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September 2, 2020

Zoe’s Scribbles (18+): A Peculiar Examination

Zoe’s Scribbles (18+): A Peculiar Examination

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“Miss Zoe, you’re fine. You’re just under a lot of stress so we’re going to keep you here till we think it’s okay for you to go back to work”. I had just been admitted in the hospital as I fainted at the office due to stress. It was just my luck that my doctor happened to be an Adonis- sex on legs. “Thanks doctor… Amir?” I said as I peeped the nametag on his office coat.

“That’s right Miss Zoe, my name is Amir and I am your doctor.”

“Lucky me.”

We both laughed as the nurse took my vitals and he prescribed drugs and injections that were to be administered to me.

Over the course of the period I was in admission, I noticed Doctor Amir used every opportunity he had to visit and gist with me. I was glad for his company of course as I typically find hospitals depressing. He’d complete his ward rounds, deal with new patients and come to my room to sit with me and talk. He’d tell me how his day went, what surgery he performed and general hospital gossip. I had no doubt that he liked me or was at least attracted to me.

The feeling was in fact mutual. It sucked when I had to leave because it meant I wouldn’t be seeing him every day but the day of my discharge arrived. He signed the discharge form and also booked an appointment for me to come back for a check-up which was scheduled for the following month.

I was in the office two weeks after when my phone rang and I picked.

“Hi Miss Zoe, it’s Doctor Amir. Um… I need you to come to the hospital as soon as you can. We ran a couple of tests while you were on admission and I’m afraid I’ve got news”.

My heart started beating and if I wasn’t swamped with work, I’d have left the office immediately for the hospital.

“Okay Doctor Amir, I’ll see you tomorrow. Is 10 am fine?”

“I’ll be in surgery by then and it should last for approximately 3 hours. Why don’t you come by 2pm?Just ask for my office and you’ll be directed.”

“Okay doctor. 2pm is fine. It’s my lunch break anyway. Thanks.”

I took a day off from work the next day so I’d get to the hospital in time since it is closer from my house. I got to the hospital and asked for doctor Amir’s office, I noticed the receptionist was giving me mad attitude and I wondered for a moment the reason till I remembered Doctor Amir had told me she was one of those who flirted with him and he let her down in a not so easy way.

Baby girl must have thought I was his girlfriend or something. I told her as a matter of fact that I had an appointment for 2pm and if she would please, direct me to his office as it was 1:57pm which thank heavens, she did.

As I got into his office, he directed me to a seat but not before giving me a warm hug and oh sweet baby Jesus, did he smell so divine that I wanted to melt in his arms.

”Um Zoe, like I said yesterday, we ran a couple of tests while you were here and we discovered some things.”

“Doctor, whatever it is, just say it, I can take it. You keeping me in suspense isn’t helping me here’. “Is it okay if I do a physical examination? We’re not exactly sure what it is we found but I’d like to do one just to be sure. Please go behind the screen and undress. There’s a blue paper down on a hanger. When you’re done, just lie on the examination table. I’ll be with you in a bit.

I did as he said and about 5 minutes later, he joined me at the table but not after dimming the lights. I was apprehensive at first but then he said he needed the lights to be dim for him to see the screen properly.

“I’m going to start at the top and work my way down to your legs. Please relax. It won’t be painful.” He lifted my right arm to feel around my breasts, searching for lump(s).

“if you feel any pain or discomfort, please let me know”. I nodded mostly because I was enjoying the feel of his hands around my boobs.

On occasion, his fingers would brush my nipples and they were becoming increasingly hard and I think he noticed because I heard what sounded like a chuckle from him. He walked his way down, probing my ribs and stomach while asking if they hurt.

Soon his hands got to my pussy.

“Zoe, I want you to raise your legs with your feet down and your knees pointing up. Just like that. Good. I’m going to insert a probe inside your pussy. Don’t worry, it’s covered in gel. It will feel like a lubricant.” I was taken aback by his use of the word “pussy”.

One hand rested on my labia to lift it while the other guided the probe into my pussy. While he searched, he began to rub me so much that I started to moan. Soon, he found my clitoris and stated to play with it. I felt him take out the probe and his mouth took its place.

Can I just say doctor Amir gives great head. He started to lightly bite my clit and as I raised by pelvis to ride his face, he thrust into my pussy, tongue fucking me. He did something with his lips that sent vibrations through my body and drove me over the edge and just I was about to cum, he stood up, pulled me towards the end of the table and drove his dick hard into my pussy.

With each deep thrust, I felt like I was going into heaven. I heard a voice that sounded like mine scream ‘faster’ and he picked up pace. It felt like we were surfing on a sea and soon the waves crashed over us at the same time. Both of us covered in sweat and each other’s juices.

I washed up, got dressed and re-touched my makeup.

“You could have told me you wanted to do a physical examination with your penis, Doctor Amir”, I said.

“Where’s the fun in that?” He replied.

As I walked out of the hospital, I saw the receptionist give me dagger looks and I giggled. Baby girl was right to be jealous.


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