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March 5, 2021

Vixen Banks: House Sitting [Part 1]
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Vixen Banks: House Sitting [Part 1]

I was lying spread-eagled on the couch, one leg on the floor, another on the back of the couch, pussy wide open and the remote to the home theatre going in and out of my open pussy. My eyes were closed; I was in another world, remembering a fuck session I had with three guys in Badagry. How they all used me one after the other in different positions, the movement of my hand sticking the remote control in and out of my dripping pussy became a blur as each scene of the groupie flashed before my eyes.

I was moaning, using my other hand to pinch my erect nipples one after the other as the feelings in my pussy intensified. I stuck the remote control further and further into me, using it like a dildo, wishing it was a hard stiff long cock. I was so close to cumming that my lips were open and my nostrils flaring as I built up to my orgasm. I arched my pussy forward as with one final plunge of the remote control deeply inside me, I let out an animal groan and cum flowed out of my pussy.

I left the remote buried deep inside me as I rode my orgasms. After it had subsided, I removed the remote and brought it to my lips, licking my pussy juice off it. My eyes were tightly shut closed all this while. I was in a world all of my own, imagining guys, several of them doing things to me. I calmed down after some minutes and opened my eyes, finally sated.

I blinked, blinked again, then quickly started up, trying to get up from the couch, looking for my discarded clothing. I’m in such a mess, caught pants down fucking the remote control in my aunt’s house by my aunt’s husband who was supposed to be off-shore on an oil rig! He was leaning against the door (which was supposed to be locked, oh forgot he has his own house key!), his bag on the floor beside him, a wicked smile on his face and a hell of a turgid cock in his hands!

‘’wel wel come sir’’ I stuttered, hurriedly trying to get my legs into my jeans but failing woefully. If I was a white woman, I would be all red with embarrassment. He continued smiling and walked over to me. I’m still standing by the couch, in a daze but unable to move. He didn’t say a word as he pushed me back on the couch. I made struggling motions to stand up but I couldn’t as he is a well-built tall guy and all muscular. That smile was still plastered on his face as he straddled my waist, placing each knee to the side of my body on the couch making sure I was tightly locked in. I could only struggle feebly in that position.

‘’Please uncle, I’m sorry’’ I said, still making an effort to get up. Still no word as he devoured my boobs with his eyes, looking at first one, then the other and then shifting his gaze lower to my tummy, my thighs and my still wet crotch.

I squirmed in discomfort as his look was making me hot, resurrecting the lust that I had just killed with a remote control. He didn’t stop, just kept on looking at my flushed body. Then his gaze came back and settled on my heaving boobs, looking at them intently, his hands came up and he tried to cup them in his hands, of course he couldn’t, as both of his hands could not even encircle only one. I tried to stop him but my hands were pinned to my side with his knees which felt like iron grasps.

I looked into his eyes pleadingly, trying to plead with him to let me go. I knew what he intended, I wasn’t a baby, but fucking my aunt’s husband was not something I planned on doing.

His gaze on my boobs was hot and his hands were even hotter to the extent that I let out a groan. I couldn’t hold it back. My body betrayed me as my boobs became fuller, my aureoles browner as blood pumped into them and my nipples tauter than steel.

That predatory smile had not left his face but became wider at the reaction he was getting from my body. Then he squeezed my boobs, rubbed them on each other, caressed the nipples, and raked his nails over them all the while still staring at me. My mouth had gone slightly open and an involuntary gasp escaped my lips as his actions sent pleasure coursing through my body.

It was all I had been fantasizing about as I fucked the remote control deep into me and more. He released my boobs and the treacherous entities pushed up, seeking his hands (or was that me arching my back upwards to get back at his hands?).

Then he bent his head downwards, ever slowly downwards as his lips pursed to make contact with my erect nipples. I subconsciously pushed upwards to meet his mouth halfway, wanting to feel it on my skin. He licked first one nipple, then the other, intensifying the lick till it became a suck and sucking it deeper and deeper into his mouth. I can’t really explain what those lips were doing to me just that I lost all my senses, all control and in the tight confines his knees had placed my hands, my palm opened to caress his thigh.

I wanted to press his head further and further into my nipples but couldn’t. Then he lifted up his head and gathered both of my boobs together, rubbing them against each other, licking first one nipple, then the other and then systematically placing both nipples in his mouth and sucking at the same time! I screamed as orgasm engulfs and takes over my body by surprise. I never saw that coming.

He doesn’t stop sucking until my body quietens and my heaving subsided, then he raised his head and looked at me, releasing the pressure on my hands and thereby freeing me. I rubbed on my stiff wrist to restore circulation but that was all I could do as I had given up the fight. I wanted everything he was ready to give me, the fight was gone out of me.

Maybe I will think of the wrongness of it all after I have sated the beast in me but for now, I wanted everything my aunt’s husband was going to be doing to me. As it was obvious that I wasn’t going to struggle with him anymore, my uncle stood up and removed his clothing, releasing a cock that was over 8 inches long and maybe 5 inches in girth. It was erect, with a big nodding cockhead, I wanted nothing more than to worship that cock, as my breathing increased at just the sight of it.

His eyes roam all over my body, coming to rest on that mound between my legs which was glittery with thick pussy juice. My thighs had involuntarily spread open exposing the pink treasure between. He looked greedily at it, then back at my face, to my heaving chest, my tummy and then again to that pink wetness.

Then he knelt on the floor beside the couch and spread my thighs further, opening me up more and more to his gaze. Anticipation of what I think he has in store for me made me drip more and more juice. He suddenly dips a finger inside me and I almost jump out of my skin! The sensation is tingling and the anticipation killing.

Then he starts moving that one finger inside me like someone stirring tea, round and round and up and down that one finger went until I was gasping and moving my hips in consonance with that one finger. Then he stops, looked me full in the eyes and out of the blue says;

‘’Where’s your aunt?”                         

‘’Huhn?” I gasped, disoriented, not knowing what the question was, pleasure making me senseless.

‘’Where’s your aunt? He asked again, smiling, aware of what he is doing to me.

‘’Went to the clinic with junior, then off to Mrs Olagunju’s son’s birthday party’’ I managed to answer as best as I could

‘’When did she leave?” He asked.

I wanted to be fucked not questioned! I thought to myself, you can’t bring me this far and leave me hanging. Don’t tell me you are having an attack of conscience. All this was running through my mind as I made an effort to answer him and ignore the sensation still running riot in me. As if he could sense the questions in me, his finger continued the assault on my pussy.

‘’When did she leave?’’ he asked again, all the while fingering me with that one finger

‘’Abbbooout two two hours ago’’ I stuttered, estimating the time through the haze of pleasure not allowing me my faculty.

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