Written by Vixen Banks

I opened my eyes to a cock moving in and out of my pussy and another ravaging my mouth. Four strange faces were in the room with us. I was shocked and disoriented but still extremely horny!

I made to pull myself away from the cocks but was forcefully pulled back by my hair by the one fucking my face. ‘suck’ he commanded, pushing further and further down my throat. I was gradually choking from the pressure on my throat and had no choice but to suck on the cock. The cock in my pussy was big, in fact, massive in girth and really filling. He fucked me with abandon and after my initial shock and reluctance, I decided to make the best of the situation as there was nothing I could do.

I looked into the faces of the guys, they were strange faces, guys I had never seen before in my life. They were smiling and in different states of nakedness but all had their dicks out and were stroking them. It was like a fucking porn flick! My friend whom I had come with for the tryst was seated on the bed with a bottle of Gulder and a cocky smile

on his face. He looked smug and satisfied like he had just won a million dollar jackpot. I glared at him as I could not talk with the cock in my mouth. Biting it was not an option as the guy was holding my throat in a vice grip and even breathing was a chore.

I lay helpless as the guy in my mouth brutally fucked my throat and at the point of cumming brought out his cock and spilled his load all over my face with some getting into my eyes, I tried to clean the hot spunk from my face but the cock in my pussy was doing havoc to my person, fucking me with all his strength as if he had never fucked before. My body betrayed me by responding to the pounding I was receiving. I started moaning now that my mouth was free to talk. I pushed back at him trying to get him to go into me deeper and deeper.

I urged him on by moaning loudly and telling him to ‘give it to me’ the guys laughed at my words and my so-called friend said ‘didn’t I tell you she was a slut? She loves cock and will welcome as many as she gets. Someone should plug her mouth before she wakes the whole hotel’.

They laughed again and another guy pushed his cock into my mouth, stifling my moans. I was too far gone in my pleasure to really care as the guy pounding my pussy was building fire in my loins. I kept cumming over and over and over again! Lost in the euphoria of the moment. I was so full of cock it felt like the cock was going to come out of my mouth. The guy just kept pounding away, spurred on by my grunts and response, he groaned that he was cumming as he spilled his load. His thrusts reduced and then he pulled out removing the half-filled rubber on his cock. He grinned as he moved away, slapping my rump.

The guy fucking my face had no staying power and barely minutes after starting, he pulled out and spilled his cum on my heaving boobs, rubbing his hot spunk on my hard nipples.

‘’Thanks my man’ I heard one of the guys say as they opened the door and left the room. My eyes were clouded with sweat and cum and I didn’t really grasp what was happening as I was rudely flipped over, made to get on my hands and knees and a very big cock shoved inside my pussy from behind. I screamed out in pain but was painfully smacked on my butts and told to ‘shut up bitch’. The guy then started moving inside me, he wasn’t gentle and it wasn’t slow. It was fast and rough and it felt like my insides were being torn apart.

I started crying, unable to bear the pain any longer, begging him to stop or at least slow down. He didn’t even listen as he continued his assault on my used pussy. Then he reached down and started fondling my dangling boobs, pinching the nipples and squeezing them hard. Alternately, he would smack my butts and then shove in deeper than ever. Surprisingly, after minutes of this treatment, my pussy started juicing again, in fact producing juice in abundant quantity. I started pushing back at him with all I was worth. It felt so good as the pain had become mixed with pleasure and this was flowing through my entire body. He laughed, they all laughed.

Something had happened while I was in pain/pleasure land! More guys were in the room with us. I thought three had left and only the one fucking me was left in the room, but maybe that was my pain talking, wanting the experience to be done and over with quickly. I gave a subconscious shrug and gave full attention to the cock that was ravaging my pussy and the hands roaming my super sensitive body. I convulsed as a huge climax took over my body and I started cumming continuously, over and over, screaming as cum wracked my body.

He didn’t stop! He continued fucking me until all I could do was whimper and push back at him, all my nerve endings fluid with pleasure. I could faintly hear the sound of raucous laughter and words ‘slut…..told you…she..loves cock…..wow, thanks man….fucking slut’. The disjointed sentences and dirty words filtering in my ears only made me more excited and wet. I didn’t care.

I can’t really recall when the guy stoking fire inside my pussy finished his business and was replaced by another but knew that I was either on my hands and knees, on my back, side, in fact, all positions imaginable as I was fucked over and over and over again all through the night. My hair, face, and entire body was covered in cum when I woke up around ten am the next morning. My pussy was sore but luckily cum free. I was sore all over.

I couldn’t sit down as my ass was red from the incessant spanking it had received. My throat ached and my boobs and nipples also ached. I was totally used.

I got up from the cum soaked and condom littered floor and there was my so-called ‘friend’ sitting on the chair with a stick of cigarette in his mouth. ‘Oh you are awake’ he said. Hope you had a nice time’ I glared at him.

‘Don’t be like that’ he pleaded on seeing my expression ‘ I wanted to please you and help you fulfill your fantasy.

I didn’t respond as I wobbled into the bathroom, unsteady on my feet but becoming stronger as I took each step. I soaked long and hard in the bathtub, scrubbing my entire body but especially my pussy. I was scared, really scared. What if those guys had wanted to kill me? Then I would have been dead. It was an eye-opener. I first had a hot bath, then turned the water to icy cold over and over until my body was raw and I felt stronger than earlier. I spent almost an hour in the bathroom, planning and scheming on how to make the betraying friend pay. I sure was going to make him pay but first, I needed to get out of that place without making him suspicious.

I went back into the room with the glare still plastered on my face and he continued pleading, telling me he did it all for me. After a time, I pretended as if I had relented and started laughing, telling him I enjoyed myself greatly but was disappointed because he didn’t inform me beforehand of what he had planned for me.

He relaxed and told me that he wanted to surprise me. On asking further, he reluctantly told me that the guys were eight in number and that they were all his friends, that he had told them I loved cock and they had a bet that I would faint before the fifth guy. I asked him how I did and with a surprised look, he told me I was awesome, that I took all eight of them and only fainted due to the number of orgasms I had had, that he was proud of me, I was his slut.

I laughed, hugged him and gave him a sound kiss, telling him I would want a repeat of the action but with more guys and it should no longer be a surprise. He was taken aback and shouted in glee, hugging me back. I grinned evilly behind his back.

I rested for a few hours, just lying down and watching t.v while he rubbed my back, butts and my boobs, trying to soothe me. I left the hotel room around 5 pm, picked my car and drove home, squirming because I couldn’t sit properly and dog tired.

I lay back on my bed and started scheming on how to really pay the idiot and his friends back in a way they would forever remember. Payback is a bitch

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