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September 2, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade II (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade II (18+)

Grace could feel her heart thumping in her ears as she scrambled to get into the bathroom, she hasn’t been this excited before to take a bath. 

It was like she was about to do an important special task not just cleaning up her body, it felt exciting to do now because her Oga asked no commanded her to do it. 

There was something about her Oga and the authority he had that always makes her go dumb; she can’t think and just want to do whatever will make him happy, anything he asks her to do. 

She quickly scrubbed her entire body paying attention to all her special places; she needed to be completely clean for her Oga. Grace stepped out of the bathroom and wasted no time heading to her room, she contemplated how to wait for him, since he didn’t specify and she was feeling really horny and naughty, Grace decided to dry herself before laying on her stomach on the bed stark naked. 

The wait was making her nervous and turning her on, she wanted to grind her tingling pussy on the bed but decided not to. A couple of minutes later, she heard the door open and didn’t miss the gasp before the deep grunt that escaped her Oga’s mouth. 

She smiled and listen for her Oga

“So fucking magnificent” she heard him say in a sexy voice

She tilted her head and watched him stare at her like he was about to pounce on her and devour her completely. He walked and place something on the bed drawing her attention to the things he has been holding. 

It looked like a small bottle of clear liquid; it looked like one of the many cleansers her madam usually use. As she wondered what he needed the bottle and it’s contents for, she watched as he climbed onto the bed looking hot and dangerous like a predator out to get his prey; 

The thought made her really wet. She felt his hand rub her thigh and a small moan escaped her mouth, he rubbed all the way up to her ass from her heels before grabbing and squeezing both hard. 

She could hear him moan and grunt nicely as he kneaded her ass like he was just seeing it for the first time. He laid on his side before he continued to explore her body, touching and kissing every part of her body he could reach which felt like every part of her body. 

Her entire body felt raw and tingling, she felt so wet she was sure a spot must have formed on the bed. Grace wanted to jump him and fuck the hell out of him but she stayed and took every little thing he did to her body that was already screaming for him. 

She shivered when she felt his hit breath beside her ear

“I need you to relax for this next part” he whispered softly making her visibly shiver

She already felt relaxed but if he wanted her to relax more that is what she was going to do, she took a deep breath and wondered why he wanted her to relax when she felt his big rough hand on her ass but he was not grabbing, his palm covered most part of one cheek with one finger pressing gently between her ass crack. 

She wanted to immediately tense and clench up but remembered what he said and took deep breathes. 

His finger kept pushing forward gently before it pressed gently against the soft ring of her asshole, it quivered and it made him chuckle. 

He pressed harder till his finger plopped inside, she could feel her asshole stretched around his finger as it quivered uncontrollably. 

“Hmmm so tight so curious,” he said before moaning deeply 

He started to move slowly and with every little move she could feel herself gloved around his finger, it felt weird but it wasn’t bad in fact it was making her pussy drip and tingle more. 

He started to move a bit faster and she felt herself arch off the bed slightly to meet his fingers 

“Hmmm you’re so eager just like your horny little asshole,” He said pushing his finger deeper inside her making her moan deeply 

She moaned and loved with him as he pushed and pull his finger in and out of her quivering asshole. He withdrew his finger completely out and she whined from the lost of contact. 

As she turned slightly to look up at him she saw him open the bottle and pour some of the liquid that looked thick and gelly unto his finger before quickly putting it against her asshole. 

It was cold but she relaxed and opened for him, he slipped his finger in and rubbed the cold gel around her ass which warmed it up almost immediately. He removed his finger and put more of the gel on it before putting it inside her, he pushed his finger in and it just slipped right in, he pulled out and added a second finger stretching her asshole to accommodate the fingers gently. 

Grace loved how full his fingers made her feel and how good they felt moving sleekly against the ring of her asshole. She moaned as he moved around making sure to stretch her asshole as far as he could 

“Perfect! You’re ready for me” He announced 

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