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March 5, 2021

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VI (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House VI (18+)

His dick got instantly harder poking her ass. Her Lips stretched as she smiled wickedly.

She finally had him exactly where she wanted him to be.

Grace was elated because his dick was so hard it felt like it will poke through her skirt. She did a small wiggle smiling as he groaned out loud before standing up slowly.

“so um um you um” He started

Grace twerked slowly on his hard dick, it’s been so long since she felt a dick so hard she wondered when last he had sex

“Fuckk” he cursed

Grace smiled shyly and turned to look at him, they stared at each other for a couple of seconds before she bent down on the counter and wiggled her ass on him. He took the green light and quickly went to work pulling her skirt up, he squeezed her fat ass and cussed silently. 

Gabriel couldn’t believe what he was about to do, he was about to have sex with a new staff in the kitchen he was supposed to keep pristine. 

Anyone could walk in and that would be the end of his job which was the best job he’s had in his life in fact, it was the best thing about his life at the moment but he was ready to risk it all just so he can slide between the ass cheeks that made him harder than he’s been in a long long while. 

He quickly unzipped his trousers and let it fall to his ankles before pulling out his long hard dick, the precum glistening on his bulbous dick head made him realize he didn’t have any condoms but he was too far gone to think straight so he lined his dick to her dripping opening and slowly pushed in

“ummmmmm” Grace moaned softly as he impaled her

His dick wasn’t very big but seemed to fit nicely and also seemed to go on forever. When he was fully lodged inside of her she felt so full then he started to move deliciously slow at first before gradually picking up the pace. 

As he started to slam into her, she felt like his dick could touch her stomach which felt so damn good. 

He grabbed her boobs with one hand and her waist with the other grunting louder as he pounded harder into her, she could feel her juices spilling down her legs as he fucked her harder. 

Their collective moans were getting louder so he took off the hand grabbing unto her massive boobs and covered the processor with the lid before he turned on the food processor. 

Grateful for the loud grating sound for the first time he pushed her further down the counter before he continued slamming into her sweet pussy; it has been so long since he had sex but he didn’t remember it feeling this good. 

He made her tilt sideways on the counter so he can place one of her legs on the counter before he continued pounding into her roughly, he did not know where this side of him popped out of he wasn’t one to fuck so roughly. Her moans and sounds were fueling him like a hard drug and he craved even more

“You like that? Um you like how I fuck you so roughly you little slut” He dirty talked in time with his thrusts wondering where it came out from

“Uhm yes yes u-yess” she cried out

It’s been so long since anyone called her a slut and she was loving every bit of it. 

Her legs trembled and her moans were now a combination of mewling and incoherent mumblings as he grabbed her neck firmly but gently and angled himself as he pounded into her. 

The new position allowed him to graze her G-spot every time he slammed hard into her.

“haaa mmm ha ha ohhh yes ahhhh” She moaned deliriously with pleasure

“You like it don’t you, you like this long hard dick, huh little slut,” He said surprising himself, clearly it’s something that he’s gonna enjoy doing more.

“ahh mmhm ah mm” she moaned nodding her head

She was so far gone and she loved it, she could feel every inch of him as he slammed in and out of her roughly, her pussy was going to be sore and she was sure she would love it. 

She felt high like she was floating, her legs and body were trembling, she couldn’t control anything but it felt oh so good. She started to build up going higher and higher until her entire body tensed up as it felt like she was falling. She came hard screaming incoherently

“Holy fuck” He cried as her pussy wrapped tightly around him her juices gushing all over his dick. It was enough to push him over as he came hard shooting shot after shot of warm cum deep inside her. He crashed into her panting heavily as his dick slipped out of her dripping pussy. 

His legs trembled and he felt so light-headed. He couldn’t believe he had just done that, it felt like a dream: a really good dream. He reached out and turned off the processor before he helped her being her shaking leg down and pulled up her Pant and skirt, she looked thoroughly fucked and it filled him with pride. 

“Would you like some smoothie?” He asked smiling sweetly at her. 

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