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DS Series : Card Parole

I don’t like being in a school environment. Even when I was a student, I stabbed lectures to the point that i almost stabbed exams too.  So it must have been some stroke of ill luck that I am here waiting at for some guy whom his brother sent stuff to me through the boy (I hope you understand all the curly statement sha, lmao!).

It wasn’t my first time at the Faculty of Education in Unilag. But this time around, I wasn’t even in the mood – seeing students walk around with books, looking all serious and all.. ewwww! That just makes me uncomfortable. Sometimes I wonder how I finished without an extra year, It beats me.

Back to the story. So, here I am, running out of patience, looking back and forth like a thief in a sugarcane plantation and it’s just 5 minutes that av bin here ! I suddenly realized that maybe I probably relax cos i might be here  for another 30 minutes. I mean, my naughty persona was coming out slowly and the environment was encouraging it – a lot of cool babes going back and forth. Some with guys, some with babes, and whats up with this assistant boyfriends sef?! That’s a post for another day sha.

This firebrand coca-cola bottle chic walks past me. Nice perfume, dressed casually in a T-Shirt, with bangles on her hand (more like tabitha’s bangles from Passions. I hope you can remember show way back).  She was looking very hot sha, in nice pencil jeans. She looked like a project student whose Supervisor was really dealing with. She had this funny look of cuteness and depression at the same time. She paces off beside me for the first time and I’m here admiring her. And then again, she comes and I’m here sitting around the love garden area. I decide to call this dude. I told him that I know he’s busy with his supervisor, that he should just come out and give me the heck what I need from him. He says, “Please, gimme 5 minutes, I’m almost done here, just rounding up.”

Then this girl walks past me for the third time. Wow! Strange but it seems like this is more than a mere coincidence. So I look left and right, as a gentle, embarrassment hating dude. I look around to make sure that people are minding their own business because even me sef, if I see person wey babe dey halla for, I go laff o! I go first laff before I consider say the babe dey bad mood. So I tried to look around to make sure everybody was minding their business in other to avoid stories that touch.

As she walks by, I look at her, smile a bit and say, “Good afternoon”. Okay, there is a reason why I didn’t say hi or hello. Naija babes can be crazy at times and you can’t put a finger on which one will show you the craze.

She looks back and for a few micro-seconds, all sorts of thoughts stormed into my head. Instantly, I think about how people will leave their business to look at mine and laugh at my ass but then, she answers back and she says, “Good afternoon”. Although the greeting was a little bit gloomy but at least she replied. I decided not push my luck too far, so I told her, “I know you’re busy and I wouldn’t want to disturb you at all, my name is Deolu, whats yours, she replied, Joy.

I would like to get to know you more at a better time. Here is my business card. Thank you for your time.”

I was gonna ask for her number but something told me to just give her my business card. I was looking like a business exec. Everything on me was fitted. At least, I can written into her good books in terms of looks . She looked at me, smiled and said, “Okay.”

This could have been in 2 ways, she could have thought:
1. Too full of himself, pompous bastard! Doesn’t even have the decency to ask me for my number, instead shoving his business card down my throat.
2. He’s a cool guy. He sees how busy I am and he wants to fix a date some other time not to get into chitt-chatty things with me while my project supervisor is trying to kill, and make it look like suicide.

Anyways, am glad it was the second one. Hopefully thats what she thought. The mofo eventually came out and gave me the book his brother sent to me.What I did earlier with her was dangerous because most times, ladies don’t call. I moved on with the rest of my life that day. Two weeks later, after I had even forgotten the incident, I got a call from a babe, she goes “Hi,Deolu, my name is Joy, we met at education, unilag!” and then I go: “Ohhhhhh!!!!! Hiiiii! How are you? I am really glad you called. How are you? Can I call you back in like an hour,am in a short meeting now.”

I settled down to strategize. Okay, I will go over to see her today or tomorrow after work, take her to the movies on Wednesday, take her back to school and probably fix a date for the weekend at my end.
I called her back and apologize for earlier on. I asked her about the project and where she is.  She goes ahead and explain how the project supervisor is tormenting her life. We fix a date for me to come over to her hostel at Moremi. She says it is cool and I should call her when leaving the office. I ended the call and couldn’t wait till the end of the day to meet this girl. She is sort of my spec, so naturally, I was excited. At about 8:15pm, I gave a call that I am leaving the office. She says it’s cool. So I get to her hostel, give her a call and she comes downstairs. I was seriously trying to remember her face as I only met her once and I’m not so fantastic with faces.

I like a lady who knows how to get me, and she did that perfectly well. She came downstairs in a female singlet and a bum short. I was screaming in my mind: “Wow! wow!! wow!!!”. But I had to maintain composure, especially with the fact that she would soon hug and I don’t want her to notice the swelling around my waist area, damn! She calls my phone to be sure and then I direct her to where I am. We got together for a while, gisted , laughed and all and then booked a movie date for the next Wednesday. I know folks know that movie on Wednesday is 500(now 600 bucks) at Genesis Deluxe cinemas. LOL!

I spoke to her twice before then, trying to get as comfortable as possible. On the D-Day, she arrives looking hot and all in a casual top with fitted jean with high shoe. Ladies, any time you wear heels, it makes your ass more noticeable. Just wanted to tip that in.

One thing you can trust the cinema for is, it will always bring cold and then she would need to hold you. Then you can start with your “rubbish”. Towards the middle of the movie, it started getting really cold and she tried to hold me and put her head on my chest to relax. I supported her and held her close. 30 minutes down, my hands start wandering around her body. The hall was half full and we were up the hall. I started to slowly carress her boobs from the T-shirt. I wait for her to complain and when she doesn’t, I take my hands into her top to caress the boobs underneath the bra. They were warm and the nipples were soft and inviting. I was having a serious hard on during this movie. She was cool and moaning softly. I  left her 15 minutes before the end of the film. It was one boring film like that – I have even forgotten the name sef. It was boring that night. I even watched later alone. Ladies and gentlemen, it was still boring!

As the movie ended, we spoke about how boring it was and then we proceeded to the car. By this time, it was already almost 11pm. The Palms’ parking lot was deserted. We got into the car, kissed a little, frolicked a little and then drove back to school. I got back to unilag and then parked somewhere beside the sports complex in a dark area(S.U.B area) . We went at it again, kissing like crazy. I was pressing her boobs roughly and she was moaning.  She put her hands into my groins. I was already turgid. She unbuckled my belt, pulled down my zipper and ran her fingers up and down my shaft, bending over from her side of the seat to mine. She started to blow me slowly, her mouth was so warm and teasing. While doing this, my fingers had already unzipped her jeans trying to check her honeypot. It was wet. I found the clit and teased softly. It was wet and mashy down there. She began to suck my dick faster and harder. I used my other hand to press her head back and forth. I was now fucking her mouth.

I was frantically looking around, to make sure the security men don’t find us and at the same time trying to enjoy it. The most enjoyable sex is the one you have in a place where there is the risk of getting caught.

We were both breathing fast and intensely. I had already removed her bra. While she was blowing me, I was cupping the full boobs underneath her shirt. I stopped her, pulled down my trousers and boxers to my knee and also pulled down hers. We were both in cloud nine. I removed a condom from underneath my car seat and then put it on, reclined my seat backwards, shifting it backwards a bit to make it comfy for us. She climbed on top and rode me like a horse. I increased the pressure of the AC to reduce the sweat dripping from our bodies. I had already turned off all the lights in the car and used newspaper to cover the lights of the dashboard. She started riding fast and deep. Her pussy was so tight and wet. I was meeting her midway in the strokes and in a particular moment, while I was trying to meet her midway, my leg pressed the accelerator, making the engine of the car rev. I thank God no one was around. After about 10 -15 minutes, I blasted off into the condom. I wanted to go doggie style on her but I couldn’t because of space.  We continued with her straddling me. It was so sweet. We chilled for a bit. I was still playing with her tits when we sighted a security man coming. I quickly pulled up my pants without zipping up, zoomed off towards Intercontinental Bank. I parked and we dressed up properly. I took her back to her hostel. I was satisfied but not throughly. She got off and went into her hostel.

I got home like some minutes before 12,ridiculously tired but then, I got a text message from her saying: “There should be a part 2 to this, don’t you think?”
Guess what I replied ?

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  • @funchiq: I only go for my specs, am into skinny, not so skinny tall, B Cup or above, dont mind me as soon as i see the B-Cup or close to skinny geh, my body go start to dey shake, no mind me, there are gehs without my spec coming up soon….lollllz

    Does this satisfy ur questions? lmao

  • dude y in d car, y didn’t u go 2 a guest house instead? u culd av had maximum fun. u seem to b a pro wit d girls but i’m sure some girls wud av treated ur fuck up at some point lets hear d story

  • @kunlexy301 : the excitement doesn’t always have to be wen u’re fully comfortable! ehn lollllz, ofcourse girls will treat ur fuck up, but none has yet cos i treat them right…

    @kemmiiii: am uncomfortable with this ur smh, can you un-smh…..lollllz

  • I promised not to comment on ur ‘stories frm ur duvet’ but I can’t help it.
    First, I like the way u xpress urself, its down to earth though I hv a few reservations.
    But my major issue is how u describe the sex scenes, they seem to be somewhat similar, she gives u d blow job, u get xcited, she rides u, u ride her, she turns…
    Eventually it’d get boring, soo how dyou sort that out?
    U shud xperiment other styles asides d doggie, she on top or u on top…
    Jst a suggestion

  • hahaha. why am i just reading this now. the chances that a girl would call you first after the initail meeting are very slim. i dunno if i should tell you congrats or not. because the girl you just whore-ized is someborri’s daughter who believes his child is busy doing project in school. well, you sha gave her project to do.

    you reall gotta read ya posts carefully before posting. this is fraught with errors…even the one you said kemi proof-read.

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