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April 21, 2021

Zoe’s Scribbles: Case of The Ex (18+)
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Zoe’s Scribbles: Case of The Ex (18+)

I’m sorry guys. I know I’ve been a bad bad girl. I should’ve sent my weekly scribbles to Deolu but I was caught up in a lot of things and I didn’t. Forgive me? I hope I’m able to make it up it up you guys. Now that we have that out of the way, shall we get back to why we are here?

I was in 400 level and the day was a Saturday. I was bored outta my mind and I had no plans for the weekend. This is because I had planned to stay at home and do a little reading during the weekend.

However, I underestimated myself and my assimilation abilities. I had covered all there was to cover. I could easily have picked up something else but I was so bored and my head was kinda full. I thought of dialling Alex but I remembered she said something about having a visitor over at her place. Alex and her girlfriends sha. Drama extraordinaire.

Sometimes, more than one girl would show up and there would be a fight which we had to deal with. She was just lucky it was in her house off-campus. I really don’t blame them. I mean, Alex is easily the sexiest lesbian I’ve come across and I’ve met a lot of sexy ones, plus she’s very generous.

Her father, being an Oil and Gas mogul and her mom, a diplomat with her as the only child, she had a lot of money at her disposal.

If she wasn’t like my sister… “Well, anything could’ve happened and maybe there was a no-show”, I thought to myself as I dispose her number.

When she didn’t pick at the third ring, I figured they were busy getting their freak on. I decided to watch some TV, something I rarely did even though I always paid my subscription every month.

As I was watching “Killers”, starring Aston Kutcher and Katherine Heigl on MM2, my phone rang and it was Alex calling.

“Yo! Where have you been? And shouldn’t you be getting it down with one of your babes?” I asked as soon as I picked the call.

“Babe cancelled o. My phone was on silent and I was reading. I’m done now and I’m mega bored. What you doing?” Alex replied.

“Pretty much the same thing. I’m just here watching Killers on TV”. I answered.

“Hahahahahahahahaha. You must be really bored for you to be watching TV by this time.

Fancy going for a swim? We could spend the weekend at mine. You know the parents travelled.” Alex said.

I didn’t need a second invitation. It was just what I needed and knowing my best friend, something interesting was bound to turn up. That was the thing with her. It just seemed to follow her everywhere she went.

“Errr… Zoe, please bring none of those your tees and jeans. It’s strictly a dress affair. I’ll pick you in 15 minutes”. And she ended the call.

We got to Protea Hotel where we planned to do our swimming and as we walked into the lobby, I bumped into someone. As I prepared my outbursts of apologies as I wasn’t really looking but chatting on my BlackBerry, I heard,

“OMG! Zoe, what are you doing here?” I looked up and who did I see? Abdul.

I think at this point, I need to give you a brief history about Abdul and I. We were lovers and friends. We dated in first year in university while he was in his final year. Mixed race, tall, chocolatey and very handsome.

He had the looks of those Arabian Sheikhs we usually see on TV. The sort of guy any girl would backstab to have. He was so caring and had the habit of buying me gifts just because. We had a good thing going but for one thing; we weren’t having sex.

As naive as I was then, when he told me he didn’t care much for sex and was willing to wait till I was ready, I swallowed that line, bait, hook and sinker. It wasn’t until I caught him pants down with my classmate before I knew he lied to me all along.

I don’t know what I expected but I certainly didn’t expect to find out the truth that way. We broke up 2 days after. Seeing him that day brought back some memories albeit, fun ones and I jump on him as I hugged him.

“My God! Abdul! Long time. How you doing nau? You look better than you used to back in school and that’s saying something cos you looked so good back then. How are your parents? What are you doing now?” I reeled out the questions in shock while he laughed.

“Muhahahahahaha. I’ve surely missed you Zoe but can you let me answer one before you throw the other?” He replied.

“By the way, what are you doing here? I hope you aren’t one of those girls who…”

‘Oh please. You know I can’t do such. Meanwhile, you remember my friend Alex?’ I interrupted.

“Oh, your henchman you mean.” Alex scrowled at him. She and Abdul never got along.

She thought he was just a pretty boy who wasn’t man enough to tell me the truth and keep his dick in his pants. ‘We came to swim. What are you doing here.’ I asked.

“Work brought me to Abuja and this is where I’m lodging. Why don’t you girls come see me later when you’re done? Here are my phone and room numbers.” He scribbled them down in a paper and I couldn’t help but think about the things his fingers could’ve done to me as I stared at them.

“See you later then”, he said as he planted a kiss on my cheek and walked off.

“I take it you’re going to see him? Don’t lie. I saw the way you were looking at him”. My witch of a friend said. ‘I dunno. Maybe, maybe not. Wait, why did you say “you”?’

Alex just looked at me and shook her head as we walked to the swimming pool area.

When we were done swimming, I dialled Abdul’s number and he picked on the first ring.

‘Hey! It’s Zoe. Alex and I are done and we’d soon be leaving. Where you at?’

“I’m at the bar. Why don’t you come over for a few drinks before you leave?” He asked. ‘Alright. We’ll see you in a minute. We saw him sitting by the bar with drinks and we joined him there.

Before he could ask us what we wanted, Alex and I both ordered a shot of gin and tonic each.

“Wow Zoe. When did you start drinking?” Abdul asked.

‘Hahahaha, you really think the young will not grow? I’ve grown a lot from the last time you saw me. A lot of things have changed and a little different from what I used to be’. As I said that last bit, I traced my finger along his arm and he smiled.

“Do you girls have to go home today? Why don’t I get a room for you so you guys can stay here till Monday?” With that, he went to pay for a room for Alex and I.

“Looks like pretty boy is rolling in some dough. I hope it’s legitimate and it’s not so bad if he spends it on us”.

This was Alex. “Bookie, camman! It’s been 3 years since he graduated.

Cut the dude some slack. Besides, I’m gonna have sex with him. He just doesn’t know it yet or maybe he does. But I need you to be civil to him”, I replied.

Abdul came back and we ordered more drinks. I certainly needed the alcohol for what I had in mind that night.

By 12 midnight, we were all buzzed and ready to retire to our rooms. It turned out he had gotten us the next room by his. I told Alex I was going to join her later and went in Abdul’s room.

There was a bottle of champagne that Abdul was trying to uncork.

“Champagne? What’s the occasion?” I asked.

‘I dunno. I’m just happy to see you after all these years”. He replied as he handed me a glass.

“So, where are you working now and are you married? You know you guys marry quickly”. I asked.

‘I work with KPMG and no I’m not married. How are you finding law? You seem different but, in a good way’, he replied.

“Law is good, a lil tough but, I’m doing well”. As we talked, I traced my finger along his thighs to his genitals. I could already feel the hotness of his penis through his pants.

I leaned in and gave him a deep kiss, using my Tongue to search within his mouth. He responded with a deeper kiss and eventually we were having a war of tongues. I ran my hands across his shirt, slowly unbuttoning him as he tickled my ears with his fingers.

Before I could unbuckle his belt, he had already done the job for me. The zip for my dress was in front, and thus, very easy to deal with. While he struggled out of his pants and briefs, I unzipped my dress.

I pushed him to the bed and knelt in front of him taking his now hard cock in my mouth. With no hands, I slowly mouth fucked him, deep throating him at intervals till he was squeamish.

When he was about to cum, he lifted me to the bed, spread my legs wide and started tickling my clitoris with his tongue. He bit, licked, rubbed my coochie till I couldn’t take it anymore.

I know I heard a voice like mine screaming “FUCK ME!!!” Surely, it couldn’t have been mine.

He fetched the condom and as he tore it out and was about to wear it, I snatched it from him. I placed it between my lips and slowly took it all the way from the tip to the end of his shaft with no hands. The look on his face was priceless but I didn’t have the time to comment on it as he pushed me to the wall with my back facing him.

With my ass pressed against his hard penis, he spread my legs apart and slowly guided his dick into my vagina which was already so freaking wet, I was surprised.

He fucked the shit outta me that it felt like he was stretching my pussy with his dick. He alternated his tempo which did nothing but drive me crazy. He grabbed my butt and smacked it and that sensation alone made me drive my pussy down his dick. With one hand playing with my clitoris, he drove his dick into my coochie till I came. Before I could have the time for a proper orgasm, Abdul lifted me again but this time, to the bed. He lowered me slowly, raised my legs closed them and started fucking me till I saw stars.

At the time we climaxed together, I was dizzy. In my books, that’s a good fuck.

We went in the bathroom to shower where we played with each other’s bodies. He fingered fucked me till I came again and I gave him a hand job. One he had never experienced.

He lifted me against the wall and slowly put his dick into my pussy. It took special care for both of us not to fall as we were both covered in lather. I guess being petite has its perks.

He drove his manhood into my temple till I was screaming to the gods of sex in worship. We came at the same time and he withdrew himself to spill his seed into the bathroom drain. As we were wrapped in each other’s arms before sleeping off, I couldn’t help thinking it was worth the wait even though we had to be apart for it to happen

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