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September 4, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade III (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade III (18+)

“Perfect! You’re ready for me” he announced
Grace wanted to relax but she couldn’t stop how fast her heart was beating.
She heard that all familiar tear of foil but this time it sounded louder which made her breathe harder and faster even though she has heard a lot of stories from her friends about how they fucked in the ass and enjoyed it.

It was going to be the first time she would take a dick in her ass but she was glad it was her Oga that was going to burst her asshole. Feeling his weight on the bed she turned slightly to look at him when her eyes fell on his big dick that covered was covered in a condom.

It wasn’t the first time she saw his big dick but knowing that it was about to enter her tight little asshole made her start to pant fast.
“Just relax, dear” she heard him say softly as he placed his hard on her hips

Her body immediately relaxed and she felt eager to feel him, she did not have to wait long because soon, he was shifting close to her as moved one of her legs to move up slightly before spreading her cheeks apart. She felt his hard dock slight up till it was barely inches away from her puckering asshole.

“it will be painful at first but relax it will feel good,” He said
“Just relax okay” He added
She nodded her head and relaxed more, his tip pushed into her; it was uncomfortable but when the bulbous head breached her tight hole she cried out as pain shot through her lower back and spine. He kissed her shoulder and she tried to relax, when he was sure she was okay he pushed a bit deeper.

It hurt so much but she felt so full and despite the pain, she wanted more, she pushed into him a little to encourage him and he pushed more into her till he was completely inside her, he felt so full and deep inside her ass.

Her body wanted to squirm away from the unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable feeling but it also wants more, she wanted.
Grace nodded her head vigorously and wiggled her ass, she heard him chuckle a little before he started moving. She made a sound she didn’t recognize it was something between a moan and a whimper as her body tingle all over; it felt like a little current of electricity was passing through every inch of her skin, the slight pain felt good mixed with the intense pleasure she felt.
She could feel him move deeper inside her as he pounded her hard
“Ahhhhh uhh uh yes ah fuck yes” she whimpered
“Hmmm, what a dirty mouth you’ve got there huh,” He said as he pounded her harder
“Such a dirty little girl, eh?” he asked pushing deeper and harder
“Ah yes yes Oga” She cried out

She didn’t know where that word came out from but it just felt right, his hand left her hums and grabbed her boob squeezing and fucking her faster and harder. She was pressed into the bed as he pounded her ass, her clit rubbed against the sheets as he moved in and out of her.

Her screams were mixed with her mumbling gibberish into the bed, he grunted just as much moving faster and faster till he pushed deep into her shooting his load into the condom. Grace could feel his dick throb as he pumped his cum into the rubber making her wonder what it would feel like to feel his warm cum hitting the inside of her ass.

He pulled out of her and she couldn’t help the whine that escaped her lips at the loss of feeling that left her feeling empty.
“Don’t worry baby girl, I’m still hard as a rock,” he said before spanking her lightly on her ass.

He took off the used condom and immediately tore out another, he rubbed some of the jelly thing on his hard dick after he wore the rubber before coming to lay beside her

“Sit up” he ordered
She immediately lifted off the bed grimacing at the sudden pain in her ass, he laid down better scooting up till he was half-sitting on the bed with his back.

He gestured she sits on his dick but backward, she immediately positioned herself and slowly sat on him, she ignored the slight pain she felt as he impaled her moving down till she had him completely inside her.

He felt deeper and she didn’t know that was even possible, he reached one hand to cup and pinch her nipples while the other went down to rub her clit.
She moaned and started to move up and down her moaning getting louder, he rubbed her clit faster and she could feel herself drip all over him, her body was shaking yet was moving up and down, it was like she couldn’t control her body.
Her head felt light as her body felt like it had been lighted on fire. She could feel her orgasm and it felt overwhelming, he squeezed hard as he lifted the hood of her clit and ticked the sensitive knob.

Grace screamed as her orgasm hit, her body shook so hard her finger digging hard into the sheets, she couldn’t control her body and it felt like she was peeing.

Looking down she saw she was squirting juice as her legs shook uncontrollably. Her body felt limp and she let herself crash back into her Oga solid chest before her eyes dropped shut.

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