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July 10, 2020
Neglected Wife: Bored & Young (18+)

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Neglected Wife: Bored & Young (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

My story is unlike so many others, because though I was a bored young wife, a new smartphone, cyber chat, cyber flirting, cyber affair and finally the real deal: intense love making with a handsome young bachelor. But this story has a slight twist in that my husband was caring, loving, good in bed and rich, I had a hitch in my pussy his cock and sexual prowess could not fill, in fact, no one man could satisfy that hitch. I’m 30 years old and have been married 5 years to a very dear man 5 years my senior.

My husband is an excellent provider and treats me with respect.

We have an active sex life and already had two adorable kids. To describe myself I’m 5’6′ fair in complexion with a very voluptuous firm figure of 40-34-42 vital stats. I guess my body was my undoing as I can never pass by without admiring glances from both males and females.

Even after two kids, my boobs are still firm with very prominent nipples. I still workout today and can bench press my body weight, I’m rather proud of that. I am a full time housewife not because my husband didn’t want me to work but because I have so designed it to let me have free reign to indulge my lust for strange cocks.

I have always loved sex and started at a very young age. I have had my fair share and more of the opposite sex attraction and rumple in the sheets. I lost my virginity at 13 without any qualms and can boast of taking fair sized dicks in my tiny twat when my mates were still making do with a finger.

By the time I got to the university, I was quite the slut and ready to open my thighs to any dick, Tom and harry. My mates were fucking aristos for money while I was fucking young agile boys just for the fun of it.

I met my husband during the service year and I guess he was enamoured by me just as I was by him, barely two years later, we were married. Its not that I don’t love my husband,  just that my love for strange cocks outweighs the love I have for him.

I have never been faithful to him though our two kids are his since I was always careful about that and always make sure I am well protected when fucking strange cocks. I’ve picked up guys in many likely and unlikely places and had hot sex with them.

The smartphone craze hit me like it did most Nigerians, adult, teenagers even the elderly. I wanted one and told my husband about it and he promised to get me one. Barely a week later, he came home with a Sony Experia. I loved it and after inserting my sim card, he paid for a complete six months subscription on data to enable me use the internet.

I was ecstatic as I had heard a lot of the possibilities available on the various social media and the internet in general. A friend of mine was having the time of her life meeting and fucking small small boys from Badoo. I wanted me some of that too. In no time, I became very nimble with it and then started my journey into social media and cyber fuck. I met many men through BBM, badoo, twitter, twoo and all that I had my picks of guys to fuck.

There was hardly a week that I wasn’t fucking someone I had met from any of these social media. I was in fuck heaven

One day I stumbled on an entirely new hook-up site, I clicked on non-members, female looking for male icons and lo and behold a bevy of gorgeous hunks appeared on my screen. I smirked in lechery as my pussy gave a leap inside my pants. Curious and lustful I decided to get a temporary membership which allowed me to send and receive emails and access these hunks bios.

In no time at all I navigated through hundreds of bios and photos soaking up every minute of it. And then it happened…I came across a photo that turned me on to no end. What a hunk, ruggedly handsome. I fantasized about him for a moment then I clicked on his bio.

What a pleasant surprise, he was my age, a sports enthusiast…participated in many athletic events and worked out 3 times a week and interestingly enough he was in the same line of work as my husband, construction.

As I smiled and imagined that the only construction work he would be doing with me was pussy based! His name Kenny. His stats 6’2” 215 pounds of rock solid muscle and never married. His bio was very straight forward and his sexual quips about his bachelorhood made me laugh. One thing I forgot to mention, in my bio I provided one close-up facial photo and I left my marital status blank. Of course it was deliberate. Only gold diggers go looking for married women!

I usually put single in my bio on all social media and I had a figure to prove it.

Because I was married I wasn’t planning on being too specific with my location and preferences. But in Kenny’s case I decided to do so just for fun. I remarked in a rather soapy fashion I enjoyed reading his bio. This was the spark that began a brief passionate affair that ended in a huge surprise for both of us. Next day Kenny responded and said I had a beautiful face with the fullest lips he had ever seen.

He probed me about my sports background, Kenny liked athletic women especially those who would flex their biceps for him. I quickly sent him a photo of me in a red leotard doing a double biceps pose. He loved it and we began exchanging pic virtually on a daily basis.

As stated earlier one thing led to another, we exchanged more photos, nude leery pictures,  began discussing sexual matters, etc. I would send him nude steamy pictures of my boobs, my pussy and my ass. Sometimes I would spread open my pussy, snap and send it to him. He would also do the same.

Again with most of these types of stories we exchanged cell phone numbers  (I specifically got a new phone number that I was using for my numerous sexual escapades) and we arranged a meeting. I had to meet this man I wanted him to fuck me but I had to be coy with him as he was looking for a lover, someone he could marry.

Barely two weeks later, we arranged to meet. It was easy enough to meet Kenny, he obtained a hotel room on the other side of town from where I lived. My husband was preoccupied with work and fortunately for me, had told me he would be working late. I called kenny and he gave me his room number and I went right up. Kenny is one masculine physical specimen.

His photos did not do him justice. We hugged and kissed and cooed with one another for thirty minutes. I bounced my hug boobs for him, my nipples were taut with lust and pussy juice had flooded my pants. I squeezed his muscular arms and I passionately kissed him. Before you know it we had our clothes off, my huge nipples were rock hard and his erection was growing to monumental proportions. To describe his sex organ…long veined shaft with a bulbous head and golf ball sized testicles.

After a thorough oral stimulation I mounted him and flexed my biceps in a domination pose he groaned and said he was ready to come.

I quickly lay on my back and opened my pussy. He mounted me, eased in his beautiful cock, it tickled my cervix and then he began to thrust back and forth, I nearly passed out from the orgasm. He kept this up for minutes on end and I had orgasm after orgasm screaming endlessly as my lust over took me.

I wrapped my legs round his waist and thrust back at him, enjoying the feel of that wonderful long dick deep inside my pussy. I wanted to fuck him very well as I knew I would never see him again after that day. We were both sweating and grunting when with one more thrust he reached climax erupting with a torrent of semen that filled up my insides.

He tried to pull out but my pussy muscles gripped his cock tightly milking him of all the juice he had to offer, after a while, he managed to pull out and a gush of semen leaked out of my gaping pussy.

We lay there exhausted but in no time at all, Kenny was ready to go again and as for me, I am always ready. We fucked some more and before I left the hotel later that night, we had fucked in all positions conceivable, with him depositing load after load of sperm deep inside me. I had uncountable orgasms and for the first time in a long time, I was left tired and weak.

I managed to get home before my husband, soaked in the bath and that was when I remembered that I had not been protected throughout my fuck encounter with Kenny and it was my fertile period. I panicked and started trying to squeeze the excess sperm from my pussy, I pushed down and gulp after gulp of thick sperm splattered the bathroom floor, until nothing was coming out anymore.

I tried to make my husband fuck me when he returned but he was so tired that he could not even get it up. The next day I went to the pharmacist, got the morning after pill, took them and felt reassured.

Alas! It was not to be, to close out the story Kenny got me pregnant, as I skipped my period for that month. I know it wasn’t my husband’s baby as he had not touched me in like a week before Kenny and after.  9 months later I gave birth to twins a boy and a girl.

My husband never knew, he believes the children are his. But I know better, as I can often see Kenny in my twin boy. The girl looks like me but the boy looks different from me and my other kids, taller and more handsome but my husband always says he looks like his own grandfather.

I haven’t stopped my cheating on him, I don’t think I can stop, my lust for strange cocks is too great but I’m more careful to avoid a Kenny repeat. Now I’m always careful use a diaphragm.

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