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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E20] (18+)

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Housegirl Grace: Grace & Senator’s House of Adventures [S04E20] (18+)

“Hmm I think it’ll look better over there,” Nina said as she gestured to the staff helping her move things around.

It’s been a fun busy couple of days since Nina got back, she has been so serious about throwing a party that it’s all they’ve been preparing for.

Grace didn’t mind because she got to spend time with Nina as they set up the pool house for the party, in fact, she’s been just as excited about the party especially since the last party that was thrown at the pool house ended with a lot of naughty fun and she suspects this party would be just as crazy since Nina kept hinting that she had plans.

“Where is Okon?” Nina yelled out at one of the staff sweeping around the pool area
“That pool needs a serious deep clean, I want the water to be so clean you would want to drink it” she added.

Grace couldn’t wait for the evening so she could get started on the finger foods she has become famous for among the boy’s and Nina’s friends.

But what she was most excited for was the swimming trunks she’ll get to try on for the first time, she’s been staring at the little piece of fabric in her room since the day Nina took her to the market to shop for drinks and snacks for the party after which she took her shopping for swimming trunks since it was going to be a pool party and Grace didn’t have any swimming trunks.

“Omo! this is serious o” they heard Buchi say
They looked up and Buchi and his brothers were by the door looking around the room as it got decorated by a couple of staff

“So how many friends are we allowed to invite this time,” Vincent said with a smile on his face
Nina rolled her eyes before handing Grace some decorations to go hang up
“Who said you’re invited” Nina replied

Vincent held his chest pretending to be hurt, Grace always seemed to forget how really beautiful Vincent looks. His pink lips looked inviting as he pouted making Nina laugh.

“Fine I’ll send you a list, no weirdos,” She said before pushing them out the door

The boys finally left after looking around and touching a couple of things, it was a couple of hours before the room was finally set up. There was still some little things to be done but grace needed to start on the cooking so she was excused

“Don’t forget what I told you to do after you’re done with the food…” Nina said to her before letting her go

After they had bought the little piece of fabric for her Nina had bought her a shaving stick and told her to shave, Grace is not one to keep a big bush but the bikini pants were so thin she’ll need to trim along the edges.

Thinking about what she’ll look like in the bikini had her feeling so self-conscious of her body but she decided to keep those thoughts away while she cooked.

There was a lot to prepare so she cleared her mind, she boiled the goat meat for Asun then cooked the filling for the samosa and mini spring rolls after which she prepared the batter for her soft puff puff balls.

Nina made sure she had help, so the finger foods started coming together quickly, on the other side of the kitchen chef Gabe also prepared his foreign snacks for the party. It had started to get dark when Grace finished with all her snacks and had them dished out nicely on small trays lined with foil, the other staff assigned to her took the trays out to the pool house as Grace went up to her room to get ready.

She shaved off all the hair on her pubic area and also her armpit, when she was done bathing, she wore the red and white bikini Nina bought for her.

Her huge breasts were barely contained in the little fabric and they spilt out on the sides, turning around to check out her ass she could see part of it hanging out sexily from the back.

She couldn’t believe Nina wanted her to be outside with this type of cloth, she felt practically naked.

Grace tried not to worry about her soft little tummy but she couldn’t help feeling self-conscious, a good thing she didn’t have to be out like this till she was at the party.

Suddenly her phone beeped with a message from Nina, she knew the party already started but she was having cold feet and hiding out in her room but when Nina summoned her she quickly dressed in a shirt and trousers and headed to the poolside with a bag containing her bikini.

Daylight was far gone, the security lights lit up the house, she could see a number of cars parked around, and people moving towards the pool house.

When she got there her jaw almost hit the ground as she watched how different it looked at night, the lights they had set up reflected so beautifully on the pool that already had people in it throwing balls and shooting water guns at each other.

Grace got reminded of the kind of friends Nina has as the girls all looked like they stepped out of a magazine cover with their thin waist, curvy hips and perky boobs that sat nicely on their chest.

She got lost ogling the guys in their shorts as they played in the water, the water and light making their muscles gleam and stand out even more.

“There you are, my friends are dying to meet you. Let’s get you changed” Nina said snaking her hands around her
She led her into the bathroom and helped her change into the bikini, the ruffles around the top and bottom did nothing to cover any skin

“So fucking sexy,” Nina said when she was done making her feel a little confident.
Nina led her outside as from inside the pool house, Grace could already feel eyes on her, when they stepped outside to the poolside Grace watched as both guys and girls turned to look at her as Nina dragged her towards one of the sitting areas.

As they got closer Grace’s eyes landed on two guys that looked exactly alike sitting side by side on the pool benches, they sat with their muscled legs apart with a drink in hand.

They were sitting but Grace could tell they’ll be so tall, Grace wondered how Nina meets all these types of handsome men that she only sees in the movie.

They were not as ripped as Steven but their muscles were definitely defined with every pec and angle begging for a lick, they’re eyes lit up the moment they looked up and saw grace and Nina walking towards them.

Their eyes were filled with excitement and lust, Grace was afraid she’d miss her step and fall into the pool. They both stood up as they arrived in front of them

“Wow, she looks even better in real life,” one of the twins said in one of the sexiest baritone voice Grace has ever heard.

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