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Zoe Scribbles : Me & Ms. Ruby

*tiptoes in*

I’m so sorry guys, but I’ve been extremely busy that I’ve hardly had time for myself much less to write. But I’m here now. That should count right? I see someone frowning there. Can you turn that curve on your mouth back up? There you go. Soooo, a lot has been happening in the last few weeks and I felt I should gist you guys.

I met Ruby at a party my company organized for employees at one of the hotels in Lagos, complete with paid rooms for some of us in case we got too tipsy to drive. You know, to ease the stress and to increase productivity bla bla bla, as they said. Who were we to say no?

All we knew was that we wanted to have a good time. I was dressed in a short black bandeau dress with red stilettos and I wasn’t about to dance and let my bosses think I’m a club girl. All I wanted was to sit down and let the music wash over me. Thankfully, it wasn’t the loud music expected at such parties.

She walked up to where I was sitting, nursing my drink and asked, “Can I join you?”

I looked up to see this very pretty girl with the nicest pair of jugs, tiniest waist and decent arse I have ever seen dressed in an orange peplum dress with blue shoes and a clutch.

“Sure you can”, I replied.

She pulled the seat beside me at the table where I was sitting and sat down.

“I love your smile”, she said.

I smiled and thanked her. I didn’t want to think she was anything more than being friendly. We got talking and I found out she is a daughter to one of my bosses, to my surprise. I didn’t think the woman was capable of having a daughter of Ruby’s age. She said she worked at Chevron as a legal adviser and that she just escorted her parents to the party because she happened to be visiting them when they were leaving.

As we were talking, her parents came to where we were.

“Zoe! I see you’ve already met my daughter and you’re both getting along. Ruby, Zoe is one of our best employees, if not the best. I just wish I could steal her from her boss. Anyways, your dad and I are going to our room in the hotel, since we’re both too tired to drive. I hope you come to visit us again soon. Zoe, see you on Monday”. With that, they left us to talk and drink to our hearts’ content.

Ruby and I decided to have a drinking game. We both asked each other questions and anyone who couldn’t answer was required to drink. We had moved to the bar so it would be easy for us to reach the drinks. By the time we were done, it was really late, we were tipsy and the party was winding down that even the younger employees were leaving the party.

At this point, I was getting concerned. There was no way I was going to let Ruby drive home in this state especially as she was even more drunk than I was. I asked her to join me in my hotel room and she hesitated. “Ruby, you are drunk. I can’t let you drive and unless you have someone to take you home, you’re staying with me”.

She made a show of thinking about it and decided to stay with me seeing that my mind was made up anyway. We went to her car to retrieve her overnight bag and we went up to my room.

Once we got to the room, I went to take a bath and Ruby took hers after. By now, I was feeling very tired and horny because of the amount of alcohol I had taken and all I wanted was to sleep it off. I felt a finger trailing my back that sent shivers down my spine. She moved closer and started to drop little kisses at the back of my neck.”Do you like it”.

Was I to encourage or discourage her?

It isn’t like I haven’t had sex with girls before, in fact, some of my best partners happen to be girls. I barely know her enough to have sex with her. What if she turned out to be a spirit? I turned to face her and before I could say a word, she planted her lips on mine. she trailed them to my ear and started nibbling on it. “You are very attractive Zoe. That’s why I approached you”.

Her hand moved to my boobs and started pinching my nipples. By now, my mouth was dry and the one down south, wet. Slowly, She pulled my night gown and dropped little kisses from my neck to my bell button, sucking on it till it was out and hard. she moved back up to my nipples and gave them little bites that sent shots of pleasure to my pussy. Then she stretched out on top of me and ran her body over mine, letting my nipples dance across her body till they were hard from so much pleasure.

She moved down my body, guiding her tongue till she got to my now throbbing clit. I moaned out loud as she pressed her finger to it and she proceeded to take me in her mouth. “Oh God”, I moaned as her tongue moved round my clit, each stroke invoking whimpers of ecstasy from me. When I thought I could take it no more, she dug her tongue deep into my vagina.When she pulled out, she inserted her fingers into me, thrusting as she was nibbling and sucking on my clit. At this point, I was wet and at the point of no return. She could do anything she wanted to me, I didn’t care. She alternated her rhythm, going slowly one minute and fast the next. “Oooooooooooooh fuuuuuuuuck! I’m coming”, I screamed as I reached orgasm. I could feel my juices coming out of my body and I could do was to purr.

“Wow! easy tiger. You did drop a load of cum and you are quite something”,she said. “Well, I ain’t even started yet”, I said as I turned her over and sat atop her. With the naughty glint in my eyes, Ruby knew sleep was far away from us till I got my pound of flesh.

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