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September 3, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade (18+)

Housegirl Grace: Grace & Oga’s Sunday Morning Sexcapade (18+)

Grace sighed then groan loudly as she saw the time; it was the time she usually wakes to start on her chores, but she was having one of those days where she didn’t feel like doing anything.

She wanted so badly to just sleep in, she wanted to sleep or just lay down lazily all day but unfortunately, she was a house girl and had no choice but to get up and start her daily routine. Placing one foot on the ground, she summoned the strength to place the other foot down before grumpily standing up.

She dragged herself to the kitchen and just leaned by the door not wanting to do any chores. After standing there for a couple of minutes that felt like ages, she dragged herself and carried the long broom then trudged to the living room where she started to sweep rather slowly.

By the time she finished the chores and started on breakfast, it was already bright, as she placed all the items she’ll need, she heard her madam’s door open, Grace immediately went from standing upright to crouching down a little over the counter with the plantain, eggs, and noodles

“Goodmorning ma” Grace greeted as her madam got to the door

“Mmhm morning, ah ah Grace, you‚Äôve not even started the breakfast ” Her madam started moving closer

“Today that is Sunday eh you are doing slowly ” she added

“Sorry ma, I go finish now,” Grace said making sure she sounded as sluggish as possible

“What’s wrong with you,” Her madam asked while placing her palm on her forehead to check for a high temperature

This was her moment, Grace crouched even lower, grabbing her stomach before crooning out

“My belle dey pain me since night,” Grace said

“Oh! Is it your monthly visitor” Her madam asked

“No ma but e dey do me like say I wan purge” grace answered clutching her stomach

“Oh sorry eh, okay just boil water and make custard we will have that for breakfast with bread,” Her madam said

“Okay ma,” Grace said

She placed a kettle with water on the stove then put back the previous items in the cupboard, she wanted to do her happy dance where she bends and shakes her bum-bum but she didn’t want anyone to see her and blow her cover.

When she was done making the custard and setting it down on the table, she went to call the madam who had just finished dressing up for church her lipstick standing out, as usual, she came back with her madam behind her and the boys were already ready and seated on the table

“Good morning ma ” They both answered differently

“Morning dear” She answered before sitting

Grace made to leave

“You don’t feel like eating? ” Her madam asked

“I wan go baff to ready for church ” Grace answered

“No, we are already going to be late plus your stomach upset, just sit, eat and I‚Äôll give you medicine, ” Her madam said

“Okay ma,” Grace said sitting down

They ate silently except for the occasional beeps of Charles phone

“Where’s dad?” the younger son asked

“Sleeping in, I don’t think his head left the pillow even once,” She said

“That’s what happens when he and your Uncle Donald go out on Saturday’s night instead of Friday,” Charles said laughing

“Worse self is you’ll still see Donald in church looking bubbly ” Grace‚Äôs madam said giggling

They all laughed and soon were all gathering themselves to leave for church while Grace cleared the table.

The house was quiet and it was just perfect, Grace couldn’t wait to finish the dishes and just lazy around.

She hummed happily as she rinsed put the plates she had washed when she felt hands slid around her waist, she would have jumped in surprise if she didn’t instantly recognize her Oga‚Äôs hands and the feel of his big body behind her, she smiled

“Good morning sir,” she said softly

“Uhmmm! It is a good morning now” he drawled

He pushed against her pressing his bulge into her big ass

“I thought I’ll have the day to myself but this is even better he said beside her neck sending shivers down ger back

He continued to poke her ass with his erection that seemed to be getting harder. One of his hands traveled down her waist to her hips then slid all the way back to palm her ass.

He squeezed hard and she moaned, he squeezed again harder groaning every time she moaned. He pulled at the side of the skirt she was wearing till it rode up her ass, he palmed her ass and squeezed. Grace looked how his hand felt on the part of her ass that wasn’t covered in pant wishing she had not worn them.

As he squeezed Grace felt his hand move from one butt cheek to another before he grabbed one but poked her hole with a finger. She immediately clenched up which made him chuckle

‚ÄúGo take your bath and wait for me in your room” he ordered

“Yes sir,” Grace said feeling her pussy tingle.

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