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Vixen Banks: My Dark Beautiful Twisted Gang Fetish [Part 4] (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

For days I kept thinking of the incident, I couldn’t get it out of my head. I was equally mad for the treatment I had received in the hands of my so-called friend and his friends. I felt used and violated. I like a good fuck and I enjoy groupies, but they should be on my terms. But first things first. I did all the necessary medical checks to make sure HQ was in working order and not too bruised (hehehehehehe). I know all other tests will have to be done later as it was still too soon, i didn’t feel safe, despite the fact that they used condoms.
The thought at the back of my mind was that anything could have happened. Anyways, no lele, time shall tell. Now back to my plans.

I invited two of my girlfriends, told them what happened and asked them to come up with plans to punish the baga.

We agreed to meet in two days time to discuss. Meanwhile, I kept calling my betrayer of a friend to keep him off track as to my plans for him. I sure had plans for him! We would talk for minutes on end, have online sex and do everything doable on phone. I told him I was eager to have a repeat of the last action with his friends but that I needed HQ to rest properly. He swallowed it hook, line and sinker. He was eager to enact another groupie scene and told me he had even started intimating his friends about the free juicy punani that likes dicks in as many quantities as possible. I laughed into the phone but frowned at my end. This guy needs to be taught a lesson, I fumed inwardly.

My girlfriends and I came together and hatched a plan. We then invited a male friend of ours who is gay to add finesse to the plan. His addition was superb and about two weeks after the incidence, I set my plans in motion.
I gave him a call one Saturday morning inviting him for a visit to my house in Festac then. I told him my pussy was in need of some action and that I was very horny. Also that I wanted a night of just the two of us alone and the fool jumped at the chance to fuck me again!!. What a simpleton!
By 5 pm Saturday evening, he was at my place. My house was packed full of my friends, their friends, and my gay male friend. In all, there were about eleven girls in the house, me inclusive. He wondered why my house was full and I told him it was my friend’s birthday, that they would all soon leave for the club to continue the party and we would have the house to ourself. He beamed in happiness and I grinned devilishly. If only he knew what I had in store for him if only he knew!
By 8 pm, the sitting room was filled with weed smoke and noisy brawl of drunks. Majority of the girls were stoned and he had also been fed a glass too many of brandy. He was drunk and let go of all inhibitions. One of the ladies started flirting with him, sitting on his laps and generally caressing his body. Before you could say ‘jack’, she had his super erect cock out of his trousers and was sucking like a child sucking lollipop! He was supercharged, forcing her head deeper and deeper unto his cock until she had swallowed it all and was almost gagging. Another sat on his face and used two fingers to open up her dripping pussy for his open mouth. He lapped away at the juices flowing from her pussy while the other girl kept applying suction to his cock, trying to milk him dry. I stood there and began filming the entire show. We had planned it so the girls’ faces will not show and the girls stuck to the plan by presenting blind angles to the camera.
The girl sucking him intensified her sucking and he couldn’t resist, he spilled his load while she quickly removed her mouth and the whole thing splattered on his thighs with some running down his shaft to puddle on his crotch. He grunted like a pig as he spilled his load yet not letting go of the pussy in his face! I smiled, filming away like an ace cameraman.
He was still hard as nail because of the drug in his system! he didn’t know we had spiked his drinks! His dick was still nodding and pulsing in erection despite the load he had just spilled and another girl, fixed a rubber on it and sat on his cock, backing him but hair splayed all over her face to hide her identity. she rode him rough, fast, with alternating long and short strokes. He pushed back at her, trying to force his cock deeper into her pussy and she assisted by pushing onto him too. The girl sitting on his face had climaxed over and over again till she collapsed in exhaustion and was replaced by another.
After the third cum, the idiot couldn’t cum again but was still hard and by this time, the pleasure he was originally experiencing had been replaced by pains, but he couldn’t stop and even if he had wanted to, the girls wouldn’t agree, they were cock hungry and the availability of an erect cock could not be let up so easily. They continued fucking him and him fucking them. At a point, the drug started wearing off and he was begging me to tell the girls to let him rest, that he was tired. For where he wants to fuck and now he has seen pussy he wants to run!!! No way. I calmed him down and gave him a glass of drink to cool his nerves. Spiked of course! I had plans for him that I knew he would not readily agree to, I needed him under the influence.
Highlight of the night. We made him get on his hands and knees, ass in the air and erect cock dangling between his spread knees. we then tied him up. His elbow was tied to his knees in that position, his ankles tied at variance. He was giggling all the while as were we all, he thought it was some kind of game while we knew it was not. After he was fully and securely tied and we had made sure there was no risk of him getting loose, my gay friend began paddling his raised butt, at first slowly and far spaced but later more faster paced and harder until his butt cheek was red and he was sniffling like a baby, forcing himself not to cry. But funny enough, his cock was harder than igneous rock and it kept nodding like the famous agama lizard!
By then, the drug in his system had been flushed by the unrelenting paddling he was recieving in the butt and he was as sober as a judge. The way I want him. He kept trying to get free of the restraints but they were tied fast and there was nothing he could do about it. it was a classic case of an S&M scenerio, my tuff.
I faced him, and that was when he became aware of the camera in my hand – I hadnt stopped filming all this while- he begged and asked me why i was treating him the way i was, wanting to know how he had offended me. Funny dont you think? he had no clue.
“I trusted you, gave you my body, yet you betrayed me by setting me up to be fucked by your friends and then having the effontry to tell me it was because i love sex, that you were trying to please me. How does raping someone amount to pleasing them? I asked in anger
“But you enjoyed it! I thought you wanted it! he replied tearfully.
“Did I tell you that I wanted it? I asked him
He couldn’t answer, looking down, feeling embarrassed at his erect cock
“Good, now you know how it feels to be taken against one’s will but I will teach you to never ever do it again, even to your enemy’. I then beckoned on my gay friend who was at this time nude and his over 9” monster dick was nodding in excitement.
“whaaaaaaaat isss hhheee gggooooiiiinnng tttooo doo? the fool stammered fearfully

“watch and see! I gleefully replied

My gay friend moved behind him, grabbed his aching butt, positioned his lubricated cock on the idiot’s butt hole and shoved his cock into his anus. He screamed, trying to escape but no way. my friend then went ahead to sodomise him over and over and over again.
He came thrice inside his butt but the funny thing was that after the first round and some minutes into the second round, the idiot let go of his shame and inhibitions and starting thrusting back at the cock tearing his butt apart, his cock throbbing really hard and seconds after the second load was spilled his rectum, he also spilled his load all over my carpets. it was fun to see and I made sure i captured everything on film. he was sodomized one more time and exhibited the same reaction of the second round, even spilling his load before taking more in his butt.
By this time it was already dawn. My friends and I freshened up leaving him tied up and in a pool of cum mixed with blood flowing from his battered anus. Thereafter, i played back the video for us all to watch, including him. i then told him he shouldn’t bother to think of doing me or my friends any harm.
I threatened to spread the video, especially the part of him enjoying his sodomization through Bluetooth and even uploading it on YouTube if he does not look for a way to get his friends to my place one after the other as i also had plans for them. He promised to comply.
We then set him loose and released his cloths to him. He couldn’t walk properly after the butt fuck and i took pity on him by rubbing salve on his sore butt. He had his bath, rested, ate brunch with us all the while begging me not to expose the pictures and films of him taken. i told him i wont once he does what i wanted. He finally left my place late sunday evening when the havoc done to his butt was no longer obvious through his walk.
I then transfered the videos and pictures to my two friends ipads since i knew he would try something rash like trying to steal it back in any way possible.
we cleaned the house and the others left leaving me, my gay friend and bestfriends alone in the house. I gave the gateman instructions to be on the lookout for the idiot and to also tell the other abokis in the area to be alert for any shenanigans from him.
I covered my bases well as I called my dad to inform him that i had formented trouble so he should be on the lookout for me since i may be in danger. By 8pm that night, dad had sent four soldiers to my house as constant lookouts. I heaved a sigh of relieve since I was already scared that the guy could do anything to get those pictures and videos back, even murder.
I’m very close to my brother who also happens to be in the forces so I called him and told him everything, without leaving out a single alphabet. He didnt scold me but even praised me for the action i took. The only thing he said i didnt do right was not informing him before hand so that he could provide two more gays to do the sodomizing! Gee, I love that brother of mine. He asked for the idiots phone number which I gladly gave him.
After all this, I heaved a sigh of relief and waited for part two of my plans to unfold.
My body felt at peace for the first time since the incidence.
Revenge is best administered cold!!

She blogs at http://missyerotica.blogspot.com/

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