May 21, 2022

#DearOniranu: Office Sex is Mahdd!!!

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#DearOniranu: Office Sex is Mahdd!!!


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Okay so it all started when I got the job
He came to pick me from the bus stop
After my interview
He was to show me around
I liked him from then
He wasn’t really my spec ooo
But he’s a spec too
Brown skin, little beards, clean cuts, hardworking, tall and very cute
So it started from then
Every day he has something nice to say to me
I like your hair
You look good today
And all those things
Sha, it continued till I saw his babe
Same height as me but plenty boobs
Little ass
She’s an Instagram celeb sha
So I started to pull back
Till I heard how he was being used by that girl
I continued my crushing again
I noticed he seems to like me too
So we kept doing our things
He’s always viewing my status
So there was a birthday at work where I was dancing
He promised to give me a prize if I could beat another lady in a twerk battle
So I beat her to it
He said he likes d way I danced too
I was really happy
That day we had lots of body contact
We were good although
Till yesterday’s event
We had a party at the office, and there was space to sleep in the office
But it was a small space, and he beat me to it
So when I was ready to sleep, I discovered he was already asleep
So I stared at him for a while before sleeping too
I had no choice but share the bed with me
I was excited to be there, and hopefully, body go gum body
We had numerous body contacts that he initiated
So, in the middle of the night, I woke up to find him awake too
We didn’t talk to each other ooo
Later, he put his phone off and slept
I was still awake for over an hour
I tried to touch him but I wasn’t so courageous
Till I was able to touch him eventually
I felt I had touched enough when I saw him smiling
So I tried to turn and sleep when he drew me into himself
He kissed me everywhere
Played with my boobs
Touched me well
I had never been so wet
He had an impressive dick, not too big, not small too
He flipped me over and slowly inserted his dick in
He moaned softly
He kept kissing my ass and back while he fucked
After we were done
We lay inside ourselves and cuddled for more like 30mins before sleeping
Up till now, we’re both acting like nothing happened

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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