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Zoe’s Scribbles : Sugar Baby IV

Sorry guys.

This should’ve come last week but your girl is on the hunt for a job and to be honest, it’s quite tasking. I get home from interviews very exhausted and I just want to sleep and wake up early for another bout of job hunt. Plus, for some reason, my Gmail was inoperable the whole of last week. Anyway, here goes…



We arrived at this really nice place. It didn’t look like a restaurant. Rather, it was a house. There was an elevator which we stepped into and it took us to the roof top. The sight before me actually made me sigh out loud.

The most amazing sight I had ever seen, a table for two with roses on it. There was also a chef on hand to serve us. I sat down with him being the perfect gentleman by pulling my seat behind me so I could sit. A waiting staff was on hand to serve us and I think Tunde must have signalled him because as soon as we sat down, he came over to pour us a glass of wine and dish our food.

The meal was delicious, it took everything in me to not moan while eating. We made small talk with him cracking jokes and telling me about his family. Apparently, he had a kid my age who he described as his greatest joy.

He didn’t talk much about his wife and I had the presence of mind to not ask. I got the feeling plus rumours were rife that his marriage wasn’t in the best of shape but he couldn’t get a divorce as that meant him losing a good amount of his wealth.

After dinner, he led me into the house and to a couch and proceeded to give me the best foot rub I had ever gotten.

Now, I moaned, It felt so good that I wanted to fall asleep in his arms. I told him about myself, how I started, and why I chose to not practise law but do what I do. Our discussion moved to admiralty, with me unconsciously giving him legal advice and such.

Halfway into our conversation, he blurted, ‘Be my girlfriend!’

I raised an eyebrow at him and chuckled.

‘I’m serious Zoe. Be my girlfriend. I’ll take care of you. Anything you want, I’ll provide it’.

“But you’re married. Besides, I’ve got a good job that pays my bills with a little extra”.

‘Yes I’m married but I’m not asking you to marry me. I’m asking you to just make me the only one you sleep with. Only that it will come with a lot of perks. Sure, you earn how much? 200k, 250k per month? I can give you triple that. Trips in my private jet to anywhere you want. And if along the line, you are done with us because I expect you to want to settle down one day, you can leave. All I ask is to be the only man in your life and if you meet someone you think there’s a possibility of a relationship with, just tell me’.

I thought about it. It was one thing to fantasize about fucking him. It was another thing to be a sugar baby. I used to turn up my nose at girls who had men who weren’t their husbands cater to them.

Besides that, I haven’t been tied to a guy since university. I wasn’t sure I could handle it. But I was tempted.

“I need some time to really think about this, Tunde. Besides it’s getting late and I’ve got work tomorrow”. He ordered a driver to drop me off and as soon as I got home, I took a cold shower and got into bed but I couldn’t sleep.

I kept thinking of all the worst possible scenarios. What if the wife found out? How was I supposed to be seen in public with him or was I going to hide? What kind of girl would I be to sleep with a very attractive married man for money? All these thoughts went through my mind and just before I slept, I made my decision.

I got to work the next morning really hoping my team had done their fair share of their duties and surprisingly, they had. We ran through the brainstorming session and I had to prepare the presentation both for the board and for our investors.

Half way through my pile of work, I got a call from security saying someone was at the gate for me. Confused at why they couldn’t just send him up and apparently there was a package for me that I had to come down to see.

Puzzled at what it could be, I quickly rushed down. I met a man with security and I wondered if I had met him before. He gave me little jewellery bag with a little note.

‘I’m not trying to buy you, I promise. You deserve this and more. Tunde’.

I nearly screamed as I looked into the bag. It was a car key and I happened to be standing behind my new car. A Mercedes C117, registered.

How he guessed that I had always wanted one was beyond me. I shrieked in joy and the driver offered to drop my old car off at my place and return with the key.

I am definitely driving this bad baby home. I called him as soon as I got into my office.

“How did you know I always wanted one? And how did you get it so soon?” He laughed as I kept thanking him.

‘I didn’t know. I got it a last month and had it registered last week. I took a look at it today and realised it’s a lady’s car and I could only see you in it. I meant what I wrote in that note. I’m not trying to buy you. I think you deserve it.’

“I was going to text you actually but I’ve been swamped with work. Now you’ve distracted me and I have to do this work from home. But yeah, I do want to be your girlfriend. You’re good looking, smart. Your wealth is also an added bonus”.

I meant that as a tongue in cheek comment and I breathed an audible sigh of relief when he let out the loudest laughter I’ve ever heard from a man.

‘Your boss told me you’re handling a huge project and you’re supposed to present it to the investors on Friday. Knowing you, you’ll kill it. How about I pick you up Friday evening? Dinner at my place, plus I’ve got another surprise for you’.

I love me a man who knows how to spoil a woman and I accepted. Just as I hung up, the driver came in with my car keys and two phones. An iPhone 6 and a Samsung Note 4.

I took a picture of the phones and sent them to him with a message that read

‘you sure know how to speak a girl’s love language’.

He replied with ‘I can also be your body whisperer’. I burst into laughter as I went back to work.

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