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June 4, 2020
Unspoken Desires : Her First Night II (18+)

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Unspoken Desires : Her First Night II (18+)

I hadn’t yet prepared myself for what to do when Haruna woke up to see that his oga’s daughter was fumbling with his penis and I didn’t even know what to expect from him. I had just let my desire control my actions and was probably ready to handle whatever became of it.

After the sound of thunder had rocked the sky and I’d reached for Haruna’s dick inside his shorts thereby prompting his jumping to life… I remained still.

Haruna grabbed my arm, his eyes widened and adjusted to the darkness of night and his surroundings then he looked at me and spoke my name. I didn’t answer him. He asked me what I was doing. I said nothing, still.

My hand which was inside his shorts held fast to his dick which had begun to throb with the rhythm of his fastened heartbeat. I stroked Haruna’s dick, Haruna told me to stop, but I didn’t. While I had one hand on his dick I used the other to undo the sleeves of my nightie to reveal my breasts to him. They were quite huge and firm for my age and had been attracting the gazes of a lot of boys in my class and even in church whenever I left my top button open or wore a plunging blouse.

Haruna stared at them, his eyes suddenly widened even more just so he could appreciate this twin mounds of beauty and succulence which had been offered to him, but he still didn’t move… His hand still held my arm. Then I felt a major kick down where my hand continued to grab his erect dick and I knew that something had stirred inside of him.

I removed my hand from inside of his shorts and climbed on the bed facing him, I placed my knees at both sides of him and sat on his lap, feeling his erection between my thighs. I held both my breasts with my hands and played with my nipples. The sensation it gave me only made my body quiver and desire him more. Haruna’s eyes couldn’t get off them, his mouth slightly opened and I could tell he wanted to suck and munch on my breasts like they were the only type of food he needed to survive. I kept teasing him and played with my nipples, moaning slightly and moving my hips while I sat on his laps.

I wanted him to want me… to want this. I wanted him to take me and do to me what Sandra’s lover did to her. Haruna, after a while of my teasing and his wondering – if he really should be doing such a thing with his Oga’s daughter – finally decided to damn the consequences. He dove his face into my bossom and proceeded to suck and lick and chew and ravage my breasts and nipples.

I held his head and urged him on. I moaned softly amidst the sound of thunder and rain. The lightning occasionally revealed our bodies and I could see the enthusiasm on his face while he sucked on one nipple before moving to the other. I reached down his strong body with my hands and caressed him. Then I went down to where his dick was throbbing with much fervour between my legs and stroked it again. It was warm with the rush of his blood and had even gotten bigger than I’d imagined.

My insides ached to feel him inside and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I wasn’t putting on any underwear so I used my naked pussy lips to rub against his dick just to let him know why I really came here. I bent my head down and I looked into his eyes. He looked back into mine and he knew what I wanted. Haruna held my face in his hands and told me that he couldn’t.

I had come so close to getting my desires fulfilled and he was going to deny me? I wouldn’t let it. I sat up, grabbed his dick and tried to put them just inside the opening of my pussy but he pushed me away with such strength that I fell off the mattress. He tucked his erection back inside his shorts and pointed his finger towards the direction of my room, telling me to leave.

I was surprised, he whispered to me that he didn’t want to get thrown out by my father for messing up his daughter. I didn’t understand what he was saying and I didn’t want to.

In my desperate attempt, I took off my nightie entirely and stood before him totally naked. My body was like that of a goddess and no sane guy could refuse what I was offering them. I wanted Haruna to defile me however he wanted and didn’t care what my parents would do or say. Haruna glared at my body with the aid of the lightning but refused to touch me or even move. He turned his head away.

I wasn’t done yet.

The clock in the sitting room was the only other noise asides the drizzle of the rain and the sound of me licking and smacking on the fingers that I had put in my mouth then while Haruna watched or pretended not to, I sat with my butt on the cold marble floor and played with myself, trying trying to seduce him.

I had no idea what had gotten into me that night but I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going back to bed being a virgin.

I moaned as I dipped my fingers into my pussy and moved my hips in a circular motion. The mounds of my breasts moved from one side to the other on my chest as I threw my head backwards and quickened the movement of my fingers and my hips. I’d watched this in an x-rated video Fakae, one of my classmates and a total rascal, had brought to class some time ago. The white woman had been trying to seduce the black man in the video and this had succeeded in making the black man succumb to his desires. I was no x-rated actress nor was I an expert at seduction but I hoped that what I was doing would work on Haruna,

and it did.

With my head thrown back and my eyes shut I suddenly felt someone’s breath on my thighs and suddenly Haruna’s mouth replaced my fingers and I got my first oral sex ever from a guy.

It was nothing like I’d expected but it was enough to take me to the heights of pleasure. He licked me everywhere down there and used his tongue to play with my clitoris. I wondered where he had learned to do this.

There I was thinking he was an innocent young guy who I was trying to ruin. After a while Haruna picked me up and placed me gently on the bed, kissing me everywhere but my lips. I wanted him to kiss me on my lips but I didn’t want to make him stop doing what he was doing. Lightning stuck again and I could see that he had gotten rid of his shorts to reveal his massive dick. Haruna kissed and licked me down there for a while before parting my legs and placing his erection just at the entrance of my pussy.

I heaved a deep sigh and waited for the initial pain I had been told and read about. Haruna brought his face to mine and looked at me. He stayed like that for seconds and I asked him what was wrong. Haruna asked me it I was a virgin. I nodded. He asked me if I knew about the pain. I nodded. Then, finally… He asked me if I really wanted this.

I said yes and I kissed his lips to assure him that I was ready then I  put my arms around his body, closed my eyes, opened my legs wider and waited for him. Haruna brought his lips to mine and kissed me. And just as he parted my lips with his tongue.

He plunged deep into me with his dick and I felt it. It was sharp and piercing. I moaned into his mouth and tightened my arms around his body as my whole being adjusted to the length of his massive dick inside my virgin pussy.

Finally… After all the waiting and the hoping and the fantasizing, I had been transformed from just a girl into a woman.

Haruna began to thrust into me. He moaned with each thrust and I knew that he loved the feel of his penis inside the tightness of my walls. I wrapped my legs around him and felt as the pain became pleasure… Just like Sandra had told me.

I felt the length of him inside the depths of me and that ache and hunger which had been inside of me had been quelled. My pussy accepted the whole length of him and my juices oozed and made it such a wet and slippery affair. Haruna grabbed my braided hair as he increased his thrusts. His grunts filled my ears and his strong body pressed harder into mine.

The rain had intensified and the thunder had become even louder. It was then that I began to feel sensations inside of me that made me feel like I was not really on the bed with Haruna. I felt like my whole body was on fire and I was floating. My desire reached its peak and I could feel spasms in my pussy as my juices oozed out of me freely like water from a fountain.

I farted twice wasn’t sure if I had just wet myself. Haruna’s speed increased and just when I couldn’t take it anymore he thrust into me with renewed vigour, his rock-hard dick slamming into my virgin pussy. I screamed. Haruna howled and at that same time we heard the loudest thunder of all strike just above our roof. I felt something hot shooting into me from Haruna’s dick and I guessed it was that stuff that made women pregnant. Sperm, according to our biology teacher.

Even after the shooting of his sperm Haruna continued to thrust his dick inside of me until his hips stopped moving and he rolled off me and lay on the mattress, trying to catch his breath.

The sound of that thunder must’ve stirred someone in the master bedroom  as I heard the door opening.

I was totally naked in  Haruna’s bed which was in the center of the sitting room and there was no way I could grab my nightie and run into my room without being seen by whoever was coming out at that time of night.

If you’re reading this… I’m probably dead.

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