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January 16, 2021

DS Series: Calabar Parole
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DS Series: Calabar Parole

Hey People, thank you for your visits and your comments and your likes and everything, really appreciate, still have a few favors to ask of you, its a small favor anyway, am grateful for those who have liked us on facebook, but we need more likes, thank you, and i really appreciate your support on this DS Series, they garner the highest views of this blog, thank you so much, :* and lastly tell a friend about this blog 😀

Now to the main story.

I am so excited that am leaving this office by 12 noon cos av got a plane to catch by 3pm to calabar, today is thursday and am so gonna relax and get my groove on in cally, so nobody can get on my nerves today, the bitch can try, but u aint getting me angry today, i served a little for the trip, i booked the air molue, aero-contractors, i sorted out all my deliverables for the day and by 12, am gonna be heading to the airport, feels good already to relax for 3-4 days without thinking about work in any way, its the closest av gotten to a vacation.

One thing about my job is that i cannot afford to be away for more than 4 days, thats all the stunt i can pull, if am not there, someone will be brought in to do my job and he will be paid from my salary, so not to bore you with my work environment story, i got an offer of taking a chic to calabar but then again, i thot about it, there is no use taking sand to the beach, with all the cally stories, i have been hearing all sorts , lemme go and experience it, moreover, av got a calabar connect, this dude we worked together a few years ago but he has always been asking me to come over, that i would straff till i couldn’t move, the guy(is a calabar man sha, atleast they would have some of their female attributes,lolllz, straffwise sha) leaves off to cally for december since like 19, no jokes, my former boss threatened to deduct his salary for leaving earlier, this mofo dint even care, he left us like dat.

This guy is my connect, he always complained that he couldn’t live with the hustle and bustle of lagos, the rush, the traffic, he said it was too sickening for him.I had already called him that i was coming into town, he said no problem, that i should just buzz him once i get into town, cool!

I got to the airport, for like 2pm, checked in and boarded, was looking around for some cool chic, but none caught my fancy at that point, okay, no diss on are cabin crew, they aint as hot as virgin or even arik but they’re cool, this cabin crew guy comes up, starts explaining the procedure, fasten the belt, how the oxygen mask will come out in case of emergency and all, i was cool with it until he kept on repeating that if the plane should develop faults in the air, we would have to slide down the wings of the plane, at this point, am kinda getting angry but kept my cool until this mofo says it again for the 4th freaking time, so i ask the guy, “When una service this plane ? or is there any plan by the airline to kill us all on this flight”.

People start laughing and the guy says he’s doing his job and then i tell him, next time, the hot cabin crew babe should do the announcement, i would prefer to hear about my own death from a hawt coca cola bottle chic,ENU GO!!!!

Moving on, the plane took off as usual, i dint listen to the instruction to turn off my phone, i brought it out to snap the clouds, they always look beautiful from that height, few little turbulence, i kept on looking for the announcer guy on the flight, lolllz, i wanted to tell him, if this attack is Boko Haram expanding their operations (**looking left and right**)….. 45 minutes later, we’re in cally town, took a cab to my hotel, booked ahead, and then i refreshen up and started flipping through the stations, i called room services and ordered for white rice with croaker fish (by the way, girls, i love croaker fish, so if u wanna make me happy,i prefer the fish fried sha :*).

So, i called my guy when i finished refreshening up, it was almost 6 o’clock then, so he’s says he would get to my hotel by 7:30-8 cos he was kinda busy with work at the moment, so i stay at my hotel chilling, finished my food, ordered for a cold bottle of Star 😀 (no use drinking fanta na). I was beginning to doze off cos i was tired from all the airport drama, was trying to catch a nap, when my guy called and said he was downstairs at my hotel, put on my shoe, its 8PM, lets see what cally town has got to show. I got downstairs, we were talking, gisting while we were going about life in lagos, out of lagos, the serenity of calabar, the scenery,the cool spots, the museum and all.

Our first point of call was a bar, av forgotten the name, we chilled there for a bit , drunk and talked and we start all sort of convo and then he pops the question, what exactly do u want from cally, i gave him a direct answer, i said Dude, i wanna straff to the point that i wouldn’t be able lift a finger, like never before :D, he laughed so hard, tears nearly came out of his eyes, cos i said it in a manner of life and death, before i answered the question, i moved my seat backward, sat up straight and look him dead in the eye, lolllz, i couldn’t help but laugh when he started laughing, so we proceeded to some other joint, it was his town, i was just riding along, he starts calling his contacts, our campaign started with a 300 level uncial chic, they start talking calabar(the ubong, opong, obong, no diss to all my cally peeps, just kidding y’all!), he gets off the phone and says we’re heading to this chic, by the way lemme salute Donald Duke on  calabar, everywhere is properly lit and traffic light everywhere, the only problem i had with the calabar was traffic light, at some point i was betting there would be traffic light in front of people’s houses in the inner streets….ahan….i tink the traffic light were overdone, in my own opinion o.

We met her at one cool bar like dat, gisted for a few minutes, he introduced me to her as a friend in town for a dew days, the babe isn’t bad looking she kinda looked 22, immediately  i finished my little conversation with her, they proceeded to their calabar language, so i started romancing my own blackberry pinging and all, they spoke a little and then we went to another location, apparently her house where she was housing like 6 other chics, she disappears into the house, my friend tells me she was telling him that her pussy hurts that she just finished from a 3some earlier that day and her pussy is so sore at the moment, O_O,i dint know what to reply my guy, he just kept on laffing, so she told him that she was going in to bring some of her friends to go  with us, she brings out 3 other choices, young, juicy chics,one was short, Nadia Buari kinda look, the second one was dark, sort of light, skinny with medium boobs and ass,and the last one was short with a huge back side, u know that apple shaped ass, spoke with them, casual introduction sort of thing, they were just young girls that av always been monitored and are looking for fun on the town, so, we head out with 3 chic, making it 3 girls, 2 guys.

We went to a club around the same area, we sat down a bit,ordered drinks and starting dancing and just get comfortable around each other, we were there for another one and a half hours then, we both went out for a quick guy’s talk, he told me to take the 2 of them, i took the yellow chic and the one with the fat ass, dark, her boobs was almost close to snake bit, but that ass was intriguing, very shapy and curvy, that i was sitting in their middle, that the last one was his, the medium chic with normal boobs and regular ass, he dropped me in my hotel at about 12:30 in the night, there was just one person at the reception, who was already sleeping. so i proceeded to my room jejely.

We get into the room, the short one says she wants to take a bath and disappears into the shower, so i start getting intimate with the second one, start talking about where she’s based, if she’s just in cally for school or its her permanent residence, i start asking her about relationship and she says there is this boy in her class that is disturbing her but she doesn’t have time for small boys, she was sitting at the foot of the bed while i was standing front of her backing  the wall so, i pull her up to me, she was already tipsy, start kissing her slowly, grabbing her ass from underneath the short skirt she’s wearing, she starts kissing me harder, she pulls my waist into her crouch, i pull her pants down, trying  to massage her pussy lips from the back, she start moaning softly, so, i drop it, take off her clothes leaving her only with pant and bra, that’s one sexy looking girl, tall, yellow, regular boobs, there is just something that bra does to boobs, makes them a lot more sexier than usual, in less than 2 seconds, am stack naked 😀 , nothing excites me more than getting down, i softly take out her left boob from the bra, start sucking slowly, she’s still rubbing her hands into my boxers, trying to feel my erection, her other hand starts rubbing my head, i freed my hand and unhooked her bra, i threw it somewhere sha, so we get back to the bed, she tells me to lie down and then she proceeded to blow me, as we start our small parole, the black big ass girl came out of the bathroom to join the party, she comes out and rubs her friends pussy lips slowly because she bends her ass outward making her pussy visible, then i stretched out my hand for her to come to my side, she comes over and kneels on the bed, he flings the towel beside the bed, now the small boobs don’t look exactly small, she moves her mouth towards me and i can smell the scent of the soap she had her bath with, not bad, she starts kissing me, while my finger disappear into her pussy, trying to excite her clitoris, she starts kissing me harder as i tickle her clitoris more, at this point she stops and straddles me and move her pussy towards my lips, meanwhile the other yellow girl is blowing me like there is something inside my dick that she needs to get out, i was enjoying this way more than i anticipated, she puts her pussy lips on my mouth and i use my tongue to trace out her pussy lips, slightly pressing my tongue into her pussy a little, then move to her clitoris, to tease and tickle them, she shuts her eyes and faces the ceiling while rubbing her girl’s head behind her as she blows me, i teased her clitoris with the top of my tongue and her waist begin to move against my tongue, i grab her ass from the back, its huge and soft, the girl blowing me asks me for a condom, she could blow but not an expert cos i could feel teeth at some point, i was jst praying she wasnt epileptic , i told her to check my jean trouser, she opens it up, straps it into my dick and starts riding my dick, her pussy feel so warm and nice, she started riding me slowly and then faster that i couldn’t concentrate on the pussy i was eating anymore, she dark girl gets up and starts kissing the yellow girl who was riding me while rubbing her clitoris, it was nice seeing this lesbian act, until she tells the yellow girl to get up.

As the yellow babe gets up, the dark big booty one, gets into it and i could the flesh of her own pussy thicker than the yellow babe’s own, she was thoroughly wet and she was riding me with the intent of breaking my balls, so i ask for a break and tell her slowly not to break my balls , she smiles shyly and continues while the other babe arches the black girl’s back forward and slowly inserts a finger into her ass, its getting tougher and i can feel something coming, oh my gosh, am about to cum, its like am acting porn right here, i wish someone would just tape this, so i can watch it much later with peace of mind, but i cant get that rite now, i pulled her up and told her i was coming, the dark girl decides to do the honors, while the yellow girl brings her lips to my lips, we met in a slow sensual kiss, while the black chic tries to suck me till i cum into her mouth, my waist still moving uncontrollably and i explode into her mouth, i have always wanted to cum on a girls boobs, this is my chance, so, i share it between her lips and small or not so small boobs.

The yellow babe storms into the bathroom, and am left alone with the black one, time to get to know her but this time around, i was only interested in the freaky stuff, so i ask her when she got disvirgined, she says she got disvirigned at the age of 16, ok!, i wasn’t even judging, so i ask her how much attention her huge ass is getting her and she complains to me how some of her lecturers ask her to come to their office at later hours of the nite, although, she admitted doing doggy with one, which one be my own? , she said the lecturer was kinda cute, whatever floats her boat 🙂 , am here naked with someone i met barely  4 hours, its always a marvel to look at huge apple ass naked with the lady facing down, she was stroking me while i was sitting up the bed, she was lying in between my legs, giving me a perfect view of her ass, as she continued stroking me, in no time, my dick was getting ready for active duty, she exclaims that am i ready for the second one, i say hell yeah, i tell her to lay as she is, got into my jeans, took out my second condom, put it on, spread her legs while she still faces down, pull her waist alittle bit up, a remix of the doggy style, my dick eases into her pussy, not fully wet but couldn’t cause a tear, her ass was so big, am fucking her slowly and then she brings her ass up a bit to meet the strokes of my dick, she stuffs her face into the pillow, am still going in fast strokes, moaning into the pillow, the yellow babe comes out of the bathroom, she goes to sit at the front of the bed right infront of her head on the pillow she’s moaning o, opening her pussy in front of her friend’s mouth,  the dark babe kisses her friends pussy, still moving back and forth as my hard stroke makes her upper body go back and forth, she sticks her tongue out so it contacts the top of the pussy as her body goes back n forth,  the pleasure starts to mount for the yellow babe who grabs her head and pushes her head into her pussy, so she can suck her more, her mouth open ajar while her other hands squashing her boobs, twisting her nipples herself, seeing this is crazy and i can proudly say this match was sponsored by alomo bitters, i had a full small bottle of it once a day for 5 days before my trip, i was happier than a motherfucker, i was telling myself,’Deolu! can you believe this? lolllz.

I pull out of the dark girl,she stands up and the yellow girls takes her position but this time around, she lays on her back, spreads her legs far apart, i put in my dick and start jacking while the black chic sits on her face, riding her face, she was using her tongue to wash the black babe’s clit, i was jacking as fast as i should go, she would moan as she blows her friend and look down at me fucking her pussy and screams harder! WTF, well, i kept going, she took one of her hands and started rubbing her own clit while black girls arches forward to kiss me while i fuck her friends pussy hard, after about 25 minutes, i pulled out and the both of them gave me a head, i was watching this spectacle and saying to myself, this is the life!.

Lesbian stuff, they would kiss while one strokes my dick up and down and the other would twist her nipples, they both at a point put their tongues on the side of my dick, how i was feeling i couldn’t exactly describe but i was knew i was past cloud 9, the yellow girl had to deep throat, i could feel the top of the dick down ur throat, she would pull out with saliva, it was getting crazy, i was rubbing their heads with my two hands, it was so crazy, having 2 girls blow you, my head was jamming, my whole body was quaking, i exploded and the 2 of them licked my own cum,kissed each other with it, i stood up to go the bathroom, to wash up, i am there thinking, this calabar parole i should do more often, i was feeling lighter already, this was almost 3 am in the morning, i finished off and opened the door of the room and i see the both them grinding their pussies against each other, one of the most erotic sights av ever seen, they both signalled me to come in for the third round, and then i said my last prayers.

Meanwhile, this is my first night in calabar, i still have 3 days more to go 😀

Keep Reppin’

‘Deolu Bubbles

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