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Severance Package II (18+)

Written by Dan Chucks

Of course it instantly felt weird and I even scrambled and kicked, screaming into his mouth to let me go. But he kept kissing me so intensely, sucking on my lips as though there was no tomorrow, despite the broad large table between us, he still had me perfectly locked onto him. He grunted and groaned while I struggled to breathe.

Everything just kept happening too quick and it wasn’t until he abruptly pulled off from me that I got any form of respite! My saliva was all over his lips, and even very much drooling towards his jaw. He took a swipe with his tongue and lapped it all up.

While that was very hot and kinky, I still tried to maintain focus. I was frantically doing my best to catch my breath and even had to practically cough as the shackles of the totally unexpected experience gradually dropped. Meanwhile, he was grinning so elaborately.
“I…I will make sure you pay for this!…” I managed to swear while still in the recovery
He smiled even more without still speaking and even began folding up his sleeves.
“I will make sure you pay for today Samuel!…” I had now just wiped off the saliva on my own lips, and was refitting my legs into my shoe after it had slipped off in the earlier melee.
“Would you say you didn’t love every bit of it?” he was suddenly coming from behind the table quietly, and approaching me. I definitely couldn’t fail to notice his rather obvious hard-on! It was quite some length, if I must be frank.
“Enjoy what?! You are an idiot! What do you take me for? An animal?!” I was burning again anyway
“Hehehe…a slut, baby. A whore…” he was just about a foot away now.
But I was already swinging an arm again before he would even finish with the name-calling! But once again, he caught my hand, and with it, pulled me into him for a second time in a matter of minutes!

“Twice beaten?…” he said, bringing his lips to my ear and licking it with his cold wet tongue.
I struggled and kicked but he seemed to be rather stronger than I had ever thought him to be.
“Why do you keep punching above your weight Daniela Sexy?” he had taken a hand behind me and grabbed my right bum! That instantly brought me the tingle between my legs.
But such frivolous desires, wasn’t the essence of my coming! “Samuel, I demand you leave me!…This is sexual harassment!…”
“Really?…” he grabbed me harder. “And what will your attempt to hit me be called?”
I took a series of deep breath without saying a word. Wouldn’t know if I was already feeling logically outwitted or something. Because I refused to mention sexual harassment ever again.
“You ain’t gonna answer?” he brought his lips to my mouth. I was breathing really hard now as my body seemed to be unconsciously responding to such close proximity to a male body. And the male in question wasn’t bad-looking at all! “You know I’ve always wanted you as a wife?”
When I heard that, my heart skipped a bit! Wife?! But I was quick to find my feet again. “That’s enough! That’s enough now Samuel!…I need to leave now!”
“Hehehe…you came to clear your Severance Package miscalculations, isn’t it? So we are only just beginning…” he pressed himself into me and I unmistakably felt his dick prod the inside of my thighs through our clothes.
“Let me go Samuel…please?…” I had suddenly calmed down; even to my own surprise!
He smiled, and moved his head backward to look at me. We were now face on face and with eye balls on each other – he was fucking handsome.

He suddenly waved his head – No! I then abruptly switched into struggle mode again and began to try to push him away. He held on tenaciously, and his dick was even now waltzing its way towards my crotch area. From what I felt between my legs, he was indeed of an impressive size and my pussy was unfortunately responding to that.

I could even feel a bit of my wetness around the start of my cunt! Maybe, just maybe, I had wet my panty too.
“Please do stop struggling, baby…” he was swinging us around, and bringing me to the edge of the table.
“I will so deal with you Samuel! I will make sure you are fired from this organization. I will make your life miserable!! I will so bring….” I openly swore and vowed.
He seemed not to care a bit, and as soon as he noticed that my back was now on the table, he lifted me quite easily and dropped my butt on the hard furniture in a thump.
“Samuel?!!…” I screamed as he began to spread my already jittery legs wide apart, thus revealing my cotton panty! “You can’t be serious!! You can’t be fucking serio…”
I was yet to finish with my sentence, when he suddenly got on his knees and in a matter of split second, had already pulled the crotch of my panty to the side. Meanwhile, I had be fiercely clamoring to clamp my thick jiggling thighs shut without any remote success.

He was just too strong! And he only required just one of his arms, to pin my right leg in the air! I still didn’t understand what he was up to until his next action! Before I could say fuck, he had brought his lips on my admittedly yearning soaked pussy! I screamed.
“Oh my fucking gawd!!” was the exact profanity that escaped my wide mouth before going on to curse and swear at the top of my voice. I had never been eaten out before and it was only my first time. Goodness knows it was just an unexplainable experience. In fact my reaction was so loud, that the secretary I had met at the door, suddenly appeared from nowhere.

“Jisos!!…” followed her predictable reaction as she stepped in after swinging the door open! How Oga Samuel was suddenly between was probably her case for puzzlement. She even had her left hand over her open mouth, and with her eyes wide open.
Both of us didn’t seem to give a flying fuck though! I couldn’t even tell what I wanted anymore! The cunnilingus I was having was apparently the best thing that had happened since sliced bread and I was likely going to kick any retard who was going to suggest I stopped Samuel at that point.

At the same time, I totally knew this wasn’t part of my reason for coming and shouldn’t form part of it either, and I was only making Samuel the winner, on a case I had so blown hot and furious. But certain things were just too big to contend with, and the cunnilingus I was having was one of them. I definitely wasn’t wanting him to stop, and even at some point crossed both my legs over his neck.

I wasn’t stopping any soon and quite thankfully, the lady who was initially looking like a distraction, was gone by the next time I would look up. She could fucking go inform the rest of the staff all she wanted.

I certainly wasn’t looking like I fucking cared, myself.

Anyways, Samuel didn’t inform me before he began pulling out from my overtly drenched fanny! He just suddenly stopped sucking and licking, and then made it up to his feet.

When I looked up at him, he was looking at my face and smiling, even with my juices adorned all over his jaw and beards. I instantly looked away, snarling “Fucking bastard!” I cussed in hushed tone! “He should just get on with it and stop acting like a fucking prick!”
He seemed to have heard me somehow, because he burst out laughing as he pulled my hip closer towards him. He had also freed his admittedly large cock and had just dropped it on my clit, thus doubling the maddening sensation I was already feeling. But I still had to play it hard, as typical!
“And what’s so funny?…” I snarled again, starring at him with hateful eyes.

I could tell how in-control he was feeling! It looked so bad for my ego of course, but I was so helpless and defeated! And just wanted him to get on with the fucking already.
“Call me daddy!…” he replied, grinning wickedly
What?! Asked my head! “I don’t get…?”
“Call me daddy!” he repeated, emphasizing it with raised eyebrows.
“You are fucking out of your mind then!…” I yelled in curled furious lips. I just couldn’t believe the dude
“Then we are done!” he was suddenly making to move away…
But somehow, someway, I saw my hand suddenly stretch and hold onto his tie! “wait!…please…”

He pulled back in, turning to look at me! God, I so felt like killing him that instant! Goodness knows that the arrogant smirk on his face so stabbed my heart to pieces! Here he was again, crushing my ego, and feeling so in-control.
“Say it Daniela…” he blurted again
“Daddy…” I eventually said, helplessly
He brought his dick on my clit again, and began rubbing the taut knob with it! Gawd!! “Say Daddy please fuck me…”
His craze was back. But I didn’t waste time to do as he requested. “Daddy please fuck me!…”
He spat on both my pussy and his dick in one shot, just then! “Tell daddy you are his slut! You are his whore!…”
I wasn’t gonna fucking do that one! I shut my mouth so tightly, closing my eyes!
“I said you should fucking say it!…” he instantly spanked my clit and pussy with his thick cock! I convulsed immediately!
“PLEASE FUCKING FUCK ME DADDY!!…. ” screamed my mouth right after, as my body shuddered in the feet-sweeping sensation of a spanked clit!

He didn’t waste further time before he instantly shoved his huge manhood into me! He was maddeningly rough, but it weirdly felt soooo good!
“Ohhhhh gawwwwd!!…” came my cry as he hit rock bottom, with his balls slapping into my asshole! I was gushing, literarily and he was as stiff as a steel bar!
He tore off from there and began fucking my gooey hole with all the furry he could gather! I yelled and screamed all through the way and firmly gripped him by his tie. He wasn’t fucking showing any pity and he growled like some wild animal as he pounded my fanny.

The table under us, creaked and cracked at every thrust, but that wasn’t stopping us at all! In fact, Sammy yelled out outright profanity as he went in and out of me, while I responded whenever I was required to.
“GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PUSSY!!…GIVE IT TO ME!! GIVE ME THAT FUCKING PUSSY!!…” reeled his mouth as he banged away! He was sweating on every inch of his body!!
“TAKE IT BABY!! TAKE THAT PUSSY BABY!!…” yelled myself in reply. There was no doubt whatsoever, that the entire building knew I was being screwed silly by now. We were so fucking loud! And I wouldn’t even be surprised if I found some of the staff at the door watching us.

We were just as reckless as you can imagine with how we went about it! Yet, I still wanted more, and instructed him to fuck me even harder.
“SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!…” was his mind-blowing reply even though he tripled his tempo and nearly now tore me up with his engorged cock! Before he would go 6 thrusts with such speed , I was already high into an orgasm with my pussy squirting my nectar all over the place.
“OH MYYYYY GAWWWWD!! OHHHH MYYYY FUCKKKING GAWWD!!….” I yelled, as I experienced pussy squirting for the first ever time! I was so spraying, that Samuel’s dick was inevitably forced out.
But then, he didn’t even let me settle from the eruption, before he shoved the tool back in.

I went bonkers!!

“LAWWWD HAVE MERCYY!! GAWWWWWD!!!” Screamed my wide mouth as his hard pecker drove straight to base! My body hadn’t even stopped convulsing.
“GONNA TELL YOU WHO THE BOSS IS TODAY!!…GONNA TELL YOU WHO THE BOSS IS!!…” was his ruthless declaration, as he held me so tightly by my hip and began banging away again! PAUU!! PAUUUU!! PAUUUUUUUUU!!!! went his hip against my flabby ass cheeks.
“YOU ARE THE BOSSS!!! YOU ARE BOOSSS!!!!! YOU ARE THE….” rolled my own lips as I drew closer to insanity!
“SHUTTTT THE CRAPP UP WOMAN!!!” was the unexpected command as he struck my face in a slap! It stung like a bee sting, but how it ended up bringing me another orgasm just as soon, still confounds me.
For as though the slap would be a signal to go again, my body jumped from the table and began gyrating so violently, as a volcanic-type climax swept me up.

My entire body convulsed and my mouth yelled total meaningless gibberish! I was fucked! But then, Sammy’s dick was still deep inside me, and even though I was aggressively squirting my waters for a second time again, he still didn’t stop banging me.

I twisted and curled in maddening passion with my toes pointing sooooo high into the air! I just thought I was about going crazy and held sooooo tightly to the edge of the table but just as I was about to pass out (for that was what it fucking felt like!) Sammy suddenly pulled out of me, leaving his shooting cum to fly and spray into the air and onto my dress!! He was cumming!!

“JISOSGAWWDD OHDELAABASU RRRRILI…” yelled my mouth meaninglessly!! As my cunt kept spraying my juices still even after I attempted getting down from the hard table!
“FUCK!! FCUK!! FUCKKKKKK!!!! FUC….” repeatedly growled Sammy, as he tried controlling the way his cum flew and sprayed all over the place, including my dress.
In fact, I was yet to completely come down from my orgasm, when I suddenly grabbed the bank statement from the table, and began staggering my way towards the door! Somehow someway, I just thought I had been deservedly answered, and had to go home! My legs couldn’t exactly carry me, as they still shook from the crazy 12mins I had just had.

My skirt was mercilessly soaked in my squirted waters! And my thighs were drenched in all kinds of sex fluids! I could hear Sammy laugh so loud at my obvious misery, but I barely even cared to say a word to him as I swung his door open and walked away, and at the secretary’s office, I met almost the entire staff gathered! They had been watching me get fucked. Even though a number of them tried running and hiding as they heard the door open, quite a handful still remained. They stood and watched as I stumbled through the room, with an obviously soaked clothe.

I could even hear some of them chuckle, in stifled amusement! They were probably concluding that I was indeed a slut; just like their Vice Chairman had said I was, and who was to blame them really? When his cum were abundantly splattered all over my dress?!

I was probably a whore, after all! A slut! just had to accept it! Just as I had now accepted my Severance Package! I smelt of it! I smelt of pussy! Sperm! And sex! I had been brutally fucked.

And until I got into my car, I didn’t stop feeling a fresh stream of my fluid, drip down my thighs every now and then.

I was driving home soon; but not as an angry woman; rather, a well drilled fucking whore!

Danny has a blog (quite-lewd.blogspot.com) where he writes very erotic stories.

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