me thinking. I’m not exactly prone to catching feelings but what if I were to fall in love with Tunde, how would I deal with it? I figured I’d cross the bridge when I got there and took my mind off it.

Halfway into work, a delivery guy came into my office with a bouquet of flowers and what looked like food. Before even checking, I knew it was from Tunde. They were accompanied by a small note that read, “The Future Awards, 7pm, Friday. I’ll pick you up by 6pm”.

Thus sent my mind into overdrive, I mentally began to scan my closet for a dress and all the accompanying accessories. I really needed to talk to him about his habit of dropping bombs like this on me. I love to go for events and to be honest, I had always wanted to attend The Future Awards.

I was just slightly miffed that it was so sudden with no respect for my time. I had planned to stay in on Friday night and do some private work and this just ruined everything. I picked up my phone to send him an IM on BBM when I saw one from him.

Tunde: Enjoyed the meal?

Me: I haven’t had it yet.

Tunde: That’s weird aren’t you hungry?

Me: I am but I’m more angry

Tunde: What did I do wrong? (his perception calmed me down a bit)

Me: Babe, I love surprises as much as the next woman but sometimes, I feel like you have no respect for my time. You dropping that ball without asking if I was free is kinda insulting.

Tunde: Ok. So what should I have done?

Me: Well, it’s not a romantic getaway. I’d appreciate it if you’d ask me next time if I was free to attend any event. Surprises are for getaways.

Tunde: I understand. I’m sorry. So, Zoé, would you please accompany me to the The Future Awards on Friday night? I’m delivering the keynote address.

Me: Are you sure you want to be seen out with me in public? Word might get to your wife.

Tunde: You’re stubborn, you know that? How about this? We go in separate cars and we meet there. We act like we’re just friends and then we head back to my place after. How does that sound?

Me: Sounds like a perfect plan.

Tunde: Smh. You’re really something. The driver will pick you up early and take you home so you can get dressed.

Me: ? ?


I was dealing with a report when my boss sent for me. I rolled my eyes because this was the same man who asked me to hurry up with it. He seemed so cranky and for the first time since I started working with him, it looked like it was directed at me. I knocked gently and went in when I heard him say ‘come in’.

Me: You seem out of sorts today. Are you okay?

Boss: sit down. I found out something and I just want to confirm. Are you dating my friend, Tjan?

Where was this coming from? I know Tunde is his friend and all but what was his business with my private life. I figured Tunde must have said something to him and I decided to come out with the truth.

Me: Yes I am. Tunde and I gave been seeing each other for a bit now.

What happened after this totally left me in a complete state of shock.

Boss: Part of the reason I hired you was because apart from the fact that you’re intelligent, you seemed decent. It’s no secret that he’s a married man and now you’re sleeping with him. I’m not trying to invade into your private life but I’m afraid, I can no longer work with you. Here’s your entitlement as well as a little extra just because you were my best. You’re fired.

I opened my mouth but no words came out. I’m not sure how I walked out of his office but I went back to my office and picked up my personal effects. I got to my car and when I got in, I realised my whole body was shaking. After 5 years. Just like that, because my boss had a moral bone. I opened the envelopes he gave me and one was a cheque for 3 million naira while the other was for 1 million. Possibly the little extra he was referring to. 5 years of bringing in and closing deals for the company and I was laid off without a reason.

I picked up my phone and sent a text to Tunde. “I just got fired”.

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