May 22, 2022

#DearOniranu: My Bestie Made me SQUIRTTT!!!

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#DearOniranu: My Bestie Made me SQUIRTTT!!!


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For more than 6yrs now, my bestie and I have been fucking,
and he thought me everything I know about sex…
But it’s been a while we fucked, so we took a weekend off outside Ibadan
We brought along drinks, Skunk, and everything needed to have a nice time
I missed him cuz it’s been a while we smashed,
I always told him he is weird but I like it like that
And should I say he is married to a very pregnant wife
But he is still my nigga even he knows he can’t get over me
Despite marrying someone else, I know his code and have his mumu button
We hadn’t knacked since he got married
And I miss him so much, the kiss, the touches, and most importantly the sex
He is a very good listener,
I haven’t fuck anyone as good as he is since we met
But unfortunately, his wife is a lazy ass in bed… or so he said
I sure know how to treat him in bed
Imagine a fuck buddy of 6yrs and we haven’t gotten tired of each other
So we got to the hotel, tired and exhausted,
We had a shower and ate
Oh yea, I missed smoking too
And he is actually the only person I do it with without regret
Cuz he always keeps me going and he loves it when I’m high
Cuz we will both be crazy about each other
Do every nasty thing together
So we talked a little and he asked if I wanna smoke yet and I said yes
So we started
We always have a target every time,
Like he will say, babe if I’m smoking 7 sticks, you are doing 5
And we are good to go
So with a bottle of Jameson and after 5 sticks Of SK, I was really high
Then I told him I’m horny and he was just started laughing
Asked me what I want and I told him I need his fingers he said,
Nah, he has a gift for me so he showed me a vibrator
He said he bought it as part of my present cuz it’s been long 😂😂😂
He then said, he will use the vibrator on me first,
and damn the moment he saw my pussy I was dripping
He said he has never seen me that wet before
I was so freaking wet and I love what the vibrator was doing on my clit
I was just biting my lips
Damn right now I miss me
I actually cum just like that
Then he asked me to play with him
He loves blowjob and I know
So I gave it to him as much as he wanted
And he started begging to fuck, he asked me to sit on it
This dude can go an hour without cumming
I don’t how he does it
He has always been like that he is a monster
We got tired of me been on top and we went to have a shower
Then he began to suck my boobs in the shower and I was wet again
So I held on to the wall while he gave me a badass doggy
We got tired again, and left the shower
I took a stick and smoked it off
And I told him to eat me out
And he said we should do 69 🤩
Damn, I almost screamed out
Naso baba started eating me while I give him head
One time he put a finger in my ass and I was like WTF
But I felt something different and I asked him to do it again
He did again with his tongue on my clit, I don’t know what it is but I loved it
And he saw I was enjoying it so he kuku said he should concentrate on it
And asked me to lay down well so he can gimme the head
And 4 minutes into that, the bed was wet
I fucking squirted
Damnnnn!!!!! It was like a miracle,
I never thought I would or could squirt

And since then, baba has been begging to see me again
He even begged today but I told him to takia of his wife
That girl needs him more
I don’t want to be selfish

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Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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