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October 21, 2020

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House

Everything felt surreal to Grace, from her madam telling her to pack some things to her having to say goodbye to the boys; they were definitely sad that she was leaving, Charles looked like he wanted to protest but only told her goodbye and jokingly reminded her to be a good girl. 

After all the plenty of farewells, Grace was led to the back of one of the cars they came in, the Chief had police orderlies that she thought was so cool. 

The car she rode it wasn’t as impressive as the black sleek one the Chief entered with his orderlies but that didn’t faze her excitement, not even her madam repeating instructions on how to be good so as not to embarrass her could dim the fire burning inside her. The ride was relatively quiet except for a few questions from the officers, especially the one that kept smiling at her.

Finally, they were stopping, a gate opened and then a second gate was being opened

“Mad oh’ Grace exclaimed before she could stop herself

The officers laughed but she didn’t care as she tried to keep her mouth from falling as they drove in, it was hard to tell how big the house was from outside but once inside, even at night you could tell the house was enormous, they had street lamps lighting up the corners of the house. Grace couldn’t stop staring at everything, the three-story building looked so magnificent that she wasn’t ashamed to be watching it open-mouthed like a bush girl, they drove to the garage that contained other exotic cars. 

They were so many cars Grace couldn’t properly count them in the dark. The moment the car stopped everyone moved fast so she kept up determined to marvel at the house in the morning. 

She followed them up the biggest porch she’s ever seen, the door was held open and they all troped in and the moment they were inside Grace’s mouth fell to the ground, she didn’t know house like the one she was looking at existed in Naija, it looked like a place that belongs in the abroad. 

The first thing she noticed was that there was a bar at one corner of the massive living room that you might need a Keke Napep to get to, her eyes trailed to the beautiful sofas arranged around a small glass table. 

The TV was so big it looked like the projector they use in her church, her eyes scanned the house. From the chandelier to the big white rug with its thick threads, she was so engrossed in admiring the massive portraits that she didn’t notice or hear the woman talking to her. 

“Eerm” Grace replied feeling out of place. 

“I said what is your name,” the woman asked 

“eh G-grace grace ma” grace answered bending down slightly in greeting 

“Okay Grace welcome “ she answered 

Grace wasn’t sure who the woman was but she didn’t think she was the Chief’s wife, she remembered her madam that the Chief’s wife was abroad. The woman also looked ordinary in her polo t-shirt on jeans trousers. 

“My name is Janet and I manage the house, come with me I’ll show you around,” she said 

Grace followed her still clutching her bag, the woman walked a bit fast so Grace tried to keep up. 

“We have the living room and the dining area on this floor,” she said pointing at a big table enough to seat at least 20 people 

“The kitchen is also on this floor right through that door,” she said pointing towards a doorway 

They walked through the walkway that leads to a very short hallway with a big door, she opened the door and Grace tried not to gasp at the giant white kitchen in front of her 

“I’ll give you a more detail tour of the kitchen in the morning, “ she said closing the door 

They walked back the way they came and stopped by a staircase Grace didn’t notice before 

“This leads to the first floor where Chief’s wives and children live,” she said 

Grace wasn’t sure if she heard her right, she wanted to ask her but didn’t 

“Chief lives on the last floor and no one is allowed there except his wives, do you understand?” the woman said, turning to face Grace.

“Yes ma,” Grace said bending down a little

“You will be spending most of your time here on the ground floor anyway, let’s go let me show you to your room,” she said

Grace followed her across the living room, she opened a door and she followed her in

“These used to serve as one of the guest rooms but the Chief has asked you to be placed here instead of the BQ where myself and other staff live so you will be closer to the kitchen. 

The housekeeper cleans all the rooms but still make sure you keep your room clean and arranged, is that clear?” she asked

“Yes ma” Grace answered

“I will let you unpack if you have any questions or you are hungry come and find me,” she said

“Okay ma” Grace answered

“Goodnight Grace,” she said

“Goodnight ma” Grace answered

The woman left and she was grateful to be alone to gawk at her new room, she walked over to the closet and ran her hands on the smooth surface before opening it and dropping her bag inside, she looked around and smiled furiously not able to contain her excitement at the air conditioner on the wall, she went over and flip the switch smiling to herself as the cold air hit her face. 

Her new room was so big it was almost the size of her madam’s bedroom, even the bed was just as big. Without thinking about it, she jumped on the bed and started rolling from one end to the other, the sheets were so soft she couldn’t wait to fall asleep on them. She was still rolling when the door opened and three guys walked in. 

She didn’t know who they were so she just laid there looking up at them confused.

“I see the new maid likes the bed,” one of them said and they all laughed

“But I think she will like it better with me in it,” the shortest one said and they all laughed again.

“Don’t mind my little brother,” the biggest one said making the small one frown

“We are Chief’s children and we just came in to welcome you,” he said

They were all smirking at her and she knew that look all too well.

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