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June 4, 2020
Unspoken Desires : Her First Night (18+)

Unspoken Desires : Her First Night (18+)

I lost my virginity when I was fifteen to Haruna, our house help at that time.

I remember it being a cold, rainy night, I was lying awake in my room which was at the far end of the hallway. My parents slept in the master’s bedroom which was at the other end. Haruna usually slept in the spare store room, which was just behind the kitchen but on nights when it rained, the roofs and the ceiling in there leaked so he usually slept in the sitting room on those nights.

My bedroom was just about eight feets from the sitting room. I had been playing with myself, just as Sandra, my classmate showed me when we went to the girl’s toilet that morning and all the school days before that. Sandra was 16 but I was taller than her and had bigger breasts and rounder hips. She was prettier than me though and I always told her how most of the guys were dying over her.

Sandra had lost her virginity the previous term to some guy who lived down her street and whose name I can’t remember. She had told me how he had lured her into his one room apartment and offered her juice which had been drugged and took her right there on the bed.

She said he had taken care to make sure it wasn’t so painful for her and offered her a lot of money to keep quiet and till this day her mother didn’t know her daughter had lost her hymen. She kept going back to him and doing the same thing saying she actually enjoyed it and wondered why our parents warned us to stay away from it.

My eyes had been wide with curiosity as she narrated the events of the previous night to me that morning at school. I too wanted to feel what she felt. I wanted to know that pain and the unmeasurable pleasure that came after it. Sandra showed me how I could get a bit of that pleasure when she took me to the girls toilet and showed me how to use my index and middle finger to touch and play with myself.

That night, while it rained heavily, I suddenly felt the urge to. I pushed back my duvet and raised my nightie to reveal my pelvis. I wasn’t putting on any panties as I usually don’t like to sleep with it when my ‘monthly visitor’ wasn’t flowing out of me. I had trimmed my hair down there that morning and I placed my hand over the area to feel my bristles. Then, taking a deep sigh, I reached for my pussy. I hadn’t been circumcised according to the usual Christian rites as my mother had kicked against such a barbaric act so my clitoris.

I had studied the female reproductive and sexual organ quite extensively; was still as it was when I was born. Sandra told me playing with the ‘clit’ while having sex was one of the best things ever about having sex.

I touched my clitoris and suddenly my whole body shivered, not sure if from the cold air pouring in through the window or from what I had just done to myself. I rubbed a finger on my clit again and I suddenly wanted more of that pleasure.

I shut my eyes and used the other hand to squeeze the sheets as I used two fingers to play with my clit and rub the glistening lips of my pussy. I began to see stars that weren’t there and my insides suddenly ached for something. Sandra told me that there was something inside a girl’s vagina that only a good, long and hard dick can reach. She said she tried using her fingers to reach it but she couldn’t.

She told me about how long and hard the guy who’d taken her hymen’s penis was and how it continued to reach that inner place in her each time they were together. And I really wanted to feel that too. I wanted to experience everything that Sandra said. I didn’t care that she was a year older. I didn’t care that my parents would disapprove. I just wanted it.

That was when I thought of Haruna. He is a relative of my father. My grandfather had three brothers and Haruna was the last child of his youngest brother. They were so poor that it got to the point where they had begun to beg for food and so my father decided to take him in just a year ago to be the house help and begin evening lessons so he could take the GCE and UME exams.

Haruna was 19 years old. We didn’t have any spare bedrooms except for the store room so my father bought a Mouka foam mattress for him to use in there. The first day I saw Haruna taking his bath just behind the storeroom where he slept, I gasped. I had been looking for the right side of my pair of sandals and I was taking a searching tour round the house when I happened upon him.

He had been sponging his face, scrubbing really hard at dirt and stuff, so he didn’t see me. But I saw him. I saw everything. And what I saw gave me jitters. I never mentioned it to him or anyone what I had seen. I let it be my own little secret and always wondered about it whenever I saw him doing chores in the house. I often asked myself how he managed to fit it all in his shorts.

So on that rainy night, while I lay there, touching myself, Haruna came to mind.

I lay there for a minute or so, the unending rain crashing against the roof and the cool air getting even more colder and giving me goosebumps. My body suddenly sat up on the bed and I looked at my bedroom door.

I stood up and walked slowly towards it, taking a deep breath before slowly opening it. Not like my parents were going to hear that creak over the heavy noise the rain made. I closed it gently behind me and quietly walked the eight or so steps that it required me to get to the sitting room where Haruna currently slept.

He had never for once assaulted me or given me the impression that he was interested in me sexually so I had not yet decided how I was going to do what I was about to do. The sitting room was dark but for the faint light coming in from the security floodlights outside the house. The ceiling fan was on but not too high.

He lay on his mattress in the center of the living room. He had moved the centre table to the side and made his bed right there in the center of the living room. I tiptoed towards him and heard his light snore as he slept soundly.

I got to where he was and I looked at him and smiled. He was putting on just his shorts, his shorts were being stretched by the object of my fantasies. His penis was very erect and was threatening to damage the shorts the way they pointed upwards into the night. He lay on his back with his arms splayed on both sides so I got the full view of everything. I knelt just beside the bed and stared at it.

My heart was beating so fast and so loud that I could hardly even hear the rain anymore. I raised my hand to touch it and then… I didn’t. I raised my hand again and let it hover over it. Seconds almost turned into a minute before I used a finger to touch that peak.

I felt it throb with life then I became more confident and grabbed it. Haruna moaned. I felt his body move. His hips pushed up a bit and went back down on the bed. What was he dreaming about? I began to stroke his penis which was still within his shorts. I could feel the warmth of it and the throbbing increased a bit.

Just as I touched him… I touched myself again. Wondering how the length of this would feel inside of me. Wondering if it would reach that inner place that Sandra told me about. Wondering how that would feel like. I could feel a tingling and a wetness between my thighs as I had these thoughts.

I suddenly wanted to know that feeling. I wanted to know it so badly just so I could go to school the next day and tell Sandra that I, too, had felt the length and hardness of a penis inside me and describe how I felt when It reached that inner place.

And just as the sound of thunder rocked the rainy, night sky… I reached inside of Haruna’s shorts and grabbed his dick.

Haruna suddenly jumped to life.

To be continued.

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