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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XV (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House XV (18+)


With a new smartphone comes unbridled joy for Grace, but it has come with baggage as well. Less than 24 hours after collecting the phone, a scandal is brewing about a leaked video. Grace has everything to lose here…

Grace woke up smiling, she had been so happy before she went to sleep.

It all felt so unreal, she couldn’t believe her luck. Grace had longed for the day she’ll own a touch screen phone and now she had a very nice one just like that. She was up all night going through the phone and taking tons of selfies. 

It excited her how she is now connected to the internet even though she was still figuring out how to use it but her favorite thing was WhatsApp. Opening the chat app and setting up her account was the most ecstatic thing, she was so excited seeing all her old friends’ contacts. 

Before she slept she had sent out a couple of messages to some of her old friends, with a smile plastered on her face she stretched and picked up the phone. She unlocked it and went straight to the chatting app that had numbers on the icon indicating she has received some messages. 

The smile on her face grew as she saw a couple of messages from her friends, some were excited to have her online while some were curious about what she’s been up to. It fascinated her how she could reply to their messages, view their profile pictures, and still watch disappearing pictures they post.

It didn’t take long before she was being filled in on the gossip she had missed before she realized an hour had passed and usually she would have been in the kitchen. 

Grace quickly got out of bed and rushed into her bathroom to quickly brush her teeth and shower. As the warm sprays hit her naked skin she realized just how much she loved her life now, not only does she get to sleep in a big bed all by herself with air conditioning lulling her to a peaceful sleep but she also had a nice bathroom all to herself. 

She no longer worried about doing so many different chores before the day fully breaks, even cooking wasn’t something hard anymore besides she didn’t even have to cook all the time. With more light pouring into the window she rushed her bath, she picked out a clean polo and a jean trouser. The kitchen was alive with activity as she stepped in feeling like a student late to class. 

Looking around she watched as Mr. Gabriel stirred something on the stove, concentrating deeply, on the other side Madam Ayo was mixing tea in a big plastic bucket, close to the back door Ms. Janet was talking to a couple of staff. 

Grace walked towards her, not sure of a good excuse for coming out so late

“G-good morning ma” Grace started

Miss Janet threw her a cold look that made her want to look away

“Nice of you to finally join us” she replied

“Sorry ma, I forget I no Sabi set alarm for the new phone” Grace lied smoothly

She was surprised at how good she was getting at lying, it wasn’t exactly a complete lie although she hardly ever needed the alarm on her touch light phone

“Umhm” Ms. Janet said

“Well they are almost done with breakfast, you join them in dishing out the staff breakfast” she added gesturing to the girls she had been talking to

“Yes ma” Grace answered nodding and bowing her head.

Grace followed the girls as they headed towards Madam Ayo who was pouring sugar into the steamy bucket of tea she was making, when she was done stirring it she asked them to carry it to the staff quarters. 

The bucket wasn’t that big so one of the girls carried it, they walked with the second girl gisting non-stop about a funny tv drama she’s been following. Grace phone beeped and she took it out of her pocket, the girl stopped her gist just to stare at the phone

“Your phone fine o,” she said leaning in to peer into the screen

Grace replied a message from a friend smiling as she decided to try using an emoji

“Are you going to be spending all day pressing phone now that you have one” she heard Miss Janet say making her snap up quickly

She murmured an apology as she quickly put the phone in her pocket. Miss Janet instructed her and the second girl to go get the cups from the kitchen in the staff quarters. They walked quickly to the staff quarters that were more like a store rather than a kitchen and carried a basket filled with plastic cups, as they walked back the girl peppered Grace with questions about the phone, it’s model and price.

“Na your Bobo buy am for you?” She asked

“No, they dash me” Grace answered keeping out the who

“Na who dash” the girl started but got caught off as they approached the small table where Afeez was standing behind a pile of small loaves of bread with the second girl behind the tea. 

There was already a couple of staff waiting around, they dropped the basket on the table and stood behind it. Grace hasn’t helped with the dishing out of the food so it surprised her to see so many of the staff there in the same place. 

She looked around knowing some of them very well already especially the idiot guy that always seem to be throwing lewd comments whenever she was around and some she’s only seen like ones

“Give me your WhatsApp number make I add you,” the girl said dragging Grace’s attention to her and the phone she was holding

Grace gave her the number with Afeez looking at them confused. Her phone started ringing making her heartbeat excitedly, she checked the screen to see who was calling but it was a strange number.

“Na my number be that,” the girl said stopping Grace from answering

She saw madam ago coming so she put the phone away. They served the tea and gave out bread with Grace laughing and talking to some of the staff she was friends with, they complimented on how delicious her food tasted. 

By the time they were done, she had gotten new contacts and shared her number to a couple of staff. 

After they were done dishing out, she decided to stay back and eat with the girls at the staff quarters she had started enjoying the drama the girl keep gisting them about. 

As they were there, her phone beeped a couple of times so she decided to just use it since she was eating, she smiled as she scrolled to messages from her old friends and some guys that keep telling her how much they’ve missed her. 

She replied to her new staff friends and her old friends smiling at their jokes and gossips. A new message popped in but she didn’t have the number saved. Grace opened the message and saw it was a video, she was about to click it when a message popped in under it. 

Grace read the message slowly “your days are numbered” the message said ominously 

Grace suddenly had a bad feeling about the message and the video

“Gracie Gracie” one the girls out

“Uh” Grace managed

“Are you okay, your face dey somehow?” she asked looking concerned

Grace felt sweat gather on her forehead as her stomach

“Umm my belle dey turn me, I dey come,” she said standing up quickly and dashing out

The main house suddenly felt so far away, she entered the kitchen through the back door trying to avoid everyone. 

Finally, she made it to her room and she bolted it behind her, she rushed into the bathroom and went to sit on the toilet seat, her hands shaking a little. Grace didn’t like the dread she felt as she opened the message and clicked to download the video, she held her breath as the video downloaded. 

She didn’t know why but she was sure she won’t like what she’ll see when the video starts playing.

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