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September 3, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver III (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & The Annoying Market Driver III (18+)

“Fuckkk I want you now” he groaned pulling her up.

“Me too” she murmured before her lips met with his

His tongue invaded her mouth desperately as his hands squeezed and needed her ass

“goddamn I can’t get over your ass, it feels even better than it looks” he marveled before smashing their lips together again

One hand left her round soft ass to pull something beside the chair and soon they were moving down as the seat completely reclined backward. “perfect” grace thought as she looked around, moving cars won’t be able to see what they were doing except they were big Daf trucks; which meant she could ride him as hard as she wanted. They kissed hard and fast like they were in a heated conversation while he squeezed her ass making her grind on his now very hard dick slowly. He slid his hands down and under her gown moaning into her mouth as he slid up slowly.

“Holy fucking shit!” he pulled away from her lips to exclaim

“you Sly girl, you’re not wearing any panties,” he said jiggling her ass

“Chai! Kill me o” he said squeezing her asscheeks together.

If there weren’t in the car and in a hurry she would have twerked on him and watch him lose his shit. Whenever she is left alone at home she would tune to a music channel and try to imitate the vixens as they twerked their bubble butts in mostly slow motion. He was still squeezing her ass and mumbling all type of ass praise but grace wanted his hard nice duck in her before they waste any more time so she straddled him better and ground her naked Dripping pussy on his dick

“Fucccck me” he cried out as her wet lips rubbed his entire length making his dick to throb hard

“yes” grace whispered

One hand left her ass and she lifted herself slightly as he tried to position his dick to her wet entrance. As soon as his top was inside her grace took over, she quickly but carefully sat on his length moaning as his entire length disappeared inside her. The position was perfect and his dick filled her up nicely; she could sit like that all day if she could but she knew it will feel even better if she moved so she moved. Slowly grace lifted up till she was almost at the tip before slamming down

“ohhh fuck” he cried out gripping her ass hard

She repeated the same stroke before rotating her hips moaning loudly as she felt his dick rub against her G-spot, placing her hands flat on his chest she balanced herself before she started to move properly, she bit her lips as she started to move up and down his dick faster. He was moaning louder but all she was focusing on was good his dick felt as she sat up and down his shaft.

He squeezed her ass as she moved making her moan out halfwords. She wanted to tell him to spank her as she moved but her brain couldn’t put together the words, she rotated her hips then ground before crying out. She continued to grind her moaning getting even louder when he squeezed her ass she instinctively slapped her ass over his hand. He immediately got the message and spanked her ass hard

“Ah yes” she cried out

She rolled her hips and ground back and forth as he landed a series of hard spank on her soft ass, he seemed to be enjoying how her ass jiggled with every slap so she started to slam up and down hard making her ass jiggle as she moved.

Soon they were moving in rhythm with his spanks landing at the same time as she slams down on his dick. Her hands that were laying flat gripped his shirt and some flesh as her orgasm started to build, her movement got faster and uncoordinated as she felt her fingers dig into his chest

“oh uh eyyyy ah ooo” she cried out as her body tensed before exploding

She felt as her juices sloshed out and poured all over his dick leaving her body feeling weak and lifeless. He gripped her ass and started to slam in and out of her from under fast and erratic, she could feel his nails digging into the soft flesh of her ass as he panted and fucked her faster. He cried out as he shot warm cum deep inside her, he finally let her crash on him as his hands splayed on her ass.

They sat there breathing hard and shaking slightly, after what felt like hours he lifted her slightly and slid out of her. He chuckled when he felt his load dripping out of her

“shittt your fat ass made me forget to use a condom” he said before giggling

“thank goodness for morning-after pills” he said before kissing her gently on the lips. They were about to separate from each other when his phone started ringing. He struggled to reach it from the pigeon hole and picked

“Hello ma, yes ma we don buy the fish, yes ma, na traffic we dey but e don dey move now, we go soon reach, yes ma,” he said before hanging up

“Traffic abi” Grace said smirking at him.

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