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March 5, 2021

Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House IX (18+)
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Housegirl Grace: Grace moves to the Senator’s House IX (18+)

Grace’s chest rose and fell as she took in deep breaths, her body tingled all over but her wet pussy tingled even more; she was horny as fuck.  She looked beside her and Vincent and his male sex partner had already started sleeping, they looked both spent and satisfied. Grace thought about waking them but decided not to, seeing how peaceful the guy’s face looked, he looked beautiful now that she looked at his features they were sharp and angled like most guys face but looked delicate and beautiful. 

She looked down at her hands and thighs

“Ohohhhh” She whined realizing that she now felt too shy to touch herself as they slept like that

Whining and grunting she dragged herself out of the bed, she took one last glance at them sprawled on the bed naked with Vincent only wearing his shirt. She walked out of the room quietly and closed the door behind her. 

The music was still playing as she looked around the hallway, guess she’ll have to go finish in her room. She turned around and walked back towards the stairs careful not to step on all the plastic cups littered around. Grace walked down the stairs thinking about what she just witnessed still surprised at how it made her feel.

“Grace?” she heard softly in front of her

Her heart skipped a beat but she didn’t yelp or jump in fear.

“Hm” she answered

“I knew I’ll recognize that sexy figure anywhere, Buchi purred

He was a step below her but he felt so close like he was right in front of her, then he climbed the step and was right beside her 

“Now I wonder why you are from up the stairs by this time,” he said leaning into her

He was so close she could feel his breath on her neck, it didn’t help her current horny state

“Did you get curious or bored, looking for someone to play with you?” He asked slowly 

It felt like he was getting closer, her brain decided not to help her with an excuse as he called her out her plan

“Well, I’m always ready to play,” Buchi said beside her ears before kissing a spot below her ear

A small moan escaped from her and that was all the confirmation he did, she felt as he trailed a line from beside her boobs down to her waist before he grabbed her wrist and was soon dragging her back upstairs, he walked swiftly and she followed quietly. 

They walked past Vincent’s room and stopped in front of the next door. He opened it and pulled her inside with him, the moment they were inside he turned and faced her. 

He was shorter than her so she could see as he stared up at her with lust-filled eyes that fueled her horny state. She leaned down as he leaned up and they kissed instantly locking lips in a heated kiss. 

He seemed to be just as horny as she was, not wasting any time he was already pulling her shirt up from the hem. Grace lifted her hands and dragged the shirt up over her head before dropping it beside her on the floor. 

“Damn” He breathed out as he stared at her massive tits that rose and fell as she breathed 

He quickly placed his hands on either side of her breast and pressed then together moaning as he did, he leaned in and kissed the swell of her breast kissing on each side. 

Grace reached around her as he sucked on the swell of her breast and unhooked her bra, she swiftly pulled it away enjoying how his eyes grew when her tits bounced free. 

His wet mouth wasted no time clamping on one nipple and sucking like it was a honey fountain, he played with the second nipple moaning around her nipple. Her pussy leaked and tingled as he sucked hard on her nipples, she could feel his erection straining through his Jean on her thigh as he pressed into her and she wanted it her so bad. 

She took a step forward moving them a little, he took the cue and started moving with his mouth still firmly clamped around her nipple. When they reached the edge of the bed he turned her around and slowly lowered them on the bed. 

Grace reached between them to try and undo the button on her jeans when she struggled he left her breast to help her. He undid the button, unzipped her Jean and quickly peeled it off her his eyes trailing her eyes

“Chiii you go kill person” and he said making her smile 

He reached and cupped her pussy through her panties before breathing out loud

“Fuckkk, you’re so wet and ready” he practically growled

He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trouser his dick springing to attention. Grace wanted to cuss as she stared at the big thick black cock that seemed to be throbbing and oozing precum. 

Grace lifted herself a little and expertly pulled her panties off then parted her legs ready for him to fill her, he wasted no time positioning himself between her legs with his thick cock in his hand. He rubbed the engorged head up and down her leaking pussy making her moan; that always drove her crazy 

“Ummmm ohhh” she moaned as he started pushing into her

He stretched her and slid into her, her pussy tingled as he filled her so nicely. She wanted to scream and tell him she loved his dick 

“You like it,” he asked 

“Hmmm, yes oh yes I like am” she moaned

He smiled then held her thighs before he started to move, making her moan loudly, she tried to muffle her moaning as he slammed in and out of her

“You can scream as loud as you want baby” he said 

He pulled her into him pushing deeper inside her, she clawed at his hands and wrapped her legs around him. He half laid on her and pumped into her faster

“oh goddd” he moaned as they moved together her walls tightening around him. 

He was close she could tell as he tried to hold back, she pulled his head down and he clamped his mouth on her nipples as he fucked her faster and faster. 

She reached around and squeezed his ass pulling him even deeper into her, her clot throbbed and her pussy grabbed him hard as she screamed hard her legs shaking around him

“oh my fuckkkkk” he cried out as he throbbed and shot hot cum deep inside her

They were both moaning really loudly as they both rode their orgasm 

He pulled out of her his dick shining with a mixture of their release, he was still hard as a rock 

“Not a bad start, want to go round two,” he asked 

She smirked and locked her lips nodding her head. 

Written by
Dr. Deolu Oniranu-Bubble


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