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November 18, 2020

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Broken In II (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

As I stood up Susan grabbed my shoulders and threw me onto the bed. She jumped on after me and landed on top. She then pinned my wrists down with her hands.

“Now it’s time to bathe in your cum, slut,” she said, staring into my eyes, sending tiny electric shock throughout my body. There’s this way Susan looks at you when she wants to fuck you, her eyes become half lidded and her voice all smoky. Those two things were enough of a caress to make me start feeling hot and horny. I just lay languid, looking up at her. She knew I was at her beck and call.

“Wait here while I find something we can play with.” She said, I didn’t want her to leave me alone but I could hear the obvious promise of intense pleasure in her voice and the tingle in me increased manifold.

She then got up and ran into the kitchen. I heard her open the fridge and search around. A few minutes later she returned holding a glass filled with something. As she got closer it turned out there was nothing in the glass but ice cubes. She sat down on the bed and pulled one out of the glass.

“Here, suck on this for a second.” she said.

I put it in my mouth and let my saliva move all over the ice to make it moist. Susan lay down on top of me once more and kissed my lips. I let the ice slide into her waiting mouth with my tongue. She then moved her head lower and began to kiss my neck and chest. She let the wet ice cube fall out of her mouth and land between my sweaty breasts. The cold feeling tickled my naked body and I giggled. She let it lay there and it slowly began to melt on my body. A small pool of water emerged from beneath it. As I continued to breathe in and out it began to slide down my stomach. I shivered from the cold feeling left by the ice sliding down my stomach.

“Oooooo…that’s cold, It feels nice…” I said, panting softly as the cold also kind of intensified my horniness. It slowly slid down until it made a stop just before the beginning of my pussy mound. Susan then put two fingers on the ice and started to make circles around my navel with it. soon I was writhing in ecstasy as cold pleasure filled me. I started whimpering,


I shivered as the cold water covered my chest and stomach. My nipples had grown as hard as the ice itself. It was then that Susan stopped making circles and moved it towards my pussy. As it moved over my mound, I placed my hands on my inner thighs to force my legs to remain spread. When it reached my pussy lips, she used her tongue to push it into my trembling pussy. What was left of the ice rubbed up against my hot clit and the melted water began to pour out of my pussy. I screamed loudly and bucked as my inside was hit by the cold and the pleasure all at the same time

“Aaaghh! Its too cold!! Unghhhh!!”

“Now you’re ready to fuck.” she said.

She brought her face to my breasts and began to suck on them. Her cold tongue sent chills down my spine and my pussy. As she withdrew her lips to move to my other nipple, her mouth drooled out cold water onto my chest. She sucked and squeezed my nipple within her mouth and I was caressing my other one with my hand. We turned into a 69 position and we began to eat each other. My hot pussy was already wet from the ice that had slid down my body. Immediately I felt her mouth kiss and lick my pussy slowly. She then made circles around my clit with her tongue.

“Ooohhhhh fuck yes! That feels so good!” I yelled.

I returned the favour to her by using my tongue and two fingers to fuck her pussy directly. Her clit was hot and hard and it tasted so good. I pulled her ass closer to my face so I could stick my tongue in even farther. Her pussy walls tightened continuously and then let go as I withdrew my tongue and stuck it in again.

“Uunnnngghh Fuck me! Fuck me!!” Susan yelled.

She positioned herself so that she could move her fingers into my cunt. It began with two fingers and she continued to move in and out, each time adding another finger. As soon as her whole fingers were inside me she drove it in and out faster and faster. She had her hand almost to her wrist deep within my pussy and it was becoming more wet and covered in my juices. She played with my clit with her pinky and used her thumb and remaining fingers to excite my pussy walls. A climax was building and this one was going to be big. I struggled to give Susan’s cunt the same pleasure as she continued to fuck me although the excitement in me was just too high. I bucked and writhed on her hand as she worked her fingers deep into me, my orgasm building, my body on high voltage, my long nipples taut and erect and searching with a mind of its own for a touch or a mouth.

“Ooohh, ohhh, ohhh, pleaseeee don’t stop!! Don’t stop!!!” I screamed from deep inside my throat as my climax raced towards me. Susan pushed her pussy frantically towards me and I know that I was neglecting my duty to her so I also shoved my fingers into her dripping hot pussy, one by one and began to pump in rhythm with her hand in my pussy. I let my fingers probe and search the inner reaches of her cunt to find places that would excite her. I caressed her clit and then began to make circles around the outside of her pussy lips with my tongue.

“Uunnnggghhh!!huhggggg, uhhhh, Joy, I’mmmm cumimmmg!!!” she screamed.

I increased the speed at which I was fucking her and she began to tighten and throb wildly. While she also continued to finger me she licked my clit, labia and the valley in between. Our bodies ground into each other and the room was completely filled with the smell of pussies in heat. Our bodies glistened with sweat, the heat we were generating was unbelievable. I began to get lightheaded and I thought I might pass out right there. My arm was aching from driving my hand into Susan’s cunt and my own pussy was ready to erupt with an incredible orgasm.

Then I felt her pussy contract and expand, twitching spasmodically and I knew she would blow her load any moment and I was also close. It was then that I let my entire body loose. My pussy squeezed at her arm as an explosion of pussy juice shot out in all directions. I felt Susan tense as her body unleashed a mighty orgasm. I removed my hand from her gripping pussy and pussy juice that must have built behind the pressure of my hand shot out onto my head and body. The shower of her juices covered my writhing body and caused me to have another orgasm right there. The rate at which the juices flowed out doubled as the climax hit me. Susan’s entire body went limp and her face was engulfed by my continuous cumming. She brought her mouth down to my pussy and swallowed what she could and bathed her face and hair in my sweet juices. She pulled her body forward and let my cum cover her chest stomach and legs. As she did so her pussy rubbed up against my chest and stomach as well. The flow from her pussy had come to a stop but mine continued on.

We then laid there covered in our hot juices. Our sweat added to the flavour of our cum as I licked my lips and fingers. She slid around until our breasts met and rubbed all over each other. We brought our faces together and kissed with our soaked lips. As we did so she let her drool flow into my mouth and down onto my neck. Our tongues embraced each other and the taste of our combined cum was heavenly. When we let go of each other’s lips, Susan laid her head on my chest and fell asleep from weakness. My chest heaved and her head moved up and down with it while remaining motionless. Soon I was fast asleep too, with a smile on my face and my pussy still tingling from the massive orgasm I just had.

We didn’t wake up till Sunday morning when Susan’s older brother came knocking on the door that it was time for breakfast. We woke up to dried up pussy juice all over our body and all over the room. The room reeked of sex and anybody coming in would not need a soothsayer to tell them what had happened the previous day. We groggily went into the connecting bathroom and cleaned ourselves up. We would have loved to eat ourselves up in the bath again but we could hear Susan’s mom’s insistent voice shouting on her to hurry up else would be dragged to church half dressed. They knew I was of a different faith and I had always stayed behind each time they went to church on the previous midterms I had come home with Susan. So after a very full breakfast of yams, eggs and tea, Susan’s family left for church while I stayed behind at home watching TV and generally relaxing from the heavy climaxes I had had the previous day. My insides still felt hot and my pussy lips were all swollen and sensitive. I was wearing one of Susan’s Shorts and each time the fabric of the material rubbed against my crotch, I would gasp at the sensation released into my bloodstream.

I had fallen asleep when a touch brought me into half waking stage. I felt a hot touch on my bare legs. I purred, thinking it was my lover, moving closer to the hand. in my half sleep stage I felt the hand slide up from my bare legs to my thighs, wriggling its way through the gap between the shorts and my body to touch my crotch. My purr turned into a gasp but I was still sleepy. Then I felt a hand slide the spaghetti strap off my shoulder and cold breeze flow on my nude firm boobs. I was suddenly jerked fully awake when I felt hot mouth on my by now taut and erect nipples. No, this is not Susan’s mouth, my subconscious told me. I jerked awake, struggling against the languor that was beginning to take over my body as the pleasure spread from my nipples to my crotch. Kneeling on the couch with me with my nipples in his mouth was Susan’s older brother who was in the university! I made to struggle but his hands were gripping and holding down my shoulder in a vice. He was huge and I was just a slender fourteen year old, too weak to withstand his strength. I struggled effortlessly to be free of his hold but to no avail. I opened my mouth to scream but like lightening, his left hand covered my mouth tightly and my scream was muffled, I began to cry. He waited a few minutes in silence and then looking deep into my eyes he said

“Now,” he said as I wept, his voice growing more sinister, his lips against my left ear, “I’m going to take my hand off your mouth so you can answer. If you decide to start shouting again, though, I will beat your ass and still fuck you. I know about you and my sister, so don’t pretend to be the prude, I have videos of both of you that I will make available on the internet. Don’t think I won’t, little bitch. After I do I’ll fuck you anyway. So what’ll it be?”

In that instant I became really scared. I imagined Alhaji, my father, getting to know that I have been eating another girl’s pussy! I would totally be disowned and I could see from his expression that he would make true his threat. I nodded my head desperately and tried to control my sobbing once he took his hand off my mouth. For at least a minute he allowed me to cry, to catch my breath.

“Bruised ass and raped, and disgraced or simply fucked?” he asked.

I couldn’t form the words to reply. He took my whimpering, wheezy breaths as an indication that I preferred the latter. In all honesty, at that moment, I didn’t care. I was used to getting my ass spanked by Susan and in fact loved it and my fear of rape paled in comparison to my father finding out about his little princess, Ayo. Panic settled across my small body as I readied myself mentally. I wasn’t a virgin in practical terms as my hymen was long gone but I was in the sense that I had never had a real dick inside of me. We had used all kinds of toys on our young bodies, from mammoth dildos, to lipstick size vibrators, anal balls, our fingers and fists and even our feet but I had never had a dick! And the fear was almost paralyzing. I nodded fearfully, expecting him to get it over with.

But to my surprise he kissed me long and deep, sticking his tongue into my mouth and then sucking up my tongue and saliva too. I was at first revolted and just lay there with a stiff lip. He wasn’t deterred however as he kept up the mouth job and after a while, as if my lips had a mind of their own, it thawed and started responding to his kiss. Then his mouth left mine and trailed down my neck, planting soft kisses along the way. All this while his hand was caressing and fondling my small boobs, pinching the nipples and rolling each in his thumb and fore finger. Soon I began moaning and only became aware that the sound was coming from my throat when I heard him chuckle knowingly. I became ashamed of my reaction to a boy and the fact that I was cheating on Susan even if not willingly at first, my body was betraying me. I stiffened my body again, mentally vowing not to respond to his overtures, let him have his way and go but I would not enjoy it, I promised myself.

I was fooling myself because as his lips began to trail down my body again, my body in no time began to respond again! I began gasping and moaning as his lips left a fiery trail down my stomach to my belly button where it rested a bit, probing and rolling his tongue through the small protrusion. I was virtually on fire. I was panting and making tiny jerking sounds from deep within my throat. Then his lips left my belly button and once again continued downwards towards my pussy mound and by this time I had unconsciously flung my legs wide apart with one resting on the back of the coach. The smell of a pussy in heat filled the entire sitting room and I could see his nose flare wildly as he sniffed in the smell. The seat of my shorts were soaking wet! I didn’t know, can’t even remember when he pulled off the shorts, all I can recollect is me raising up my butts at his prompting for him to slide it off my bottom. Soon I was lying there spread before his hungry eyes naked and panting. He looked down at me with hooded eyes and then bent his head again and I gasped and jerked up as I felt his tongue on my inner thigh.

‘’oohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ like a broken grammaphone was the only sound coming out of my mouth as he lickek me. My wet pussy quivered as he brought his face towards it. His tongue lightly touched my inner thigh and began to move closer to my waiting cunt. He made circles around my pussy lips several times and also teased my clit slightly. Then he licked my clit and then put his lips around it and began to suck on it directly.

“Unnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh’’ I panted, letting go of all control or pretense that I was not enjoying the attention he was paying to my pussy. His tongue and mouth felt different somehow. There was a different flavour to the whole experience, more masculine and stronger than what I usually experienced with his sister Susan. He like his sister was a professional pussyeater. My pussy was gushing cum and my body was trembling in preparation for a massive climax. He continued to suck and lick my clit with his mouth, each time bringing me closer to my inevitable orgasm. I unconsciously used my hands to rub my boobs and play with my hard erect nipples. He then placed his hands under my ass bring it up and pushed my pussy harder into his face.

He let his tongue travel deep into my cunt and then come back out to tickle my throbbing clit. The heat between my legs was becoming tremendous. I was ready to explode and let my stream of cum loose. I ran my hands down my body and legs and rested them on the back of his head. I could feel my juices building deep within me and I knew that I was about to erupt. Just as my pussy began to tighten on his lips, he lightly nibbled my clit with her teeth.

“Uunngghhh…aaaaggghhhh…aaaggghhhh!!!!!” I screamed as my body exploded in orgasm. I gripped head with my hands as the incredible orgasm hit me like a tidal wave. My cum shot out into his mouth and face, soaking it with the hot sticky fluid. He didn’t let go of my pussy but continued sucking greedily, I could hear the slurp slurp sound his mouth was making as he sucked away. This make my orgasm prolonged as my sensitive pussy sent me over the edge and back again in close succession. My eyes lost focus and I must have momentarily lost consciousness because when I opened my eyes again, there he was kneeling between my legs with his cock dangling between his legs and it was massive. The size of the cock immediately jerked me back to reality as it dawned on me that he was going to fuck me with that, that thing that had never been inside me before. I panicked once more.

When he first pressed his cock against the entrance to my pussy I became absolutely silent. This wasn’t happening, this could not be happening. But then he began to press himself forward, and my pussy lips parted, and he sighed and said, “This is more like it. Nice and wet and fresh. Ha, and eager, too…” I began to cry again. I couldn’t help it because he was right. I was moist between my legs and I had unconsciously parted my legs and raised my hips for him. Then he gripped me by the waist and began pushing his cock ever so slowly into my receptive cunt.

“Yes,” he mumbled. Over and over again, that same word, “Yes.”

Meanwhile I was lost. The pain was there, but something more, too: pleasure. Pleasure at the feeling of having my pussy pierced apart, the throbbing of it made it feel different from all the dildos I had stuffed in it before. This thing stuffing me has a mind of its own. I felt very full as he entered me, his thick dick moving inside my most sensitive member. My insides were churning, but deep in my heart I felt an excitement such as I’d never felt before. My body began to tingle and my pussy began to squeeze. He seemed to like the challenge of getting his hard cock inside my inexperienced pussy and his fingernails dug into my soft young flesh as he continued to force himself inside my small body.

It felt like it went on forever. My arms and legs shook violently against my will at the feeling of being truly fucked for the first time. Hours passed, inside my head, as I felt every inch of his weapon impale me. In reality, only seconds had gone by before he was planted all the way inside my young body. The man was panting on me at this point, almost giggling. “That’s a good little cunt,” he breathed. Tears trickled out of my eyes as that tingling joy from my heart began to spread throughout my small form.

Orgasms suddenly racked me. They came out of nowhere, so unexpectedly. Good ole orgasms: I was cumming. Their power over me became my world. I could barely think. He began to thrust himself in and out of me and that made the orgasms absolutely explode. I lost sight of everything. Suddenly I wanted this to be my reality for all time. Suddenly I felt no shame about it. In and out his cock entered me, ripping into me, and all I wished for was that he would do more. Grip my tits. Play with my asshole. Tickle my clit. Anything! I kept cumming and cumming and then one giant one hit me that made me scream so loud that I was sure that it would bring the entire house down.

Then I felt and smelt pussy on my face forcing me to open my eyes that had been tightly shut. And looking down on me with her legs spread and her pussy on my face was Susan my lover! I gasped, totally shocked as the shame came flooding back to compete with the pleasure inside me. But she just grinned and grind her pussy to my face forcing me to open my mouth and lap up the juice flowing copiously from her pussy. She was pinching my hard nipples and giggling at her brother as she rode my face. The cock in my pussy was still going hard and fast at impaling me and Susan was grinding faster and faster as cum flowed the more from her pussy. I was almost choking from trying to scream with pleasure and sucking up the juice flowing forcefully into my mouth. My body felt like molten fire and I became like a zombie as I concentrated on eating Susan to an orgasm so that I could enjoy the cock in me. a part of me wondered why I had not fucked a guy before and I felt momentarily sad at the pleasure I had missed. But another part rejoiced in having Susan on my face and a cock in my pussy at the same time.

Susan started screaming and grinding harder and faster on my face and I had to intensify my sucking of her pussy at it was obvious that she was close to cumming. Meanwhile her brother was just pounding away at my pussy which was tightly gripping his cock and glorying in his prowess. Susan rode my face hard and then screamed

‘’eiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy’’ as she flooded my mouth, nose and face with pussy juice which I greedily lapped up. After calming down, she climbed off my face and then lashed onto my nipples, licking and biting them, causing me to gasp and thrash about. Her brother’s thrust had also increased and with a shout and a firm grip on my waist, he slammed into me and then I felt something swarm jet into my inside in spurt after spurt. It seemed that the heat of his eruption inside me sent me over the edge again as I screamed and climaxed once more and then fainted.

I woke up in Susan’s room with his brother sitting on the only chair in the room and Susan lying beside me playing with my nipples. I guess it was the sensation that woke me.

‘’did you enjoy fucking my brother? Susan asked as soon as she noticed my eyes open. I averted my gaze as I felt shame creep into me for betraying her.

‘’don’t be ashamed, I know you enjoyed it. We came in together and it was me who asked him to fuck you. I didn’t want you to miss the joys of a bisexual relationship’’ she explained as I stared at her wide eyed. The truth was that I actually enjoyed being with both of them and would rather have both rather than either. It was sweet with her alone, it was sweet with him alone but it was best with both of them together and I could already visualize a situation where a guy would fuck Susan while she is eating my pussy!

”Susan, can i bring my friend next time so that he can fuck you? since i cant fuck you, i would like to watch you fucked though” her brother asked as if he could read my mind

”Of course” she giggled, winking at me.

I cant wait to see that, my head already spinning at the various possibities.

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