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April 20, 2021

DS Series : The Ex Parole!
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DS Series : The Ex Parole!

Hello Folks,Thanks once again for the visits, the RT, the comments, most of your comments are  eye-openers, i have carefully studied them and will make adjustments as soon as possible. I want to thank everyone who has liked the page on facebook and I hope we can also interact on facebook as we do on twitter and here.

I don’t intend to create enemies out of this blog but just to share some of my experiences with this group of people, If you haven’t liked ‘Deolu Bubbles on Facebook, please do, thank you once again.

And sorry about the typos….. 🙂

This one happened a couple of days after my birthday as I couldn’t have my birthday sex,I was at a friend’s place  for his birthday, our birthdays are a few days away from each other,when I called one of my ex that stays around that place.

Ladies and Gentlemen, She’s very freaky like that, it was a sunday and we dint go to church #PleaseDontJudgeMe, we were home gisting, arguing and trying to cook, till a light bulb came up in my head, I haven’t seen my her in like over 16 months. So, I picked up my phone and called her, she picked and we spoke for a bit and I told her that I was in my friend’s place close to her house,I asked if she could come and say hi and she said why not, but she would have to get back from church first, I said no wahala.

I told my guy that my ex is coming to his house later on today after church probably like 2-3pm, he says its cool but we wont be able to use his room because it was his birthday that day,that if he isnt the one shagging, no one will 🙂

Typically on such days, there are always a lot of friends in the house, gisting and eating everywhere, people were dancing, singing and faffing all around the house, it is a ritual we do that when its my friend’s birthday. We all go there and spend virtual the whole day with him, our whole entourage was like 6-7 boys, its always rowdy but I love it that way.

I dint plan to have sex with her, I just wanted to know how she was doing since we’ve not seen for over 16 months when we broke up, the last thing we did before breaking was having sex, thats typical, isn’t it?

I was in the living room when she came, backing the door, busy playing PS3 soccer, we were taking turns as usual to our champion’s flogging , she tapped my back as she stood behind me.

I looked back and what I saw definitely wasn’t what she wore to church, she went home to change into this deliberate sexy outfit, she knew how I liked my ladies dressed and she overdid that.

She was wearing T-shirt with graffiti on it and a pair of pencil jeans to match, she had lost some fat in her tummy or apparently ‘sucking belle make shirt fine’, lol

She was looking hot, alot lighter in complexion too. She greeted some of my friends that she knew and then I immediately abandoned my game, with my member down there nodding, am sorry but as soon as my member sees an acquaintance he nods his head, Is it just me or that happens to you as well. I hear for ladies, the nipples get hard and the pussy starts getting wet, it’s natural for me.

I moved off the couch to hug her at the back of the couch, i felt those boob bags against my chest, wow, she was turning me on, the hug was longer than usual, we broke it off and we went to her to the hallway, it was kind of deserted, people were busy with the living room, the bedroom, kitchen and the front of the house.

I started my questioning about how she has been, her new boyfriend and all of that, she gave me the heads up that the guy she was seeing while we were dating has broken up with her meanwhile she left me for the guy, no wahala na.

AsI once said its actually easier to steal someone’s girlfriend than to keep yours, she told me about the relocation of her parents out of the area, and how she shares a mini-flat with a friend down the road, because of work, which I agree, her parents have moved far from where they’re now, she needs to be somewhere not so far away from work.

As we stand together I started touching her that she has really changed, telling her she’s a lot sexier now, feeling her ribs and running my hands from her waist to her ass, still soft and inviting,remembering how that ass used to bounce up and down my groin, she wanted to protest but she couldn’t.

I looked her in the eyes, I tried to kiss her but she hesitated at first and then gave up later, I was getting harder down there, she broke it off and asked that we proceed to her friend’s house, she hinted that the house is free as her friend and boyfriend are out. My erection was really hard now so, I took my hands into my boxer and pulled my dick up straight so that the belt from my jean will hold the secret of my erection, pulled my shirt down, she was there smiling while I was doing this, putting her index finger in her mouth.

Crazy times I had with that chic!

The walk from the hallway back to the living room was not easy but thank God for the PES the boys were playing, they weren’t even hearing me when I said I was going down the street. We went out, walked down the street to her friend’s house, a miniflat at the back of a duplex,it was an okay apartment, as soon as we entered in.

She bolted the door, we were both eager to eat each other out as she pushed me into a cosy couch, took off her jeans and her t-shirt leaving her in pant and bra, the sight was spectacular, her D cup bra, with flaring hips by her side…Good Gawd!

She took off my shirt leaving me with my jeans, then she began to tease me, telling me how much she missed me, she kissed me briefly, brushed her hands against my crotch, she said there is only one rule today, that I shouldn’t touch her.

She said she had a kinky handcuffs, but i said No, how would it feel if she passed out or something and am naked with a fluffy hand cuff on me with a full erection, that isn’t a sexy sight when Police gets here.

I agreed that I would not move my hands, I put them behind me, she began to grind her ass into my jeans, making my dick jerk,I could feel my dick was as hard as steel. She put her boobs into my face, I was trying to lick them, she slowly took out one of her boobs and put it on my face, I  could feel the warmth of her boobs, then she brought it slowly to my lips, I used my tongue to trace out the areola of her nipples, isolating the nipple at the center, she began moaning slowly and lightly, she stopped it and then removed her bra and flung it into the opposite couch.

I was dying of anticipation, she undid my belt, took down my zipper, and then unbuttoned my boxers and brought out my member, it was almost red at the tip, she then asked the dick, “Did you miss me”, I wanted to scream yes but I couldn’t, she took her left hand and stroked it up and down, rubbing the slit ontop of the dick in circles, her tongue started working wonders at the top of dick, tracing out the edges of the dick. After a short while, she’s straddled me and began to rub her pussy lip against my rod, slowly as she moans, I tried to introduce my own hands, but she reminded me of the deal, she continued to rub it faster as she vaginal fluid moisturizes the dick, so its smooth and then she begins to go faster.

She began to move faster, she tried to complete the length of my dick, her pussy lips slides from the bottom of my dick down the head of the dick, her boobs in my face already, this isn’t convenient in a couch but it will Gawd-Damn-Jolly-Well serve this purpose right now.

We’re both in cloud 9 and then it slips in as she’s rubbing against my dick, she was warm and beyond wet, she was more like flooded because it went through and she let out a slow moan and began to ride my dick, I wanted to use my hand to push her ass into my dick but I couldn’t, it was driving my crazy but we had a deal, she was riding harder.

I was trying to meet her stroke midway but I couldn’t due to the constraint of the blady 1-seater chair and she was also ontop of me, we’re both so high, her pussy was giving me a welcome back party,she constricted her pussy wall againast my dick. It was as I left it, warm and cosy, she went on riding, and then a few minutes later, the tempo went slowly, she climaxed and stood up.

I wanted to stand but she told me to sit down and then she wanted to put her legs across my chest, i asked her if she was crazy and she said yes, that the thought just popped into her head. I was finally allowed to use my hand, I had to hold her from behind because she could fall off, she put her legs over my chest and put in my dick.

I never knew this babe was a gymnast, I could feel my dick at the core of the pussy, the penetration was full, she was holding the edge of the couch while I was holding her back in my hands and moving it back and forth, my own legs are spread far from each other, so we can create space in between my legs, we were sweating despite the A.C , we did mostly deep strokes with this style and i could feel the rush coming. She was still going until I pushed her ass off and I came into her pubic area, I was breathless for a few minutes, I know she’s crazy but this is way past what I knew she was capable of.

We cleaned up and continued talking and she asked if I was seeing someone at the moment, which I told her No, she asked that we should keep in contact and I told her i needed to rush back before the party starts, she gave me a wet kiss and I squeezed her ass like it was going out of fashion, I invited her for the party which she came and we all had fun, plus now I have her BB pin.

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