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Zoe’s Scribbles: The Obudu trip

Hey Guys,

It’s another Wednesday and you know what that means. Here’s hoping you guys made the most of your 4 day weekend. Anyway, Enjoy!


It was the beginning of my annual leave. I had chosen to spend it in Nigeria this time and only because I had always wanted to visit the Obudu Mountains in Obudu, Cross River State. I had booked my stay in the Obudu Mountain Resort and on the day the leave started, I left Lagos for Calabar.

From Calabar, a chauffeur (courtesy of the best boss ever) was waiting to drive me to the resort which is 6 hours away from the city center. I got to the ranch in the mid-afternoon and I knew there was no way I was going to see the sights because I was knackered. I took a shower, got dinner and took a long nap.

The next morning, I was up, took a bath and had breakfast. Since the whole idea of coming here was to explore, I decided to do just that. There was a cable car waiting to take us over the mountains while the tour guide placed us in groups of twos. I was paired with this fine gentleman who smelled divine. I noticed he kept looking at me funny but refused to say much except to when I asked him to take pictures of me with me camera and when he asked for mine to be taken. The whole tour took the whole day and I was both famished and knackered by time we got back to the hotel.

The next day, I decided to not go on the tour with the rest of the people but to explore the grounds but first I was going to take a swim. I ordered a sandwich and a glass of orange juice and went to the pool area.

For one and I was indeed glad, it was empty that meant I was going to have the pool to myself. I jumped into the cool water and did a few laps. In the middle of it, my bikini top strap snapped and the boobs were all out. Like that wasn’t bad enough, my tour partner came sauntering into the pool looking like dashing.

His chest so well sculpted that I just wanted to run my hands over it. He jumped in the pool was swimming over to where I was standing.

“Hi. Are you okay? You look like there’s a problem. Can you not swim?”

Dang! All these questions.

‘I’m fine. And yes, I can swim. I just took a break.’ I lied.

I wasn’t about to let him know I had a little wardrobe malfunction.

“I’m Kunle Adesanya”

He stretched his hand for a handshake and as I put forward mine, well I came up a bit and well, he saw my twins. I noticed his eyes were fixated on my chest and I still introduced myself regardless.

‘I’m Zoe and those Kylie and Kendall’. With that I sank back in to the water and swam to where my towel was, picked up my things and walked off.

In the evening, I went to the restaurant for dinner and who did I see? Mr Roving Eyes. He walked up to me and apologised for his behaviour earlier and asked for us to have dinner together. We had a really nice dinner with his funny anecdotes and me laughing the whole time.

After dinner, we went to his lodge for a nightcap and that only. Over the course of our stay, we practically did every thing and went every where together unfortunately, all that was cut short when my stay ended. I had scheduled to leave Obudu a week to the end of my leave.

A few weeks later, I got a call from some number while I was at the office.

“Hi. Am I speaking with Zoe?”

‘Yes. This is Zoe’. The voice on the other end sounded quite familiar but I couldn’t exactly place who it was.

“We met at Obudu Mountain Resort. I recall making you laugh a lot”

‘KUNLE! How did you get my number? I don’t remember giving it to you’.

“Well, you secretly left and I had to convince the hotel management that I had a business to discuss with you and I lost your number. I’m hurt you left like that. Anyway, you’re going to make it up to me by having dinner with me. Red Restaurant. 7pm”…


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