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Vixen Banks: The body guitarist (18+)

I call him “My CR’ and he calls me ‘My Sweetestest’. He drives me crazy and does marvellous things to my body. His voice alone makes my pussy twitch and gush out pussy juice. Our times together are always explosive, leaving me weak while still hungry for more! He plays my body like an expert instrumentalist, the same way a guitarist plays his guitar.

It’s been slightly over a year since our last meeting and almost two years since we fucked and I was eagerly looking forward to this meeting. It wasn’t as if we were in different countries or didn’t want to see each other. It was just that the cares of life usually conspired against us. Our plans had been truncated several times either from my end or from his, for one reason or the other. And finally, in November, our plans had fallen into place. The opportunity was there, the time was available and us the participants, more than eager!

Living in different cities, I had to go pick him up. The journey was hectic for him and anxious for me, but the outcome was well worth it. Our kiss even at the park was filled with pent-up passion. A close look at the car windows would have shown it steaming up with the heat being released in that confined space. Reluctantly, we pulled apart and I drove us back to my place. Despite having to be attentive on the road while driving, I still couldn’t help but steal glances at My cr. And several times I caught him also staring at me. I would touch his face lightly with my right hand while maneuvering the car with my left.

His left hand was also on all parts of my body he could access. Several times he would lean across and plant soft kisses on any part of my face he could easily reach. My body was already throbbing in anticipation of those hands all over it.

Finally, we got home and managed to get into my flat. We were like two magnets considering the speed with which we fell into each other’s arms. I held him tight as I inhaled his manly cologne. It felt like we were about to crush each other through our embrace. Then he bent his head and kissed me, long and hard.

Sucking on my lower lips and then the upper one intermittently, while I did likewise to him, his hands roamed my body through the fabric of my dress and then his bare hands touched my naked skin as he wound his way under the fabric. His hands felt hot to my body, it felt like I was being touched by a hot poker. I moaned through our kiss as he pinched my taut nipples hard.  We had to come up for air after a while as the kiss had gone on and on and on. I didn’t want the kiss to come to an end; I didn’t want to come out of that embrace even for a single minute. But I had to be the gracious host and allow him to wash the grit of a long journey off his body. We pulled apart, with me telling him to go shower, while I prepare something for him to eat.

But he pulled me back into his arms as I made to go into the kitchen. Soon our moans and groans filled the sitting room as we explored the inner recesses of each other’s mouth with our tongues. My entire being filled with desire as he caressed my body and once again his hands made their way to me by now aching boobs, lips still locked in a wet kiss, squeezing them hard and pinching the nipples. I gasped at both the mingled pleasure and pain that flooded my body. I felt the trickle of pussy juice flood my pussy and made its way like a tiny streamlet down my thigh. He knows how to work my body.

I felt the hardness of his prick, hard as steel as I pressed my groin to his in wanton abandon. I tried hurriedly to divest him of his trousers causing him to chuckle at my clumsy hurriedness.

‘’My Slut’’ he said in a husky voice as he assisted me to remove first his trousers and then his boxers. He’s stiff cock sprang proudly out, freed from its confinement and nodding angrily. The tip was already dripping pre-cum and the cap was red, glistening in the throes of desire. I looked hungrily at his erect cock and extricated myself from his embrace. Of course, he didn’t protest as he knew what I wanted. I got on my knees and reverently, licked the pre-cum from the glistening tip of his cock cap. He groaned as my tongue flicked over and over the tip of his cock which was now nodding more angrily, in search of my wet mouth. I couldn’t hold on to just licking the tip, I wanted more.

So I slide my mouth on that lovely cock cap and my cr released a groan as my warm mouth slide down his wondrous cock rubbing against my gum while my tongue played with the head. Then I started taking it deeper until it hit the back of my mouth, where it made me gag. My head began to move back and forth, trying to give him the feeling of fucking me while I sucked at him eagerly. My blouse and bra by now had disappeared, I can’t even tell when he took them off, I was too immersed in cock sucking to notice or care.

He squeezed and pinched my nipples once more causing me to gasp and dislodge the cock in my mouth. I let go of it to catch my breath and get respite from the pleasure coursing through me, my hand began rubbing along the now iron hard shaft, jerking him a little before I put him back into my mouth. I kept sucking, kept jerking, kept taking him deep and licking the veins.

I would remove it from my mouth, slobber all over it, before sucking it down again, wanting him to deposit that warm thick load of cum down my hungry throat. But he had a different agenda as he pulled away from my hungry mouth and pulled me up, kissing me deeply once again as he led me to the bedroom. I followed him eagerly because I was dying to have him buried inside me.

By the door of the sitting room leading to the bedrooms is a wide corridor. Cr was holding me by the waist and planting soft kisses on my forehead and brows even as we walked towards the master bedroom. I was delirious with pleasure and held on to him for dear life. Then the kiss deepened even as we made our way across the corridor and before I knew it we were clinging to each other once again and suddenly he had me facing the wall, holding on to the corridor walls as he kissed me all over my back, planting tiny bites along the way. He shoved a finger, then two into my wet pussy. I purred, excited as he removed his fingers and shoved them into my mouth, dripping pussy juice which I greedily sucked off.

Pussy juice is so intoxicating, I began moaning and pushing back at his fingers and moaned in protest as he pulled them out and fed them to me again (though I greedily licked his fingers clean). On and on right there in the corridor he finger-fucked and fed me pussy juice. The rate at which I was producing the substance was alarming. I was on the highest level of arousal.

Then he pushed my head downward and positioned his cock at the entrance of my dripping pussy causing me to gasp in anticipation, wiggling my waist and trying to push back at him to enable smooth entrance. He had other plans though as he resisted all my effort to have him inside me and just kept rubbing his cockhead back and forth, touching my clit, then bringing it back to the entrance of my hole which opened up greedily to receive him. But it was not to be. The movement of the cock was exciting but at the same time frustrating. That wasn’t what I wanted. That wasn’t what my pussy wanted.

But that was what my master wanted so I had to take it like a good slut. After accepting that he would only enter me when he was good and ready and not before, I relaxed and just flowed with that cockhead stimulating my sensitive private members, I am his to do with as he pleased.

It wasn’t long, everything couldn’t have been more than three minutes although it felt like an eternity, when he pushed forward and holding me by the waist proceeded to fuck me in long and fast strokes.

I screamed at the initial penetration finally getting my wish. I stood on tiptoes and tried to fuck him back but he had everything under control. My boobs dangled from right to left like a pendulum as he maintained a steady pace of stoking fire inside me. Then he moved one hand from my back and used it to grasp my boobs, trying to capture both in the same hand. They are just too vast for that to happen and I couldn’t assist as it was all I could do to use both hands to support me against the wall.

His not being able to grasp both didn’t stop him from fondling, squeezing them and pinching my nipples intermittently, all the while whispering into my ears, telling me how he would fuck me until I could no longer walk. How I was his slut, his sweetestest. How I had been naughty and deserved to be punished, how he would shag me and then feed me enough akamu to drink. All my senses were awoken and his words were like an aphrodisiac to my body, turning me on and on until my body was one whole mass of sensations and a series of small orgasms continued to wrack my body.

He pulled out of me and I felt empty but not for long as he turned me over and pushing me on my knees fed me his cock covered in my pussy juice which I greedily sucked up, swallowing that tangy musky substance that came out of my body. My head reeled and I came again. Then he was pulling me up and leading me forward on by now shaky knees. I wasn’t ready to leave, I clung to him and the process started all over again.

This time with me holding on to the container of water by the corridor, more properly bent this time around as without any preamble, he shoved his cock back inside me and I was again moaning and groaning. I was begging him to fuck me more, harder and faster and he obliged.

The feelings that started from that mass of tissue where his manhood was touching, from the nape of my neck where his hot lips were trailing bites and kisses and fro my boobs where his hands were fondling and pinching was indescribable. Seeming from far away, I heard a voice screaming in pleasure and then realized it was my voice. I couldn’t hold the pleasure in. I tried, thinking of my neighbors, I tried but I didn’t succeed. When I thought I would faint from the pleasure, he pulled out and again I was on my knees licking off my cunt juice from his cock, greedily slurping it down.

He pulled me up once more and then steadying my swaying walk with his bulk, led me into the bedroom. My eyes were unfocused, I couldn’t have found my way myself or even be able to walk that short length in the state I was in but for his hold. Not too soon, I was on the bed, spread-eagled and shaking as he loomed over me. I was here at last

‘’I’ve missed you, my cr’’ I whispered as I lay on the bed, watching him with lidded eyes as he divested himself of his t-shirt and climbed into bed with me, gathering me in his hands to his chest, causing me to breathe in the musky heady scent of his cologne. That cologne has the power to send me to ninth heaven and back.

“my sweetestest slut, I’ve missed you too’’ he whispered back.

“Fuck me please’’ I pleaded, molding my naked lush body to this maleness, too hot to wait any longer. I knew we had the whole weekend to each other but I was in no mood to wait and he knew it. I’ve waited too long already.

He knew what I wanted but wasn’t ready to indulge me. His lips trailed a fiery flame from my brows to my nose, leading to my neck where he lingered on that sensitive spot at the nape of my neck, causing me to moan loudly as his lips felt like fire trailing through my body. I writhed in ecstasy as his mouth moved down to my chest to finally rest on my taut nipples which would have pleaded long ago for his touch if they could talk. They were so hard they hurt! I gasped and gasped again as he first sucked on them lightly and then more intensely, using his hands to knead the flesh, to coerce out milk.

Little screams were at this time escaping my gasping lips as my chest involuntarily raised up to meet his mouth. My hands went up of their own accord to rub at his head and inadvertently press it more firmly to my aching boobs.

Then he stopped! I almost screamed in frustration as his warm mouth left my flesh. Then he kissed me, depositing milk he had extracted from my boobs mixed with his saliva into my mouth in droplets. I greedily sucked it all up! Swallowing each droplet greedily and even using my tongue to probe the inner recesses of his mouth for extras. A mini orgasm hit and overtook me as I convulsed lightly.

The mixture of saliva and breast milk felt like an electric current passing through me. It tasted like nectar, honey, milk; all rolled into one. Planting soft kisses on my feverish brow, he went through the process over and over again, kneading my boobs to coerce milk out and then depositing it into my open grasping mouth.

I was by now writhing all over the bed in abandonment and pent up pleasure, begging him to fuck his slut, to use me, to punish me as I had been a bad girl. I was moaning in helpless pleasure. He had snaked one hand down to my crotch and was using two fingers to stir my pussy juices even while he continued to minister to my boobs. He would intermittently feed my milk juice mixed with saliva which I greedily sucked up and then shove the two fingers that had been stirring up my pussy into my mouth, using his wet fingers to draw lipstick patterns on my lips before shoving them into my open mouth. I know I was saying something but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was I was saying as the pleasure had caught up with me and overtaken me. I was just a being made mindless by all that pleasure.

Next thing I knew he had turned me over onto my stomach and grabbed hold my hips and I screamed as he shoved his rigid cock into my wet starving pussy, slamming into me hard. I came just from feeling that naked cock head enter my pussy. Then he started talking dirty to me, while fucking my pussy hard. It felt like I was far away, but I heard every word he said and I think I even answered. I tried to arch my waist proper, to have him deeper inside me. It felt like there was a fire under my skin and I was begging him to please make the fire stop. The pleasure was too intense, his thrusts felt like they were touching my womb and would penetrate my uterus.

The words coming out of his mouth as he held down my waist and pounded into me made me have several small orgasms. He said later that I kept calling for my mummy! I cant remember and I don’t care! He has that effect on me.

“Mmmmh, you like how I’m fucking your tight pussy?” he kept asking.

“Oh yesss,” I replied gasping. “You fuck me so good, just like I need it. Just like a slut needs to get fucked.” I purred, as the words kept turning me on even more.

“Mmh, that’s right,” he continued. “A real slut needs to be fucked hard, then punished for being naughty” and without a pause, he spanked my bare upturned ass even as his cock slammed into me. I screamed as the pain mixed with sweet pleasure to explode in my already tense body causing me to cum hard and keep cumming even as he continued spanking, fucking and talking dirty to me all at the same time. It felt like my body had become one continuous pleasure ball that just kept rolling on and on and on.

His thrusts quickened and hardened and then he pulled out of my grasping pussy and quickly flipping me over, with me already opening my mouth wide, he shoved his cock into my mouth and frantically face fucked me and seconds later with a shout and his hands clasped tightly to my head, he deposited copious amount of thick salty cum into my mouth which I greedily swallowed and continued sucking his cock even as it grew flaccid.

I wanted to get all that white liquid deep inside me. I continued sucking even as he tried to push my head away from his now sensitive cock head. I finally obliged, releasing his reduced cock and licking the droplets on my chin.

We lay there, sated for now. It was just Friday, the weekend is just starting.

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