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April 21, 2021

Zoe’s Scribbles: Sugar Baby! I
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Zoe’s Scribbles: Sugar Baby! I

It was a Saturday and for once I had no plans for that day.

No work to do, no weddings to attend, absolutely nothing.

That was the first time in a pretty long time. I was looking forward to relaxing and enjoying my chill Saturday when there was a knock at my door. Well, it was more like a bang. I wasn’t expecting anyone at all.

“Who the fuck is that?” I practically screamed.

‘Bitch open this door right now’.

Of course, it was Alex. We had just had a huge fight the week before and I didn’t think we were going to make it seeing as we had never had anything like that before so yeah, I was surprised to find her at my door.

‘Hey there’s this footie thing going on in Onikan, Twitter Premier League. I want us to go’.

She said as she walked in. Knowing Alex, that was her way for apologising. I had seen it on Twitter too but I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. However, Alex had met me half way, I figured I could do the same too.

“So does that mean we’re good?” I asked.

‘Do I have to spell it out?’ I shook my head as I went into the room to wear something appropriate. Alex could be a knucklehead most of the time but I love her. The only girl friend I know who gets me.

We got into the car and on our way, it hit me that Alex was doing this because of someone. She isn’t into sports as such. It’s more my thing and Alex was definitely going there because of a girl.

“So who is she?” I asked.

‘Who is who?’ I laughed at her attempt to feign ignorance.

“Girl please. We both know you aren’t into football. So who is the girl you’ve got your eyes on?”

‘It’s a boy actually’

At this point, a fly could’ve flown into my mouth. Alex and a boy? Who would’ve thought? I was mute till we got to the venue because I kept mulling over what she just told me. It made no sense. Alex has been a lesbian for as long as I can remember which is a pretty long time. We got to the venue and the tournament was already underway. We found a couple of friends and well, a lot of catching up had to be done.

I looked up just in time to see him score the goal. The way he took the ball past the two defenderss and shot into the net was breathtaking. The goal keeper stood no chance against that. He turned to celebrate and I saw his face, that stopped me dead in my tracks. He took off his shirt at that point and oh my goodness, I couldn’t help but drool. His rock hard and chiselled abs are stuff that gods are made of. I felt a pinch on my arm and I turned.

‘Na wa for you o. they won’t use fine man to kill you’. It was Alex and she was right but I couldn’t help myself. Dude was so beautiful to look at. The way his muscles moved and the way his body was glistening under the sun was doing things to me.

Soon, It was full time and luckily, he sat where a couple of friends were seated. I walked down to where he was and exchanged pleasantries with my friends making sure he saw and heard me. Just as I turned to say hi to him, he blurted ‘you’re beautiful’. I blushed a little and replied with “you’re hot”.

I could feel my southern lips drool just by looking at him. Standing there I began to imagine his lips lightly brushing mine before taking it head on. His tongue between my parted lips while his hand draws me closer to rest on my ass. He gives me a little bite and moves to my neck, dropping little kisses and bites while his other hand moves to cup my boob. He gently teases my nipple, sending electric waves down my spine. He pulls me to a seat and spreads my legs open…

‘Zoe! Come and meet the guy I was talking about” This was Alex pulling me. I sighed and smiled apologetically at him while went with her.

Alex had a way of ruining my good moments. She introduced me to this hunk and because I was absent minded, thinking of the hot dude whose name Alex didn’t even let me catch, I wasn’t exactly civil. I left both of them to talk and went searching for hot dude. I couldn’t find him where he was at initially and I felt a little. But I wasn’t in the mood to walk around looking for some guy even though he’s an Adonis neither was I about to start asking his team mates for his name. I went back to my seat to watch the next game.

Alex came back to sit where I was and I was about to ask her about her new guy when she blurted

‘I don’t like how you reacted to Uche. Even he noticed your attitude. Why did you do that?’

She must have seen something in my eyes because she went

‘Oh my God! You slut! You were absent minded the whole time, weren’t you? You have the same look you had when I was introducing you both and you only have that look when you’re thinking about a guy. You’re thinking about that man abi?’

I raised an eyebrow at her use of the word “man”. Dude is too young to be a called a man abeg. Before I could reply, she hissed and left me. She soon came back with Uche and she must’ve told him something because he was smiling as they walked towards me. We got talking and it turned out dude was into Alex too.

The tournament soon ended and Alex said she wanted to go with him. Since she drove, I had to take her car with me.

The following Monday, I resumed at work, ready to kick start my week. I vaguely remembered my boss saying he was having a meeting with someone outside of the office and I quickly prepared all that he needed.

‘Hey Zoe, for that meeting, you’re coming with me. I’m meeting my best friend and business partner and it concerns the nuclear energy tender. You did the policy on it and you know you’re good at this sort of thing. Don’t worry, lunch will be taken care of.’

At the sound of lunch, I picked my bag and went out with him. We got to the venue of the meeting which was at Bottles restaurant and guess who we were meeting…

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