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June 4, 2020
Vixen Banks : Teenaged Studs II (18+)

Vixen Banks : Teenaged Studs II (18+)

After seeing that sex tape of Toyin and her smallie, the stamina, skill and the way he banged the living daylight out of my friend proved difficult to be erased from my subconscious.

I would be working and suddenly, a scene from the tape would flash through my mind and I would discover that I had flooded by panties. Had to fuck a buddy of mine some time later and all I was seeing in my mind’s eye was that teenager fucking the daylight out of my friend.

I was definitely becoming obsessed with him. He had unwittingly dug his claws into me.

I had at first given a weak ‘’No’’ when my friend asked me if I would like to have sex with the boy after watching their sex tape. The fact was that I would definitely, in all honesty, I would have jumped into the sack with him if he was there then.

I was too ensnared with the scene that had just unfolded before me not to want to. But after I had properly gotten my composure back, and she asked again, I told her ‘’No’’ again and this time more firmly.

Any which way you look at it, it was cradle snatching. I know several older ladies who have boytoys they call upon to service them and satisfy their every whims and caprices but I prided myself on being way above that.

Why should I have a teenaged boytoy when there are several men desperately wanting to fill the position? It wasn’t something I was willing to do.

After T’s persistence met a brick wall, she let me be. I thought I was home free as I had managed to escape the temptation. The only thing I did not take into account was my own body, desires and lust.

People say they are betrayed by friends and relatives, in my case and in this instance, I was betrayed by my body. My insatiable lust for sex and adventure was my undoing. The seed of lust had been sown and had even taken root, germinating gradually within me. Scenes after scenes of the lewd action between T and her smallie did not cease flashing through my mind and the response my body gave to each of these remembered scenes was one of pleasure and excitement rather than the revulsion I was expecting.

After days of this self-inflicted mental torture, I gave in to my desires and called my friend T. Having done with the usual pleasantries, I told her to set it up.

‘’set what up? She asked pretending ignorance

‘’comon cut out the crap and stop acting ignorant’’ I snapped at her, already smarting from letting her know that my resolve had weakened.

‘’you have to spell it out ore, I’m not a witch to read your mind’’ she insisted

‘’ok ok, your smallie’’ I said reluctantly

‘’yes, what about him?’’ she asked.

Still not ready to let me off the hook. I guess I had been too scathing in my rebuke of her having sexual relations with someone she could easily birth. She wanted me to crawl. Damn! I would if I have to. Constantly thinking of being fucked is not good for work.

So I submitted
‘’I would like to fuck him and want you to organise it’’ I finally said after a deep pause in a little girl voice.
‘’Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Finally came to your senses, ashawo! I knew you wouldn’t be able to get it off your mind. Shebi na you, you’ve quickly forgotten how long we’ve been friends and that nothing about you is a secret to me’’ she laughed uproaringly on the phone.

‘’will you? Abi I should beg ni?’’..that was me, even willing to beg.

“No need, just bring your big butt down to my place on Saturday morning’’ she replied with a smile in her voice

I heaved a sigh of relief as I broke the connection.

Thank goodness I was finally able to get that part out of the way. The next thing is surviving the remaining three days to weekend I thought to myself. It wasn’t easy going as agro almost killed me but I finally made it to the weekend. By 8am of Saturday morning I was at her place. All I did when I woke up around 7am was to have a bath making sure to touch up my bald pussy, I so spread my legs very wide apart to get at the hidden hairs that I had aroused myself massively.

I donned a short and t-shirt, didn’t even wear bra or panties, got in d car and drove at almost breakneck speed to T’s part of town. It isn’t too much of a distance from mine but the speed with which I drove also made the trip faster.

She laughed when she opened the door of her apartment to me, calling me all sort of names. I wasn’t bothered as I knew it was all in good faith. We say such things to each other all the time, its who we are.

On seeing my reflection in the mirror, I myself knew that I looked the part. I looked like a whore who knew what she wanted and made arrangements to get it. Full boobs unsupported in a tight t-shirt, shorts and sneakers.

The smallie hadn’t come so she made me breakfast and we sat on the rug watching TV and eating yam and fried eggs. I couldn’t really eat much cos I was filled with anticipation. Suddenly, I felt a shock run through my body as T touched my nipples through the fabric of the t-shirt I was wearing. She told me she couldn’t take her eyes off them as they were straining to burst out of the blouse. She asked to see them properly, so I took off the t-shirt.

She sat there mesmerised looking at my twin melons. I must admit that they are my treasure, big and bouncy, still defying gravity despite their size. Her staring at them was making me hotter by the minute and my nipples responding by going taut. Next thing I knew, my friend was bent and had taken one in her mouth and was sucking away.

I couldn’t stop her as I moaned in pent up excitement. My body had been craving a touch for too long for me to stop her. Toyin is one of the few girls I have sexual relations with as I swing more towards men.

My being bisexual was a 60/40 thing with the larger percentage going to the males. I let go of myself as she sucked first one and then the other of my boobs, I needed the release. In no time I had wiggled out of my shorts as I felt one of her hands trying to force its way into the band of it.

Finally free of the encumbering short, I spread my legs to reveal my bald pussy in all its glory. Her exploring hand grabbed my pussy mound and squeezed and I moaned louder than I was. She then started fingering my pussy, first sliding one finger in, increasing the digits until she had three fingers stuck in.

Her fingers were coated in pussy juice which she would like off every so often. Minutes of this and I was almost at the tip of a climax when the door-bell rang.

She made to get up but I grabbed her hands and begged her not to stop, that I was close to cumming. She just laughed as she made for the door and while I was still dazedly looking all around for my discarded cloths, the boy I had seen in my friend’s sex tape walked into the room.

He just smiled and goggled at my heaving boobs on seeing me naked on the floor. My friend came back and sat beside me like we were before the door rang. She pushed my feet apart and just continued from where she had left off as if there hadn’t been any interruption.

I was initially shy of the new comer who just sat there watching the drama unfold but the pleasure finally got the better of me as I was once again moaning and thrusting back at those fingers. Whenever I was at the tip of cumming, T would stop and talk to the boy leaving me hanging. Then when it seemed like I had cooled down, she would start on me again.

She did this like thrice until I screamed at her to let me cum. Then she made me half seat on the couch with my buttocks hanging out. She then proceeded to eat me out fully. I had a mini orgasm when I felt her tongue on my clit.

I was moaning and urging her to lick harder when I felt something nudging my lips open. I managed to open my eyes and it was the boy, stripped of his cloths and his fat sausage trying to gain purchase into my mouth. I tried but I couldn’t get even the head of that cock to pass through my lips, it was just too fat!

So I limited myself to just licking the tip and the cum hole as I mumbled my moan to express pleasure on the tongue ravaging my pussy. Some guys pride themselves on being expert pussy eater but my summation is that girls are better pussy eaters as only another girl would know what turns a girl on. T ate my pussy proper making sure to assert pressure where necessary, nibble on the right appendage and stick the hole proper.

I moaned and sucked pre-cum all at the same time. The pleasure became unbearable and clamping both thighs shut on her face, I spilled cum juices all over T’s faces as I came. She just continued lapping the juices up as I came and when I was done, she licked the extra on her face.

I wasn’t given any respite as before I could come down from the orgasm I had just had, I felt the boy spread my knees further apart and with T urging him on, he was trying to push the head of that cock inside me. I opened my eyes wide in protest, not without protection’’ I screamed at my friend who only laughed and pointed at the cock. I heaved a sigh of relief when I saw that it was encased in a cd. I wonder when that had happened.

Then I relaxed as I tried to make myself more comfortable on the couch as he proceeded to push his cock into me little by little. It was difficult but thank goodness for the orgasm I just had, my pussy was well lubricated and the cum had relaxed my pussy muscles. I was finally able to take him after a series of short thrusts inside me. It felt wonderful!

My eyes opened as wide as a saucer when I felt him nestled in all its fatness deep inside me. I felt full, in fact fuller than I had ever felt. He compensated for length with size. It felt like I had a baseball bat stuck in me.

He started moving, at first slowly, I think to allow me get used to his girth but he later increased his thrusts and all I could do was scream out my pleasure as I couldn’t stop the orgasm that took me over almost every few seconds. I felt hands and mouth on my boobs, opened my eyes and saw that it was my friend sucking and kneading my boobs.

The pleasure I felt was indescribable. He didn’t last too long but I know I had several small size orgasms and a big one in the little time. Then his thrusts became harder and faster and from his expression, it was clear that he was near cumming. My spasming pussy grabbed that dick and massaged it properly hastening the release process. He couldn’t hold it back as with spurt after spurt, he had his release. He then collapsed on me and we were in that state for some minutes with him still buried inside me and obviously still hard.

He finally got off me as I laid there panting, trying to get my breath back. His cock was still rock had and the cd was sperm smeared. He pulled it off, and went into the bath room. My friend was also naked and lying beside me gently rubbing my boobs with one hand while touching her pussy with the other. When he came back all cleaned bust still hard, I noticed a look pass between them and then T told me to get on my knees on the floor, she then laid down in front of me, opening her legs wide as she leaned her back on the couch.

I knew what she wanted, it was the classic threesome style, I eat her pussy while he fucks me doggie. I didn’t waste any more time as I promptly dived into the dish of pussy that was so invitingly spread before me.

Soon I had Toyin moaning and clutching my head as I lapped up the juices she was producing, ran my tongue through her clit adding tiny nibbles in-between and stiffening my tongue to tongue fuck her. I didn’t spare any part of her pussy, as I licked all the folds and hidden treasure. Her moans were music to my ears.

Smallie had positioned himself behind me and I felt the tip of his cock on the entrance of my pussy, I tensed up but didn’t stop eating T’s pussy, he grabbed both of my butt cheeks and with one strong hard shove was buried inside me. I moaned through the pussy I was eating as I couldn’t raise my head since T had grabbed hold of it to make sure it wasn’t dislodged from her pussy.

Moans, groans and grunts filled the room as he banged me hard and fast from behind while I sucked on T’s pussy. It wasn’t easy to eat her as I couldn’t concentrate, the pleasure in my own body was driving me crazy but there was nothing I could do as she was intent on having her own orgasm too. Then I became almost clinical as I decided to eat her properly and make her cum so that I could concentrate on the pleasure flooding my own pussy.

I then proceeded to eat her out very well, concentrating attention on her clit and chewing her fat pussy lips tenderly. I have been eating her for years now and know what to do, chewing tenderly on her fat pussy lips will quickly send her over the edge. He didn’t make it easy for me as he would intensify his thrusts whenever he noticed that I wasn’t paying attention to his hard work.

I was finally able to make her explode with pressure on her clit. She spewed forth pussy juices all over my face but I didn’t mind, I like licking her pussy juice as much as mine. I licked it all up and continued licking.

My tongue on her sensitive pussy was unbearable so she wiggled away. There! I can now take that cock properly. It was as if the boy was on drugs, just pumping away without a care in the world. I pushed back at him, trying to establish a rhythm but he was just too fast for me.

My boobs dangled from side to side, slapping on each other and the smacking sound of both filled the room coupled with our moans and grunts. I came and came and came until cumming for me became continuous and I couldn’t distinguish the end of one and the start of another. I just moaned and whimpered, completely and totally fucked.

After minutes of this, he pulled out and I wondered groggily if he had released, but the cd was still empty and his cock still hard. He sat on the couch and told me to ride him. I gladly did, some styles allow for very deep penetration and I love being deeply penetrated. I rode him hard and he helped by grabbing my waist and pulling me down on him whenever it seemed like I was losing steam.

The reversed cowgirl is not a style that can be maintained for too long, but we gave it a good shot. The orgasm didn’t stop for me as I kept having them. Toying fondling my dangling boobs wasn’t helping issues. After one such massive orgasms, my legs couldn’t keep up with the strain and I rolled over thinking he would get on top of me and continue.

Toyin simply sat on his cock and began jerking, fondling her boobs in the process and looking like someone possessed by the devil. I lay there on the couch panting, my pussy walls still spasming from the numerous orgasms I had had. The boy just sat there grinning away as T rode his cock as fast as she could. Then he stretched forth his hand and began pinching and squeezing my still taut nipples. I marvelled at his staying power, we’ve been going at it for so long and he still hadn’t come after his initial climax.

I was dumb founded. His ministrations on my nipples got me all excited and lusty again and I tried to position myself so that he could eat my pussy but it was difficult on the couch, so I settled for lying on the couch with one leg flung on the backrest and the other on the table leaving my dripping open pussy to his fingers. He understood as he proceeded to finger fuck me properly. Toyin’s cries and moans indicated that she was climaxing, and her frenzied movements became even more frenzied. I too was lost in my own world of pleasure as I kneaded, fondled and squeezed my boobs while he finger fucked me.

He had two fingers in me but soon I was begging him to increase them. He did and I rode those fingers as if they were cocks! A few minutes of doing this and I was having another big cum, I think I passed out cos when I came to, I was still lying on the couch with my legs still spread apart but they were both on the floor panting. His cd covered cock was shrinking and it was obvious that he had cum. Toyin lay panting also with legs splayed wide open and mouth open like a fish out of water.

The whole room reeked of sex, pussy juice, sperm and sweat.

“I’m hungry’’ Toyin finally said, getting up from the floor and heading towards the kitchen “who wants some food before we continue?

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