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February 26, 2021

Vixen Banks: House Sitting [Part 2]
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Vixen Banks: House Sitting [Part 2]

He looked at the wall clock in the sitting room then said ‘’good’’ as he plunged four fingers inside my steamy hole causing me howl in pleasure. He ignored my scream and just proceeded with what he was doing, using his thumb to rub on my stiff clit while making fucking motions with his fingers.

It was a fast movement almost as if a small cock was fucking me. I moaned, groaned, screamed, gripped his head and just proceeded to make a fool of myself as my aunt’s husband proceeded to thoroughly finger fuck me.

I was so lost in lust that I was begging him to let me suck his cock, pleading with him to fuck me, make me his whore, use me! He was deaf to my cries as he continued with what he was doing. Then he moved upwards and took one of my boobs in his mouth, sucking it as if wanting to swallow the entire flesh and at this stage, I just lost total control, screeching at the top of my voice as I was hit by another tsunami of an orgasm, flooding his fingers with my womanly juices, pushing further and further unto his hands, gripping his head in a vice.

Then he removed his drenched fingers and proceeded to lick the juice off each, dipping into the still flowing fountain and licking and then burying his face inside my pussy and sucking the still flowing juice out of it. I was a quivering mess of sensations, my too sensitive clit wanting to run from his exploring tongue and at the same time wanting his tongue on it.

It was a contradiction of emotions as I was taken to new heights and back, then up again and back down in one continuous motion. The fire inside me had intensified and I desperately wanted it quenched. I had reached Olympus about thrice but I still wanted to get there again, I wanted to remain on that pleasurable peak.

Maybe he sensed the emotions running through me or he wanted some relief himself, he climbed on top of me and positioned his pre-cum covered cock just above my gasping mouth, his mouth was still tightly clasped to my pussy, his tongue exploring all the crevices initially covered by my outer pussy lips, flicking across my clit every so often in a tantalising tease, stiffening up to stab into my depths every so often.

I needed to do something with my hands or lips as I opened my thighs further and further to allow him deeper access into me, so I flicked forward my tongue and tasted the pre-cum dripping from his hanging cock, quite juicy, I love the salty taste of cum. I quickly swallowed the droplets in my mouth and then flicked again until I was issuing several flicking motions on that cock, running my lips from the tip to the base.

I knew I couldn’t deep throat it as the angle just wasn’t right and there was a risk of him impaling my throat all too suddenly, so I made do with sucking as much of it as I could, then licking the balls too. I knew I was getting to him as his cock got more turgid and a deep groan escaped his pussy stuffed mouth.

I grind my pussy to his face as I sucked him harder and harder. I wanted the real fuck session to last and didn’t want to spoil it by him cumming too early, so I made all effort to get him to release his load down my throat. He couldn’t hold back the groans and moans as I worked his cock and true to tell he was creating a similar reaction in me as I moaned through the cock stuffed in my mouth.

It was like his tongue had a rough patch that was rubbing on my clit, pussy lips and depths of me like sand paper. The sensation was excruciating, almost close to pain. Then he stuck a finger inside my ass and I groaned as I came again flooding his mouth with more pussy juice. One rational part of me was thinking

‘’I hope uncle wouldn’t drown in my pussy juice’’ but the slut in me just let go, abandoned myself to the pleasure and rewarded his working mouth with cum. He pushed his cock further down my throat as I had relaxed in my cock eating job to moan as I cum.

I quickly resumed my duties, licking at the veins surrounding that cock, making an effort to stick my tongue into his cum hole and generally gobbling up the little length of it I could get down.

Uncle couldn’t stand the heat of my throat or the sensation my tongue was passing across to him, he started fucking my face but gradually. I guess he knew the position was not a too good one to ram his cock down my throat. His ministration on my pussy had lessened as I think he was concentrating on cumming.

I guessed right as the fucking motion increased and I did all I could to keep up with the up and down motion making sure he had optimum pleasure from the encounter. A few minutes of this and I felt him stiffen and pulse as spurt after spurt of sperm was deposited down my throat. I swallowed as best I could but couldn’t get it all down and was almost choking on the salty juice as I spluttered when he eased up on the pressure and only the tip of his cock was left in my throat.

A sizable quantity of it escaped through the side of my mouth and slide down my chin almost pooling on my boobs. I continued sucking as the pressure had reduced and then his cock flopped out.

He got off me, knelt by the side of the couch, scooped off the sperm on my boobs and then fed it to me until it was all gone down my throat. We were both sweating profusely and his mouth had pussy juice stock to his chin. He bent forward and kissed me full on the lips exchanging saliva with me as I tasted the tangy aftertaste of my pussy on his mouth. I’m sure he could also taste the saltiness of his sperm in mine.

His hands continued to roam over my body, pinching my nipples, squeezing and fondling the heavy mass of tissue. I had thought that I was sated, but no, sensations flooded my body again as his hands roved my body. Soon I felt like a string tightly strung, ready to burst at any moment as I writhed on the sitting room couch, basking in his touch and in his lusty look. I pressed my boobs to his hands, not wanting the contact to end, straining more and more to receive his touch.

Soon my entire body was almost off the couch as one of his roving hands had found its way back downstairs again, into my warm receptacle. My pussy opened up like a flower in bloom just at the touch of his fingers, my uncle is such an expert in teasing the female body, he knew where to touch, exactly how to touch where to get me panting and moaning. He pushed first one finger inside me, then another, another until he had four fingers in me again but this time, he just gave me short strokes of it, then stopped and licked his fingers clean, each time he did this, I felt bereaved but aroused.

Then it became a synchronised motion, I would arch up my hips to draw his fingers deeper as he pushed them inside me, then withdrew and watched hungrily as he brought the fingers to his lips. After minutes of this, he must have noticed the hungry look in my eyes each time he licked his fingers, because subsequently, he would feed his drenched fingers to my lips one by one and I would greedily lick up my own pussy juice off it.

Suddenly, he stood up and lifted me off the couch, carried and placed me on the dining table, spread my legs as far as it would go, exposing my gaping pussy to his full view and proceeded to slam his cock deep inside me. I screamed, my pussy clenched, trying to draw him further in, gripping his cock tightly.

He paused and when I had calmed a little, I looked down at our co-joined body to find him buried inside me to the hilt. I could only see his pubic hair and not even a bit of his cock flesh, as it was all inside me. I felt full, very full, like I had stuffed a baton in my pussy. He wiggled his hips and it felt like more of him had entered me (as if that were possible). Then he began to move, pushing deeply inside me until all that wonderful cock meat had nowhere else to go, then pull out to the tips and then shoving it back in me again.


I tried as best as I could to assist in the thrusting but he had everything in control as he made very good use of his height and impressive physique to pound the living daylight out of me. It was all I could do not to faint as I held on to consciousness with all my might. It felt like a sledge hammer was in my inside pounding me in and out, all my nerves were filled with sensations emanating from my pussy.  He pulled me more towards him lifting my butt off the dining table and increased the frequency and intensity of his thrusts.

He kept this up for minutes on end, thrusting into me hard, pulling out till he was almost all out, and then shoving it back inside me again with full force. My boobs were flopping right and left and I was inundated by sensations.

I felt a big wave of orgasm approaching, getting closer and closer and I saw stars as I exploded and sprayed juice all over his cock. He just looked at me, smiled that devilish smile and continued thrusting as if his whole life depended on it, as if that was the last fuck he would have on earth and he had decided to make it the best. Then he stopped ponding but still buried deep inside me, I felt the pulsing of his cock in my hole and the feel of my pussy muscles as they massaged his cock and tried to draw him further in.

He leaned on me and kissed me deeply on the mouth again, probing the inner recess of my mouth with his tongue, depositing his spit into my mouth and sucking up mine. It was one of the most erotic kiss I had ever had. I have only kissed very very few people like that and though I knew it was wrong kissing my uncle back like that, I gladly did, the action itself making me cum deeply again and I sucked in my breath as his cock made a rotating motion inside me as if to stir the juices I was producing.

With a gasp, he let go of my lips and claimed my boobs, sucking first one nipple, then the other. I wrapped my legs round his thigh trying to draw him further and further into me but all I succeeded in doing was to grind feebly against him. That in itself was ok by me as his pubic hair rubbing against my bald pussy was driving me crazy. Then he bite down hard on my nipples one after the other in quick succession and I screamed, first in agony but again in pleasure as the two emotions became mixed and I could not distinguish one from the other, but my body jumped and my nipples only became harder. He looked up at me and said;

‘’You are such a slut, I’m going to enjoy breaking you and making you mine. I’m going to spoil you for other guys cos no man would be able to pleasure you as much as I would’’. Poor me, I exploded again just at the words coming out of his mouth. I’m so obvious, good doms know me to be a sub when they see me and my body can’t resist the pleasure from hearing them talk like that to me or take control of my body.

He smiled as he felt me cum on his cock again, and then kissed me full on the lips again. I was so in trouble, dominated by my aunt’s husband and cumming hard and constantly from it!

‘’Now I want to cum, your aunt will be back in an hour or two. Get on your knees’’ He said and so saying pulled out of me, carried me off the table and placed me on my feet. I knew what he wanted so I got on my hands and knees, spread my thighs as far apart as possible, arched my waist so that my pussy lay open before his eyes.

He didn’t waste time as he grabbed me by the waist, positioned his cock at the entrance of my pussy, rubbed it back and forth, back and forth and then slammed deeply inside me with a groan. Everything was a blur after that as he fucked me hard and fast with long and short strokes that got to the very depth of me. I just buried my face in my hands as I moaned, groaned and made mewling sounds as my voice had grown hoarse from so much screaming.

He spanked me till my butt felt sore, pinched my nipples while fondling my dangling boobs. I was a total sub as I just knelt there, controlled by the cock in me as I pushed back at him, welcomed very thrust, every spank, every pinch to my body, every bite to my back.

‘’You love it? Don’t you’’ My uncle whispered to my ears as he pounded his wife’s sister, made her his whore, showed her he was her dom.

‘’Yes, yes, yes, yes’’ I panted back, not knowing what I was saying yes to but gladly saying it and meaning it as he whispered obscenities into my ears. I had cum several times that it wasn’t stopping, it felt like one continuous orgasm was wracking my body. I felt like an extension of the penis that was embedded in me.

He gripped my waist, increased his strokes and speed and then I felt like a fire hose had been left open inside of me as he deposited his seed deep within me. It felt like an unending supply of cum and my body welcomed it as my pussy muscles gripped his cock tightly and made to take all he had to offer.

It just won’t stop and kept spurting deep inside me until, almost an eternity afterwards, his deflated cock flopped out of my by now loose pussy. I collapsed, too tired to move.

‘’Next time, I’m fucking your ass’’ he said, and I knew there would be a next time, very many next times.

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