August 9, 2022

#DearOniranu: I did something BAAD but I have zero regrets

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#DearOniranu: I did something BAAD but I have zero regrets


While my friend and I were single, we journeyed to Lagos to “interview” boyfriend candidates, we went to her guy’s place first, and somehow, I had sex with him.

There was this time I went to Lagos with my friend (let’s call her Tess) We were both single at the time and “interviewing” prospective boyfriends.
The plan was to go to her guy’s place on the mainland first, (let’s call him Maleek) chill till evening and then I would go to the Island to see my guy.

So we got to Lagos mid-afternoon, got an Uber and after like an hour of the usual traffic we were at Maleek’s place. First thing I noticed about the guy was how damn fine he was. Funny that Tess had shown me his pictures before but IDK why guys aren’t as fine in their pictures as they are in real life 101.

He stayed in a nice duplex but it was furnished somehow, there was a bed in the living room, and a few furniture scattered around. He explained that his family was abroad and his cousin lived in
the upstairs part of the house while he lived downstairs, it was odd but it seemed to work for them.

We settled in, showered and soon we were all getting to know each other, some of his friends came around and we all hung out. Later in the evening, his friends left and it was just the 3 of us, Tess and I were on the bed watching south park on his laptop while Maleek was on a couch going
through his phone.

Tess got a call from her mom and she went into the kitchen to get the call. Immediately she left Maleek joined me on the bed like he had been waiting for the chance. He started making small talk, asked if I was crashing there, I said no that I’d be leaving soon I was just waiting for traffic to clear up on third mainland bridge. He was lying down very close to me talking to me and he smelled really nice but I kept thinking about how it would look if Tess came in and saw us like that.

He kept asking me questions about myself and I was replying offhandedly, then he just blurted out “I’m attracted to you” I looked away from the South Park I was watching to him, I didn’t know how to respond. I’m not gonna lie the attraction was mutual but I didn’t want to go behind my friend. I just said “you’re with Tess” and that’s how the conversation ended.

We didn’t say anything to each other again until she came back into the living room, he asked us what we wanted to eat and offered to cook us dinner, we settled on rice (big surprise) and he went into the kitchen. He was blasting music (he had great music taste btw) so while he cooked, I told Tess everything that had happened while she left us alone.

She looked a little disappointed but relieved still, at least now she knew he belonged to the streets

She asked me if I wanted to fuck him and I said yes, I didn’t have to lie to her, our friendship was simple. She told me to go ahead but not let him know she knew. We planned how it would go down so I’d get some before I left.

I got up to meet him in the kitchen, I closed the door gently behind me and smiled at him. He looked up from his phone at me
“What’s up?” I didn’t reply, I just walked up to him, grabbed his face and kissed him hard.

He kissed back, grabbing my ass, pulling me against him, I could already feel how hot and hard his cock had gotten through his pants, we made out for a few seconds then suddenly he stopped and asked:
“What about Tess?” I said
“She’s sleeping” he didn’t even bother to check, he turned my back against himself, he pulled out my boobs from the body con dress I was wearing and squeezed my nipples.

I moaned and I wanted to go down on him but he pushed me against the wall and quickly pulled up my gown.

He played with my ass a bit, squeezing, kneading, smacking before using his cock to tease my pussylips, he was trying to drive me crazy “just fuck me already” I hadn’t even finished before he thrust into me.

He fucked me hard and fast in standing position, my face was pressed against the kitchen tiles and he just kept ramming hard into my soaking wet pussy.

He pulled my hair back and I felt his hot breath on my neck, he was moaning in my ear, telling me how he wanted to do this since the moment he first set eyes on me, how wet and hot my pussy felt.

He pulled me to a counter and bent me over it, still pounding hard into me. l closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of him sliding in and out, guiding myself towards orgasm. My legs started shaking and I felt my body explode with pleasure, he noticed too and pulled me up saying

“My turn” He raises one of my legs on the counter and fucked me so good it felt heavenly. I thought I was going to cum again when I felt him pull out and cum on my ass.

We took like 30 seconds to catch our breaths before I pulled my dress down and walked out of the kitchen. Tess was lying down on the bed, facing the wall, she actually looked like she was sleeping.
I guess she didn’t know who would leave the kitchen first and wanted to look convincing (My G!). I went into the bathroom, showered and changed my clothes. While I was changing I ordered an Uber.

The closing remark, we both had a chilled weekend, it didn’t really work out with the guys we came to see Tess’s guy belonged to the streets and mine was a psycho stalker but we had fun regardless, great sex too. I typically like getting to know a person before I smash but sometimes I get spontaneous, this was one of those few times. I hope it’s not too long.

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Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble

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