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November 18, 2020

The House Business : Episode 2 (18+)
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The House Business : Episode 2 (18+)

I gave her boobs a little squeeze and she moaned gently.

That kind of moan that gives extra strength and ginger. I try reaching for her boobs but I was too busy squeezing her ass.

Decisions!! Decisions!!! Decisions!!!! I wish I had more hands.

I gently moved my hands to her boobs. First, I brushed it gently just to see if she had give any reaction but to my surprise her body shook, thats when I knew her boobs was her weak point.

I laid her on her back and was prepare to go work on them boobs. Just when I was about to fully grab her boobs, her phone rang.

As a sharp boy, I ignored it, and continued what I was doing but she tried to remove my hands from her boobs, so she could search for her phone. I will not stop squeezing those boobs, she resisted the urge to continue, I stop squeezing and started sucking them gently immediately.

All the while; her phone was ringing, the phone stopped ringing. She pressed my mouth to her boobs so I could suck harder. At that moment, I was dancing the victory dance in my heart.

Slowly my hands moved down south just to see how wet she is, the stupid phone started ringing again.

This time I was not lucky enough, she jumped up to go get it. The phone was beside the chair
“Its my auntie” she said.

“Hello Auntie Kemi”, I guess her auntie was trying to find out where she is and all.

“I went to the neighbours’ to charge my phone, the fuel in the generator is not much, wanted to save it for later in the night when everybody will be back”. I stood there like a loyal dog, thinking of all the possible style.

“Should I start from the back with doggy style, then scissor and finally end with missionary” all these thought where going on in my head. Or “I should save the best for last, I will start with missionary, then scissor and finally the grand finale doggy style, inverted doggy, sleeping doggy, careless doggy and end it with take me to heaven doggy” that ass look like a specially crafted ass for doggy style.” My grand plans to conquer her inner thighs

Instead of wasting time listening to the babe’s phone conversation I quickly ran into the room to get condom. The speed I used in getting to the room and searching for condom, you had feel the house was on fire or I was racing against Usain Bolt, even Funke was surprised.

I got back to see her putting on her clothes, she was through with her phone conversation.

“My auntie is downstairs, she said my mum called her to come check up on us” she said.

“Quickly go and attend to her and come back let’s continue from where we stopped” I quickly added.

“No, I can’t she is staying for two days”. I died at that spot, all my ginger and hard on left quickly.

If not that I wanted to impress Funke, I would have followed her to her flat to slap the stupid auntie that will not stay in her house. That is how they will be causing problem in the country spoiling young men’s parole.

“So when can we see” I asked

“maybe next time” she answered.

As she was about leaving, I grabbed her hand for a goodbye kiss. Before she could think about it, I was already kissing her, she returned the kiss. I was thinking it will stop, but it got deeper and deeper.

My hand quickly grabbed those ass, I just can’t resist those ass. They are too properly shaped to be taking for granted. While I was busy squeezing her ass and jumping for joy in my heart. The next thing that happened not only surprised me but it also made me so happy.

She stopped kissing me and pull down my boxers, she went down and gave me the most mind blowing head have ever received in my life. She kiss the cap gently and did what even the most brilliant mathematician cannot explain but It felt so good. I almost screamed “Up NEPA”.

I felt I saw a bright light come up in my brain. She swallowed my whole dick in her mouth and almost choked. I’m one of those guys that is blessed with a huge dick. I remember when I was in JSS 1, I was in boarding school, one SS 3 senior saw my dick why I was taking my bath he shouted “How can a small boy like you have such big prick”.

The whole day, every senior in my hostel wanted to see my dick. “Pull down your short!! This small boy get big man prick o”. Now you know why I was surprise she swallowed it. She coughed and continue the whole mouth magic that only she can do.

The sensation was so good, I wish it would last longer.

As though she knew I was enjoying it and wanted to punish me. She stopped and answered her call. All the while why I was busy enjoying the whole blow job magic, her phone was ringing, I was too far gone to hear anything.

“That bastard phone that God will soon punish. Why did oyinbo people invent phone sef. I no who send OBJ to bring GSM to Nigeria” I though to myself.

“If for say phone no they, Funke’s auntie would have waited outside till I done fuck the babe finish. Even if I no fuck sef, at least this BJ for finish. Now see wetin phone cause, infact Buhari must ban GSM” All these thoughts were going through my mind.

She quickly put herself together and pecked me, with my whole dick hanging out.

“Maybe we can hook up this weekend” I asked

“That won’t be possible, my auntie is around” she replied.

“What about next weekend” again I quickly asked “My parents would be back, you know my dad and late night”, she answered.

Have heard stories about her dad, how he chased one guy with his car when he try getting Funke’s phone number on the road. He sped off when he saw Funke’s dad, the man jumped into his car and chased him in Fast and Furious naija style.

After suggesting opportunities and how we can see and everything not working out. I had to allow the babe to leave. We promised to see anytime an opportunity present itself. But it will be another 3 months before that opportunity came and this time I was fully prepare with my whole weapons of war.

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble
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