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June 5, 2020
Vixen Banks: My Dark Beautiful Twisted Gang Fetish [Part 1] (18+)

Vixen Banks: My Dark Beautiful Twisted Gang Fetish [Part 1] (18+)

Written by Vixen Banks

Some guys can be heartless sha! They do things they get away with but forget that nemesis has a way of catching up with people for their misdeeds. Here is an account of a guy who tried to play smart with me but gut his tuppence worth of retribution.

Met this guy at a wedding ceremony some years back, three years ago precisely. He was one handsome sweet talking dude. Well proportioned and looking decent.

He was introduced to me by a mutual friend and one thing led to the other. We liked each other so it was smooth sailing from there on. We exchanged numbers and he called that very night.

Gradually, we became close friends, talking like two, three times daily on the phone. It was exciting and he was fun to be with. We weren’t dating but we knew we were going fuck and the fact that we had grown to relate well to each other was a plus.

I was quite busy at the time as I had a lot on my plate and it was my fault that the event didn’t happen faster than it finally did. We finally planned our sexcapade for one weekend deciding to spend the evening of Friday and the entire night together until Saturday. It was cool to me as it would give me ample opportunity to relax after the busy schedule I had had during the past months. I left all the arrangements to him.

He called on the D-day, telling me where to meet him. I drove down and we hugged and kissed and …. And did the usual things done by two people who have reached an agreement to fuck. We went to the hotel bar where we took drinks and generally had a relaxed time before finally going p to the room he had booked.

It was a nice enough hotel and room, I was impressed with his taste. We practically jumped on each other, almost tearing our clothes off. We were so excited and the anxiety had reached a peak.

My clothes and his were off in a jiffy and we were groping each other. He clasped hands on my ample boobs and was fondling and rolling the nipples between his thumb and second finger sending me over the edge with excitement and arousal, I started panting like a locomotive, wondering how he knew that was one of my most sensitive places and forgetting that I had told him during one of our numerous chats. I moaned out loud, pushing my boobs further and further into him, wanting his tongue and lips on them. He obliged, taking one nipple into his mouth and still fondling the other.

I threw my head back and howled like a hyena. I loved it! This was where I wanted his mouth. My hands were idle and I didn’t like that. I grabbed his erect cock and rubbed on it, I touched the tip and could feel the pre-cum already flowing from it. It jerked in my hand, searching for the warm hole it likes burrowing in.

With a groan, he pushed me back on the bed with my legs still on the floor, he spread them wide exposing my juice flooded, swollen pussy to his hungry gaze. I shivered at the predatory look on his face and the hungry curve of his mouth.

“This guy go chop me die, today,” I thought.

He then proceeded to lick the juice from my flooding pussy. Taking long slow licks from my clit to the slit of my pussy, then back again. He licked my labia, savoring the musky taste of pussy juices, all the while looking at my face, I panted, moaned, writhed in ecstasy, totally lost in the pleasure that was pervading my pussy and entire body. He then went back to my pussy slit, licking round and round in a circular motion, opening up my insides like a flower. Then suddenly, he shoved his hard tongue into my pussy, tongue fucking me while I screamed in pleasure, he used one finger to rub my erect clit, all the while tongue fucking me.

I couldn’t stand the build-up of pressure behind my pussy and with a loud shout, I pushed his face further into my pussy as I exploded in a cum drenching orgasms, splashing his face with cum. He lapped everything up, going further with his tongue into the far reaches of my pussy to lap at the cum still there. I was a wreak as all I did was moan and groan.

He then raised his face and used a finger to rub off the cum at the corner of his mouth and put it into his mouth, sucking his finger clean. I just lay there, spent, body quivery in the throes of my just had orgasm. He smiled down at me and put me properly on the bed, stroking my quivering body until I came down from my high. I wanted to pay him back, give him the same pleasure he gave me, he tried to dissuade me saying he won’t last long if I did but I persisted cos that was why I wanted to do it. I wanted him to fuck me hard and long but know it would not be possible for him to last the first time so what better way to give him pleasure than to suck him off?

I took his rock hard cock in my mouth, licking at the pre-cum that was sipping out of the tip. It jerked in my grip in anticipation and became harder with the owner moaning loudly, telling me to go softly else, he’ll blow.

Blow yen gan ni mon wa! I was ready for the load but not too soon. I paused, so as to allow the feeling subside. After some seconds, I took the entire cock in my mouth, swallowing it to the balls! He growls and I smiled in my mind, then I started applying suction to it slowly, sucking on the cock and trying to lick the balls. He couldn’t stand it and was begging me to stop, for where! I brought it out of my mouth and licked the tip again, licking downward on all the veins standing out, then I held his cock in my hands, and took his balls in my mouth sucking like someone sucking tomtom. He groaned the louder but me I didn’t care as I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked hard.

He just shoved his cock further into my throat and spilled his load! I no let am waste o as I swallowed everything! Does he think he’s the only one who knows how to eat cum? Cum eating na my specialty too o. He moaned as I sucked him dry of that round of load.

“You are one nasty bitch you know? He smiled at me

“Yes o, I know and I’m not ready to repent” I smiled back.

We then got ready for one raunchy night of sex. I thought he was a gentleman but didn’t know he had plans for me.

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